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Re: Vit A and estrogen
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        • I have forwared your response to her. these were her comments to me prior to fo...   UserX   9y  18,328  
           Date: 8/11/2006 10:28:17 AM   ( 9y ago )   Hits:   18328
          I have forwared your response to her. these were her comments to me prior to forwarding your email to her. Once i get that response to I will post it:

          In your case, I would suspend your chlorella for awhile. Chlorella is fine
          for people who do not have hormone imbalances, however, when you have
          estrogen dominance it can aggravate your problems. In place of the
          chlorella, you can take vitamin B and C supplements, if you do not take them
          already. You can also try taking black sesame seeds regularly. These are
          high in all minerals and are very nourishing to the body. We advise
          customers to grind them up in a coffee bean grinder and then add some water
          (or milk) and honey to sweeten it. It makes a very nutritious dessert.

          You can continue to take Watermelon seed for your kidneys. If this works well
          for you, there is no harm in taking it. It will help to drain excess water
          from your body. If at any time you want to try something new, you can also
          try our kidney tea. Our tea contains two herbs which drain water from the
          body, as well as an herb which strengthens the kidneys. The herbs that drain
          water will also dissolve kidney stones or sludge.

          I haven't actually looked at the flushes on, but they are
          probably fine. All Liver Flushes require the use of apple juice at some
          point and end with olive oil and lemon juice. The timing is different and
          sometimes they also use more exotic ingredients like Coca Cola (I've never
          tried that one), but they are all fairly similar. The best flushes for the
          liver require you to fast on the apple juice. This really helps to push out
          stagnation in the liver area.

          If your stomach is still swollen, I suspect that there is some liver
          stagnation there. If you help to break down the stagnation with our Chinese
          Bitters tincture, you should find that you release more with your flushes and
          your stomach begins to shrink. You can also try massaging your abdomen for 5
          minutes in a clockwise direction each day. This also helps to get energy
          moving through the digestive system and will help to get rid of a swollen

          If you are drinking apple juice and using our Chinese Bitters and Coptis
          tinctues, then you shouldn't need to use the malic acid anymore. We only
          suggest that malic acid be used if, for some reason, you cannot drink apple

          end of message 1

          It seems like the chlorella was very beneficial for you in terms of removing
          heavy metals from your body. However, while they are very nourishing, all
          green foods contain high levels of beta carotene, which converts to estrogen
          in the body easily. The DIM you are taking should help to reduce estrogen
          levels, however, it would not release congestion from your liver. Only malic
          acid from apple juice will dissolve stagnant bile in your liver so it can be
          removed during a flush.

          Do you get yellowish-brown diarrhea when you do a liver flush? If you do not,
          then the malic acid in the apple juice is not strong enough to remove the
          stagnation in your liver. You should use our Chinese Bitters tincture for a
          few weeks before your next flush and your results should be better.

          Pregnenolone is a hormone, as you probably already know. We feel very nervous
          about people using steroid hormones because they can readily turn into
          estrogens. Cholesterol is the basic building block of all hormones. From
          cholesterol can come pregnenolone, DHEA, progesterone, testosterone, and
          finally estrogen. Because pregnenolone is a basic building block of other
          hormones, it may take longer for problems to occur, but if you have a
          tendency towards estrogen dominance, any hormone can potentially aggravate
          your health problems.

          As a precursor of estrogen, progesterone can easily increase estrogen levels.
          Many of our female customers who had problems with estrogen dominance found
          that adding progesterone to their bodies did help their problems at first,
          but over time, their health problems became worse. When progesterone levels
          become too high, your body will simply convert the excess progesterone to
          estrogen. Estrogen is most complex hormone, and once estrogen is in your
          body it can only be removed by your liver. If your liver is weak or
          congested, excess estrogens will not be removed and will gradually build in
          your tissues. Since you have already used a lot of hormones during fertilty
          treatments in the past, you should try to avoid any type of hormones,
          including plant hormones. All of these can cause further hormone imbalances.

          Estrogen binds to sodium and sodium retains water, which is why women with
          high estrogen levels tend to gain a lot of water weight. Since most of your
          weight gain is water weight, I suspect that your estrogen level is still
          quite high. Cystic acne is another sign of high hormone levels.

          High blood pressure is commonly caused by liver or kidney congestion. The
          liver and kidneys are both filtration organs. If they become congested,
          blood pressure will gradually increase in order to pump blood through these
          organs. The liver and thyroid work closely together to determine your
          metabolism. When the liver becomes congested, the thyroid will naturally
          weaken, becoming either hypo-functioning or hyper-functioning. Both
          conditions are signs of a weak thyroid.

          It sounds like your diet is very good, but I would suggest that you consider
          using our Chinese Bitters and Coptis tinctures to decongest your liver and
          lower your estrogen levels. You should also try to avoid taking any more
          steroid hormone supplements. Until you stop taking in hormones, your body
          will continue to retain water. Please find below our program to reduce
          estrogen levels.

          As we mentioned in our website articles, estrogen levels can be reduced by:

          1. cleansing and decongesting the liver with Chinese Bitters and
          stimulation of the bile flow with Coptis so that estrogens can be
          eliminated more efficiently by a more efficient liver and better bile flow;

          2. doing daily morning exercise (stretching and deep breathing) to
          activate the liver and reduce estrogen production;

          3. avoiding or minimizing foods or herbs with estrogenic activities
          (please see the chart in the estrogen dominance section of our website);

          4. avoiding foods that weaken the liver or spleen such as: white flour,
          white sugar, deep fried foods, caffeine, chocolate, all citrus fruits,
          tomato, banana, cold foods, cold drinks and salad (raw vegetables);

          5. drinking Taheebo (Pau D'Arco) tea to replace any other beverages (the
          tea should be made very light as strong Taheebo tea aggravates liver
          congestion); Taheebo tea strengthens all your organs.

          end of message 2

          Unfortunately, all of those green foods, like chlorella, spirulina, wheat
          grass, and barley grass all have high amounts of beta carotene.

          Other than black sesame seeds, other foods which are very nutritious are
          seaweeds (all types), and dried beans. These two foods are some of the most
          nutritious foods there are.

          end of message 3

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