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Re: Ledum? any other homeopathics for Lyme disease?
  • Ledum? any other homeopathics for Lyme disease?   Zosimos   7y  4,502  C
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    • Yes, I have used Ledum many years ago for Lyme Disease. I have had Lyme (3rd st...   #99490   7y  14,393  
       Date: 9/20/2009 10:19:07 PM   ( 7y ago )   Hits:   14393
      Yes, I have used Ledum many years ago for Lyme Disease. I have had Lyme (3rd stage now) for over 10 years. I researched the Ledum quite extensively before doing it. It is particularly used in the veterinarian field for dogs with lyme. Personally, it did nothing for me. I have found over these many years that the best things for killing off lyme spirochetes (and any other parasites you may have and don't know about) and eliminating the dieoff from them are these:

      1) GIVE IT HEAT ! Lyme bacteria cannot survive temperatures of 102 degrees or higher. If you can get your core body temperature up to that and maintain it there for awhile, you will kill them off. This can be done by saunas and hot baths instead of showers. Use seasalts in the baths with hydrogen peroxide. Epsom Salts are wonderful also. They give you loads of magnesium. All sorts of herbal oils can be added to the bath as well, lavender, clary sage, bergamot, rosemary, sandalwood, to name a few. As a matter of fact (AND I WOULD NOT DO THIS) but there is a doctor in NJ who was experimenting with induced malaria for extreme lyme patients under controlled conditions to bring on high fever in order to kill off lyme. It is controversial, but you can see the principle behind the high temperatures. Do hot and cold showers. What you are doing is this: make it hot, then they get killed off. The others go into hiding in your body. Then turn the water on cold. Withstand it. They come out again from hiding and think the coast is clear. Then, after a bit, you hit them again with hot water. Killing more off. It works. Also, this is great: Sweating. Most of us don't have a sauna in our house, but you can simulate the same thing by doing this:

      I use a bath called Torf Spa peat mud baths. You can find them online. It is a spa type treatment at home. Purified peat taken from peat bogs in Europe promote excessive sweating, which eliminates toxins profusely. Go to and read about it. FOLLOW THEIR DIRECTIONS TO THE LETTER. I do them periodically. They are not expensive, about $8.00 for a tube of peat, smells like nothing. I get 2 baths out of each tube. Looks like you are bathing in coffee, rinses well, and promotes massive sweating. You bundle up with heavy blankets and go immediately to bed. First time I did it, I sweat heavily in bed from 10 pm to 3 am. Withstand the heat and the blankets. In the morning, get up, shower normally. You feel like a million bucks.

      2) WATER: Drink massive amounts of water. More you drink, more you eliminate through sweating and otherwise. Plus, you are diluting the toxins that are dying off, and they don't affect you as much.

      3) OXYGEN. Oxygenate your body in many ways. Research this. Bacteria cannot live in the presence of oxygen. You take baths in peroxide, it will oxygenate you. Water mixed with peroxide turns to oxygen. When you're out in the wilderness, remember in the scouts they used to teach you to only drink the running "white water". That is because the highest levels of peroxide are in the white water, it is not stagnant, and the peroxide levels in the water kill the bacteria. You won't get sick drinking the white water....Even at the Miracle of Our Lady in Lourdes, France, scientists have tested that water from the spring at Lourdes to try to determine the reason why people got healed from drinking and bathing in the water. The only thing they could figure out was that the water had very high levels of peroxide in it....Go Figure....Ask Mary and Jesus the answer to that one.

      There is a product called Vital Ion you can buy online. I've used it with good results. It is organic chlorine. Sounds weird, but it works and is wonderful for you. Organic chlorine is made when lightning hits the ocean (actually as it is striking the salt ocean water). It oxygenates the body. Can be used in multiple instances. See online at The derive theirs from Salt Lake City, UT and elsewhere. This will oxygenate your body.

      You can also used an ozone generator. I bought one cheap online on Ebay for home use. Research them before you buy one. I got one from a Canadian company for $8.00 (a $299 machine). The shipping of $20 cost more than the machine did. Ozone is also an oxygenator. Again, bacteria can't live in oxygen. Your blood is purified in oxygenation. The best thing you can do with it is ozonate your drinking water and drink it immediately. Wash your fruits and veggies in ozonated water before eating. Let the ozonator clean the air in your room before sleeping at night and other rooms as well. You can also get a huge huge gift back, like the ones they make for bicycles and large items to wrap as gifts. Open one up, put a small chair in there. Sit in it and close up the bag to your neck. Make sure you have secured the neckline. Ahead of time, you can put a tiny hole in the bottom of the bag and insert the small hose from the operating ozone generator into the hole of the bag. Tape it on and turn on the machine. You are now sitting in a bag which is filling with ozone. It is best to do this after a hot bath while your pores are wide open and you have no clothes on. Your body absorbs the ozone. You feel great. You can also do ear insufflations gently with the ozone hose while it is on. You absorb through the ears. This is great for the brain fog especially, migraines, eye floaters, etc. and everything associated with lyme symptoms to the head.

      Salt is an essential thing to oxygenate the body. But the right salt must be used. Do not use table salt . Use only pure Sea Salt , Himalayan pink salts, Black volcanic salts, Celtic gray salts, and the like. They purify and oxygenate the blood. They are called "cell salts".

      Try to find a good Himalayan pink salt lamp. They are big huge chunks of pink salt made into electrical lamps with a light bulb inside of them. When you plug them in and turn them on, the heat generated by the bulb heats up the salt which emanates "negative" ions into the air which purifies and oxygenates the air you breathe. (Same exact principle as those expensive ionic air purifiers you see on tv. Only less pricey and natural....) It purifies the air so well, that one night my son got sick in the middle of the night. Even after I cleaned his room, the odor was still there. I left the salt lamp on all night, he slept well, and the odor was gone in about an hour with the door to the room shut. No lie! They are wonderful things these lamps!

