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What if everything you thought you knew about vaccines was wrong?
  • What if everything you thought you knew about vaccines was wrong?   White Shark   5y  4,030  C  
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    Date: 7/11/2011 5:47:04 AM   ( 5y ago )   Hits:   4030
    What if everything you thought you knew about vaccines was wrong?

    What if autism of your child is not directly caused by vaccines you gave to your child, but is caused by vaccines you and all of your ancestors received in the past, vaccines that helped some of you survive childhood and pass “possibly-not-as-perfect-genes” to next generations?

    Ask the farmer!

    Let me ask you a question:

    What would happend to farm animals if a farmer would do everything that is in his power to keep all and every single animal alive, and then allow all animals on the farm to reproduce without any control?

    Let’s say you are a farmer and you have 1000 sheep on your farm. And you do everything that is in your power to help all sick sheep survive and reproduce. You use antibiotics, vaccines and all available modern medicine including surgeries, to keep all and every single sheep alive.

    You kill all wolfs, bears, big cats and all other animals that pose life threat or injury threat to your sheep.

    You isolate sick sheep from healthy ones until they regain health. You do to your sheep everything we humans would do to our own kids to make sure our own children live.

    What would happen after 5 or 10 sheep generations?

    Would you have healthier sheep population, or would the 5th generation be less healthy then the first generation?

    Natural selection is the most important survival tool.

    For millions of years, species were able to survive as species because those individual animals that were weak or maladapted died, and only those that were strong and well adapted to life challenges survived.

    Genes of those that had evolutionary advantages got a chance to pass and live into next generations, while genes of those with evolutionary disadvantages disappeared forever.

    That was all going naturally until we humans begin learning about healing.

    In the beginning, we were not very successful in healing arts, so we were not able to exert a strong effect on natural selection.

    But, with Science came development, and we created vaccines and antibiotics and advanced surgeries and sterile water, clean food, safe births etc.

    And, we are able to provide clean water and clean food to many of our kids. And, we are able to save lives after some of the worst head and body injuries. And, we are able to save lives of babies born premature. And we are able to save lives of mothers who would otherwise die in difficult birth.

    And our kids are free from almost all childhood diseases that were killing children just 100 years ago.

    Just pay a visit to an old cemetery and see how many children tombstones are there.
    Just 100 - 200 years ago children were dying much more then adults.

    But today, we are able to strongly affect natural selection.

    While we are able to save sick kids, what happens with us as a species?

    Are we as a species healthier today then we were 100 or 200 years ago?

    200 years ago diabetes was almost non-existent illness.

    Almost all kids that got diabetes died before they were able to reproduce. Then we discovered insulin. Today, 8.3 percent of the U.S. population have diabetes. DIAGNOSED 18.8 million people. UNDIAGNOSED 7.0 million people.

    Similar stats repeat on childhood cancers, autism, allergies, inflammatory bowel diseases etc.

    What if autism of your child is not directly caused by vaccines you gave to your child, but is caused by vaccines you and all of your ancestors received in the past, vaccines that helped some of you survive childhood and pass “possibly-not-as-perfect-genes” to next generations?

    What if autism is caused by antibiotics you and all of your ancestors received, antibiotics that possibly helped you survive childhood?

    What if autism is caused by clean water that helped you and your ancestors survive childhood?

    What if everything we do to make our lives better and healthier, results in our kids being less and less healthy as we “allow” all genes to pass into the next generations, while in the past only the best genes were “allowed” to reproduce?

    What if our desire and need to have our own children survive is what is actually resulting in our grandchildren and our great grandchildren being sick?

    Ask the farmer! Ask him what would happen if he would do to his sheep the same we do to our children.

    White Shark
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