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    Not long ago I read that all a man needs in extra salt per day is 20 granules. That made me sit up and take notice.

    So I stopped adding extra salt to my meals. It wasn't difficult. My tastes adjusted remarkably quickly. I found I was glad to have some salt from, say, butter, or anything that comes spiked with a sauce...but I kept it down, and took very little sugar, as I have for some months.

    I even cut down on butter, which is unusual for me.

    My 'health problem', as far as I can tell, is a mouthful of mercury Amalgams and broken I had a stroke in 2009 and am learning to walk again. A lady who 'knows' has said that I am healing very rapidly. I feel it takes a long time but every bit of progress is distinct and much appreciated.

    Okay, I cut way back on salts. It happened that we have been eating the best salts we could find, for some years.

    After cutting way back for, perhaps, a couple of weeks, I was feeling lighter, cleaner.

    Then, I noticed periods of stronger anger than I have known in some time. Areas of my life where I thought conflicts had been solved, flared up again.

    And, anger and mistrust plagued me.

    No, I didn't do anyone in, but dh had to be especially tolerant.

    Then, I remembered, years ago...when it was suggested that I use the Himalayan Crystal Mineral Salts footbath for 'grounding' settle dire fear. It worked instantly.

    I slept well, and, the next morning, I was coming down stairs when I realized that the fear was gone.

    I believe that my usual getting up at night, to the bathroom, was greatly diminished. that I realize that my electrolytes are/were down, and I took my infrequent HCMS footbath this afternoon, I am soothed and feeling much better.

    I wonder how many are trying to cleanse with mercury Amalgam fillings. And, how many people go through periods of anger, and other emotions, not knowing that a simple 1% solution of Himalayan Crystal Mineral Salts soak, for 20 - 30 minutes, could heal.

    I take a fairly large handful of HCMS (any of the coarser pieces) and put them in a jug, then fill with water. (Tapwater is the best I had at the time. Distilled might be better.)

    I take out one cup at a time, and replace with fresh long as some crystals remain unmelted in the bottom (or I add some more). The crystals will only melt to saturation - a 26% solution - it takes about one night.

    The 26% solution is called 'sole' (pronounced so-lay).

    Take one cupful of sole and put it in your footbath container. Add 26 cups of warm water and soak your feet, or arms, for 20 to 30 minutes.

    (Blood circulates the whole body every 3 minutes, I believe.)

    What happens is that three of your moisture contents will try to equal each other in minerals...through your submerged skin. The water IN each living cell (which is always perfect - otherwise we don't live); the water AROUND each cell (lymph?); and blood (I believe)...all try to equal each other in mineral content.

    If one of these moisture components of your body contains too much of a mineral, such as copper, or mercury, or sodium, the excess will be drawn OUT through the skin. That's why it isn't wise to reuse the water, for yourself, or someone else.

    Shortages of any minerals are also drawn IN through the skin.

    HCMS contain some 84, or more, kinds of mineral salts. A portion of ocean dried up 250,000,000 years ago...long before man began to pollute the oceans. The salts contain almost every element needed for life. The only other elements might be certain gases.

    I especially appreciate that the skin automatically balances all ones need to 'calculate' and take 'dosages'.

    My HCMS comes from

    The lady there, Rose, who distributes to my local health food store, takes one teaspoon of sole in a glass of water, each morning, and has for years.

    Another article, by Daisy4, which you may find helpful, is

    I can't recommend this procedure highly enough. It may be helpful to the liver, and other internal functions, as well.

    As we read through the CureZone, and more, let's consider the basic differences between us...the salt we each put on our food; the emotions we are feeling right now...and why; the width of our reading...and what we have had the nerve to try.

    HCMS sat in my bathroom cupboad for three years, because I was chicken to try it, other than to find out that the granular form didn't melt fast on my food, so it was gritty tasting.

    I was terrified of dying that night, and the man I was speaking to on the phone was cross, and said to try the footbath. It worked instantly...without even allowing it to sit overnight.

    I thought that something on the OUTSIDE of my skin probably wouldn't hurt me...and so I learned the simplest remedy for fear I ever heard of.

    After that, I had to learn when to use it. Since it achieves 'balance', I think, I believe I can use it every day.

    I may even have less urge to urinate frequently. Ask me in a couple of days.

    Another thing I noticed was that, when I was feeling angry, I could eat almost anything, and plenty of it! I could see that upset feelings affect overeating.

    I wanted cigs, too...but I didn't smoke any.


    My best,


    P.S. The next things I want to prove to myself have to do with drawing toxins OUT of the body, through the skin, perhaps over the individual organs, with activated charcoal or Bentonite clays.

    The suggestion I read said to keep on with the poultices (covered with plastic) until the removed poultice no longer smells. If you want to try this, please read on the best ways and frequencies for using this method.

    I also want to get the best method of clearing the bowels easily and holistically...for, if I understand it correctly, mercury slows the system.

    And, please, please, please stop the manufacture and use of mercury-containing light bulbs (CFL?) because the spewing of mercury into the environment will kill all life on this planet...and, believe me, ANY mercury in ones body is hell.

    I want the names of the people making and allowing mercury into our environment in all countries... especially the U.S.A., Canada, and Australia. Don't these people know that air circulates freely over and through all borders? ...And, don't they have grandchildren?

    I also want to know how many CFL bulbs were broken in the Japanese earthquakes.

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