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True Rife frequencies
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            • True Rife frequencies   6y  6,360  
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              Date: 2/9/2010 5:57:40 PM   ( 6y ago )   Hits:   6360
              The cat fluke, and Schistosoma Mansoni were two I really felt too, but some of these may be neurological for people too.

              The (free) Truerife frequencies that got downloaded with what I had to do for running the F165 (software from the Atleir Robin site), also had the True Rife frequencies, and some of them have worked very well.

              This is a Lyme "diagnostic) test from there, with some coinfections included. One drop of the Nutramedix Samento (TAO free cat's claw) told me what I needed to know too (although I had already known before that). I haven't ran this, just showing you some of the stuff available on the TR frequencies list. Quite a few for Lyme.

              #33 minutes

              # This is a diagnostic program that runs each frequency for 30 second duration. During this period the client should be scanned for GRS hits or tested for physiological responses indicating a hit.

              #Also Run Mycoplasma Fermentans and Parasite sets as well as Ion Pro Wave set.

              #Here is some of the findings from research that I have in my clinic plus my protocol for treatment of the Lymes disease. Lyme disease is the fastest-growing epidemic in the world. The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia affirms that “there is considerable under-reporting” of Lyme disease, maintaining that the actual infection rate may be 1.8 million, 10 times higher than the 180,000 cases currently reported. Nick Harris, Ph.D., Director of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS), states “Lyme is grossly under-reported. In the U.S. we probably have about 200,000 cases per year. Lee Cowden, M.D., states that there are very few symptoms where one should not consider Lyme, especially given that a quarter of the U.S. population may be infected. It is estimated that Lyme disease may be a contributing factor in more than 50% chronically ill people.

              #The Lyme bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) a spirochete baceria is not just passed by an arthropod, or tick bite. In addition to tick bites, published research indicates Bb may be carried by fleas, mosquitos, and mites. New research indicates it can be passed from mother through the placenta and mothers milk. University of Wisconsin researchers state that dairy cattle and other food animals can be infected with the JB. Burgdorferi and hence some raw foods of animal origin might be contaminated with the pathogen. Recent findings indicate that the pathogen may be transmitted orally to laboratory animals, without an arthropod vector. Thus, the possibility exists that Lyme disease can be a food infection. Compelling evidence supports horizontal (sexual) and vertical (congenital) human to human transfer. It also has the possibility of being transferred through blood transfusions.

              #As you can see the spirochete bacteria (Lyme disease) should be seriously considered when chronic symptoms are diagnosed as Chronic Fatigue, Fibromylagia, ALS, Alzheimers Disease, IBS, Lupus, MS, Scleroderma and a host of other diagnosis.

              #Now for the diagnosis. What test you get at a physicians office I have been told by a nurse is only 40% accurate. You need a live cell analysis by a technician trained in looking for the spirochete bacteria. I have that available in my area. I have been treating for Lyme for the past year and have found great success using TOA free CATS CLAW, (una de gato) and running the Lyme program 1 to 3 times per week through the effectrolosis. The TOA free Cats Claw is different from regular cats claw. You must use the TOA free. This herb kills the bacteria and the Rife lyme program helps kill and detox it out of the system. I am seeing complete resolution of the bacteria in 3 months.

              #After another live cell analysis confirms no more bacteria than a program of rebuilding the body at the cellular level is important. The bacteria gets into the body tissue and travels around. Destroying tissue in muscle, organs, eyes, and even the brain. A person needs to be on the cell rebuilding program 6 months to a year.

              #A pilot study treated 28 patients with Advanced Chronic Lyme Disease with TOA-free Uncaria tomentosa (cat’s claw). Conventional cat’s claw contains TOA alkaloids that interfere with the desired immune modulation. The 14 person control group was given antibiotic therapy. At the study’s termination 85 % of those receiving the cat’s claw preparation no longer had positive blood tests for Bb. All 28 persons had experienced a dramatic improvement in their clinical condition. No significant changes were seen in the control group.

              #Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF) is an infection that is transmitted by ticks. The signs and symptoms of RMSF may follow within 1-14 days of a tick bite. But in many cases, someone who develops the infection does not remember being bitten by a tick.

              #Symptoms of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever usually begin suddenly. There is a high fever - often 103F (39C) to 105F (40C) - with chills, muscle aches and a severe headache that may center around the forehead area. Eyes may become red, muscles may be tender to the touch, and there may be generalized body swelling.

              #The rash that makes Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever a "spotted" fever may begin anytime between 1-10 days after the fever and headache start, but it most often appears on the third to fifth day. The rash looks like small red spots or blotches that begin on the wrists, ankles, palms and soles. It spreads up the arms and legs toward the trunk, but often spares the face. As the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever infection progresses, the original red spots may change in appearance to look more like bruises or bloody patches under the skin.

              #Rarely, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever may cause either mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. But usually it causes a moderate to severe illness that can damage the liver, kidneys and lungs. Before antibiotic treatment was available, about 20-30 percent of people with the infection would die. But antibiotics have helped to decrease much of the suffering and danger resulting from the infection.

              duty 55
              fuzz .1 .03125
              pulse 4 64
              dwell 30

              7989, 4880, 4870, 1590, 1455,
              4996.9, 5054.9 884, 846, 797,
              758, 693, 673, 579, 578,
              duty 35
              422, 417,
              duty 30
              #Secondary Causes
              duty 55
              fuzz .1 .03125
              pulse 4 60
              470 480 485
              490 495 500 505 525 610 640
              789 864 2050 4200 5856 5858
              6863 8528 8542 8554
              duty 35
              duty 35
              pulse 4 60
              fuzz .1 .03125
              364, 379,
              duty 55
              645, 654, 786, 840,
              842, 844, 846, 848,
              850, 857, 967, 6878,
              634, 696, 716, 1518,
              duty 55
              fuzz .1 .03125
              570, 1583, 1584, 432, 753, 5776,
              duty 20
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