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Guess fanaticism isn't limited to the anti-MMS brigade ;)
  • Guess fanaticism isn't limited to the anti-MMS brigade ;)   Esstee   5y  4,502  
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    Date: 5/17/2011 10:48:06 PM   ( 5y ago )   Hits:   4502
    Well this is the best one yet!

    So having seen the extremes of the anti-MMS movements on the internet, I decided to follow-up on some(so called) positive Miracle-Mineral-Supplement material. Well... at least not the usual drivel of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement poison campaigns seen nowadays. But rather, to see if I couldn't uncover some useful data toward the product in question.

    And so I ended-up on what looked like one of the official MMS Genesis church forums by Jim Humble. And so, I immediately began reading and interacting with others with anticipation on the forum. One particular story that jumped-out at me was about a women who apparently DIED using MMS! - which I thought was both shocking and definitely worthy of a closer look. And so, I began asking and seeking out information on the chemical values of two drops of MMS in contrast to chlorinated drinking water. Which I believe would present an interesting perspective on the inherent risks associated with the claimed MMS intake and the tragedy following this persons death.

    However, it wasn't until I came across some water purification studies that I found toxicology reports stating that Chlorine Dioxide(in toxicity), was known to cause nerve damage in children and anemia in adults. Now, keeping in mind that there was no mention of the toxicity levels within the report, I certainly wasn't going to let this slide past, and I was definitely looking forward to hearing how this information would compare to the Chlorine Dioxide derived from a typical MMS protocol in hopes of gaining a little piece of mind toward matters.

    In the meantime... I had picked-up on some rather unsettling observations during some earlier dialogs on this forum. At that is where some of the people at the Genesis 2 forums seemed unrealistically charged toward the favorable testimonies while striking down any and all of the controversial testimonies. Which really cast an air of doubt on the credibility of this particular group and left me with a rather disappointed feeling as I contemplated some of Jim Humbles writings(recently read) on the seemingly open minded approach he offered toward the product. This also stood-out against the notion that the none profit research and updates on MMS couldn't possibly fall under the influence of a bias given the known benefits of the product in question. In fact... if anything... I'd consider these ones to be at the forefront on the safety and benefit for all choosing to take them-up on their work.

    Well... that may be slightly idealistic, But still.. in all fairness, I knew I wasn't speaking to Jim Humble directly, ans so I guess I should reminded myself of that.

    Anyways... the first issue came up when it was mentioned(in a comment) that buying MMS through online outlets such as eBay and other internet stores was a horrific arrangement insofar as quality control and consumer risks go. To which I'd add, with all of the hate mongering toward this product, you would think someone out there, would have thought of this. Needless to say, I followed-up the comment by reminding those reading, that the least one could do, was buy their Sodium Chlorite from a certified source as an alternative and first step in the risk reduction process for consumers.

    However.. pointing this out, really seemed to touch a nerve, as the administrator rebuked my statement with claims of unnecessary harshness and intent. At which point, I willingly agreed to exchanged it for a milder criticism(for the greater good). However, the added response raised some flags and questions on the possible reasons behind the reaction and more importantly... if this was a prelude of an underlying mindset to come.

    Whatever the case, despite this, I dismissed the blip and carried-on with my personal research. At which point, I was later commended on a point blank statement "taken out of context" and would learn just how widespread the MMS fanaticism would actually be. Which went along the following lines... "Taking large doses of MMS long term doesn't come without its fair share of consequences..." Top which I explained "in point form" each of the obstacles and challenges that I experienced while taking three doses of MMS every day for nearly two years.

    Now in my mind, I'm thinking... this is a good thing! Because surely everyone knows, that MMS is not just some supplement. Nor would anyone in their right mind ever believe that taking MMS could be considered part of ones health regime right? I mean... when was the last time, we've heard of an individual being low on Chlorine Dioxide? Or at what point in medical intervention would we conclude treatments such as antibiotics to be healthy? Even "if" resistance wasn't a factor, could we ever conclude a daily dose of antibiotics to be a healthy addition to ones well being? - (...after considerable thought, I think many people actually would do this!)

    Anyways... at this point, I'm thinking these guys truly believe that MMS is good for the human body! And by good, I don't mean, as in fighting off diseases or life threatening conditions, but rather in the literal sense... of really, just good for the body!

    Well, since this isn't about how ridiculous the idea of taking MMS as a supplement truly is, I'll just get the conclusion. - The end result was two administrators tagging each other with commendations while claiming any and all claims or testimonials are worthless without scientific or medical proof to back them up(sound familiar?) And... that the use of MMS in given quantities and time could not possible generate secondary effects(such as: electrolytic imbalance, diarrhea etc.). Well... so long as the testimonials are none-beneficial at least. In which case, "if they are", well... you are more than welcome into the Church. :)

    I was also lucky enough to receive positive theories on why MMS taste and smell intolerance's couldn't possibly exist AND why there would be no rationale, scientific or otherwise to ever conclude that MMS could induce diarrhea for any reason "other than" a die-off effect. This standing even IF... we were to conclude that a perfectly healthy individual could take MMS and develop diarrhea! - And even IF... that person would have diarrhea for years while taking MMS. That would still mean, that they are just chalked full of toxins and that the MMS if just doing its wonderful job of cleansing those out. Which raises a rather interesting question... just how much poison does one healthy human being have in their bodies? because its really starting to look and sound as though we are completely made-up of poison. - Unfortunately.

    Anyways, as I'm sure you can see, if all this were true...(humans are chalked full of poison, no such things as intolerance etc) then what do we do with the potentials of citric acid on the digestive system? Then again... I guess those are NOT favorable questions, and so... perhaps we'll just precede them with the need for verifiable lab tests and focus on the positive testimonies instead! - And of course... all of this is in good faith "naturally".

    Well... at least that's what "I was thinking".
    But here's a thought for all you gullibles out there...

    Since MMS is a chemical(plain and simple!) and a powerful oxidizer and cleaning agent. Which incidentally, has the potential to kill various pathogens and bacteria. Then why would should anyone ever deny giving it the respect and attention it deserves? And why would anyone neglect the potential risks and dangers associated with taking chemicals as a means to treat illness or disease?

    And while I would openly admit, "I am no chemist" - I would most certainly never place my faith in those who cannot draw a line between the risks and values of medical treatments and that of their own compulsory desires.

    The moral of this story is simple. Unfortunately for us... there is rampant fanaticism on both sides of the fence when it comes to products like MMS! - And there are thousands upon thousands of cases just like these compiled online today. To which I'd point-out, the anti-MMS proponents are just as pathologically obscene as the MMS proponents! And neither side seems willing nor interesting in taking hold of the potential risks and values associated with the product.

    Having said ALL THIS, I'd like to leave you with a question... "If" MMS were truly under attack by drug or pharmaceutical companies, then who truly looses in all of this?

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