      4) Colloidal Silver : You should ozonate your drinking water and put several drops per glass of Colloidal Silver into it before consuming. Colloidal silver kills over 650 infections (which are all caused by parasites). Ever hear the expression - Born with a silver spoon in your mouth? - During the time of the bubonic plague, it was noted that rich people did not seem to contract the plague. It was determined that most rich people ate off of silver utensils. Even the children had silver pacifiers. Silver was found to be a natural antibiotic. Years ago before the advent of modern refrigeration, they used to put a silver quarter into bottles of milk to keep it from spoiling. It always worked. Silver is wonderful for this. The side effect is tarnishing. When you take colloidal silver in water (and water that is ozonated), you must drink many glasses of water per day. The rule of thumb for all water drinking anyway is "half your body weight in ounces". 200 lb. man drinks 100 ounces per day. It will properly distribute the silver throughout the body so it won't "hang up" in certain places and cause argeria (a bluing of the skin). I have taken this for over 12 years and knock wood, have had no tarnishing of the skin. Drink the water and you won't have problems. Although I will tell you, my mom had MS for 27 years before she died. She was taking the colloidal silver. It helped her but because she was immobile and due to the MS she could not swallow well, she could not drink the necessary amount of water. As a result, she had what appeared to be permanent black and blue marks on her one hand. We assumed it was the colloidal silver and due to her ill health. But that was an isolated incident and due to the nature of her disease, she could not do what was necessary.

      5) ENEMAS, PARASITE CLEANSE & COLONICS: Do enemas frequently. There are many herbal enemas you can do, and one of the best enemas are organic coffee enemas. Look online for good ones. The coffee enema sounds outrageous, but believe me, it is as old as the hills and highly effective. The reason for the coffee is that there is a nerve that runs from the rectal area to the liver. When the coffee hits that nerve, it triggers the liver to dump its load of toxins that it has been filtering out. You get major relief and feel outasight. Also, it dumps out all the garbage in your intestines and colon.

      Also if you have the ozone generator, you can ozonate your own water and use that for the enema. You don't have to add a thing to it, just the oxygenated water. You will not believe the relief.

      COLONICS are great. So are the PARASITE CLEANSES. I use 2 products together that kill 2 birds with one stone. There is a company you can search. Go to Buy their Humaworm product and their Humacleanse product. You will be doing a parasite cleanse and a Bowel Cleanse at the same time. You are killing parasites and cleaning and flushing them out at the same time. Another product you can buy to accentuate the results is Holy Tea. Its main ingredient is Blessed Thistle. It is wonderful for cleansing. You will definitely even lose weight doing all 3 of these things. Another good company to get a colonic from is Product is called Colonix. Check out their website. You will not believe the testimonials and pictures.

      6) BLACK SEED OIL: CUMIN TO BE EXACT. I have only recently discovered yet another product worth mentioning called Black Seed Oil. It is extracted from Cumin seed. It is said to cure all disease except death. Works for all problems associated with Lyme. Of the approx. 41 symptoms known to be associated with Lyme Disease, I have experienced 29-31 of them. It is most used internally daily but is also used topically. Research it.

      7) ORGANIC IODINE--Must have. I buy mine from Read up on the benefits of organic iodine. Kills off all nasties.

      8) GARLIC, PARSLEY, OREGANO OIL: Must also have. All are antibiotic, antioxidants and blood purifiers.

      Start experimenting. See what works best for you. There are so many things I have done for over a decade to treat this disease. There are many, many more than I have outlined above. I find these to be most effective. The primary thing you have to concentrate on is KILL THE PARASITES AND FLUSH THEM OUT OF YOUR BODY. You should, in particular, research where Lyme came from. You will find horric history on it. I come from a family of hunters. Even as a child, when my family came home from bird hunting, we used to have to check the dogs for ticks. Pulled them off, that was it. No illnesses involved. Just like a major huge mosquito sucking blood, with no wings. Now, we all feel like we're going to die from them--how in the world could a tiny bug once give us nothing from a bite, and now give us almost and sometimes death from a bite??, and it's the tiny nymphs the size of a poppy seed that can do it to you, not the big engorged ones. That piqued my interest, not to mention I now had a personal stake in that answer, so I have been researching on my own EVERYDAY OF MY LIFE, for 12 years. As I previously mentioned, my mother had Multiple Sclerosis for many many years. She and my Dad believed the doctors. It was the era. We found out the hard way the doctors were all wrong, and essentially, part of the problem. I was determined in my own right never to let this disease take over me the way MS ravaged my mother's body. So this is now my quest.

      I uncovered so much knowledge for myself as a result of contracting this disease. You will find that the Lyme tick and its disease was developed by the US govt on Plum Island off the coast of Massachusetts and Connecticut. It was first found or identified in Old Lyme, CT in the 1970s when a bunch of school children out on a field trip came down with symptoms after tick bites. You will uncover for yourself the true meaning of this disease, and all biological warfare that is being inflicted upon the public en masse. I have truly found it to be an awakening in my life. Had I not contracted this disease, which I feel has ruined my life, I would not have the knowledge and preparation I have today for what is in store for all of us. Do your research my friend on the origins of Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus and Ebola. All come out of Plum Island, and were designed for one reason: population control, as many other methods were designed as well. You will truly believe you are reading a Science fiction novel.

      Be well, I pray for you and anyone else afflicted with this horrible condition. I know full well what you are enduring. Once you discover for yourself the true agenda behind this disease, and ALL DISEASE, I believe you will be compelled as I am to expose it and its creators for the sickening demons that they really are, tampering with God's creations for evil gain.

      God bless, and take care.
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