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dental work no options no money at all
  • dental work no options no money at all   tigerlily23   5y  3,595  C  
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    Date: 9/14/2011 7:31:27 PM   ( 5y ago )   Hits:   3595
    i had a tooth pain started hurting last month and now the left side of my mouth is hurting found out two cavities on left and right side. i have no job, nobody isnt hiring so ppl can stop telling me to get a job or how easy it is to get one (biggest lie anyone can tell me) when the state i live in is #19 in job growth and that is very bad. no matter how many jobs i apply for nobody calls me for interviews or hire me. i have no interest in being told get a job and also i dont like babysitting dont like no kids. i want to hear another option! my teeth are more important than trying to find a job.

    ok back to what i was saying, i have state insurance. lots of things have changed since obama got in office. the state doesnt pay for dental services but will cover acute pain, caner in mouth/jaw, xrays, and mouth screenings that is it. i have two cavities driving me outs and im calling all of these clinics in my county who are saying we full until november or next month. r u kidding me? im suppose to let 2 teeth rot until i can see a dentist?!?! im 25 no kids not married but have a bf. no, the bf cant help either it will be 2 years in dec since hes been looking for work.

    the cavitiy on the right side, the nerves were being irritated hitting the middle of my right ear. that was the same feeling i had on my left side (left ear) when i had the wisdom problem, but 2 wisdom teeth have been removed on the left and right back mollars. this was back in 08-09 or something, when turning 24 i was kicked off the insurance graduated college last year to find no jobs.

    the thing was my mom argued with my dad to put me back on the insurance since obama said u can be on there until ur 26. ill be 26 in jan next year so right now wont help. my dad did call his ex employer arguing why couldnt they put me back on the insurance since i had no job and still was looking for jobs, the company said to my dad that hes at the age of retirement for medicare (hes 65 and mom 64) that ur daughter is an adult, she should have her own means of insurance and a job so we cant put her back on the insurance. i dont disagree with that, but ppl still dont have insurance! my dad should have demanded to put me back on the insurance for another year then said 22 million something ppl are out of work and have no insurance!! the department said even if we put her back on, it will cost u more. so what?!?! whats more important the cost or ur child being healthy? he should have told his ex employer hire my daughter then she will have health insurance!

    he claimed he tried and nothing else he could do. he just dont wanna spend the extra money when he has the extra money to do so. at that time, he was looking to buy insurance outside of the company cuz it costed him too much. my sister said u dont have to take the company's insurance which is more expensive anyway thats what she told to our mom yet my mom said to my sister how shes dumb my sister said go research it! my dad found some insurance for $700 can only go to the doc 5 times a year but it was for me and my mom. my mom told my dad if u dont gimme insurance u hand me the key, oh really? empty threats that is it. she said its not right to pay for my own insurance cuz ur father sleeps with different women and blah blah what does that have to do with being healthy?

    under his ex employer's insurance, he has medicare humana and my mom has healthnet since she wasnt able to use his medicare humana cuz shes not 65. when i was younger, i had used healthnet before not the greatest insurance anyway.

    my mom has the extra money to pay for insurance for me. she bitches about why cant she pay for her own health? i told her because u always spend ur money on crap jewelry and for years u still havent gotten ur mouth fix in like what? 10+ yrs? thats she does spends money on such useless items instead of taking care of her health. my sister told me on the phone today, why do u have to suffer and they (parents) don't? thats like saying i (the parents) eat first and u (child) just sit there and starve which is true with my mom. she will eat the food and watch u die.

    i told my sister that mom doesnt wanna pay for insurance for me cuz the auto insurance, AAA, car repairs cost money and thats money my mom hardly wants to pay for me. however, she offered until i got a job and its been almost 2 yrs still cant land a job yet shes bitching cuz of the cost. my mom said u have a credit card. how am i suppose to pay my CC off? i told her $1250 credit limit isnt much cuz that adds up quick especially dental or any health issue. i cant use my CC anyway its maxed out. my mom dont know that but shes the one that said whatever health issue u have u use the CC. i already admitted to my bf that i spent up the card i already took the responsibility but i needed my CC cuz i kept having tinnitus problems.

    what i did to treat the teeth was clove oil and yes it works, just numbs kills the infection. i brush my teeth with tummeric cuz i have bleeding gums and use neem-pomegranate toothpaste that has tea tree oil and i felt it working on the right side of my mouth. i dont brush my teeth with fluoride anymore i use herbal toothpastes. i still need to see a dentist.

    ive been limiting sugar, ha! hard to do when everything is processed and everything is in sugar. i have been drinking green juices and eating salads to give the teeth nutrients. when we moved to AZ in 96, i havent seen a dentist since i was 10 because my parents said i didnt need to see a dentist and they didnt wanna pay all that money for it. i didnt see a dentist until i was 18 and at 22-24 yrs of age when i was on the insurance.

    so, the state of AZ doesnt have any kind of options. these discounted programs are so shitty making ppl wait. im not gonna be that guy on tv who died of a toothache cuz he didnt have the $ for antibiotics. i had an infection in my left side of mouth with my wisdom tooth, thank god i caught it early otherwise my mouth would have been shut from it!!

    well, i dont know what to do. go to a homeless shelter just to get dental? thats another long process to go through cuz u gotta tell them why you need the help etc, r u serious?!?! whats with all of these questions?!

    my question is are there any other options? i have no means of money whatsoever, i am just looking for solutions to do so i can get these 2 cavities and a full mouth xray taken care of. actually, what can i eat? i can only eat soft foods, cold foods/drinks irritate the right side, and i can eat soft fruits but they have Sugar in them too.

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