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Homemade remedies for Thrush
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    Folk Remedies and Holistic Cures - EARTHCLINIC.COM SEARCH

    Table of Contents

    Thrush Remedies
    Updated: 05/11/2009


    Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes: "If you are good in adjusting these basic dosages I have given you, thrush should actually be completely eliminated. If not good on dosages/frequencies, then the thrush will be reduced but not completely eliminated.

    1. Take vinegar and mix 3% H2O2 (food grade hydrogen peroxide) in equal portions. Dilute it by tripling the amount of water. This is a weak solution, you can make it stronger/weaker later, depending on how well it works.

    You can make any amount of starting base, but you won't take all of it anyway. So assuming a starting base 50 cc of ACV, 50 cc of 3% H2O2, and then add 300 cc of water. Your total mix should be about 400 cc.

    The solution is fairly diluted to be taken on 1/4 teaspoon. If the solution is too strong, you can dilute it further the original solution as you think it is proper. If you want a more exacting, then add 100 cc of more water if it is too strong. If the solution is too weak, which means the throat conditions were not relieved at all then add an additional 25 cc of ACV and 25 cc of 3% H2O2.

    Mouth gargle this solution. Sip slowly down the mouth three times spaced at 15 minutes apart only 1/4 teaspoon. Drink some water after the sip in 3-4 minutes to reduce odor of H2O2. Vary the strength depending on how you respond. This will reduce the Thrush pain. H2O2 will circulate in the blood for 1.5 hour and this will be greatly help. Throat pain of application should greatly reduced within 5 minutes of taking it.

    About the H2O2 ACV, remember to drink plenty of water after taking them within minutes. H2O2 smells bad. Or you can try to get use to it FIRST by taking only one sip and take water, before fully jumping into the treatment. It takes some getting used to.

    2. You probably know about diets. No milk, no calcium, no white bread, no wheat, no sugar.

    3. Take some cilantro or EDTA to remove heavy metals. This will remove the food source of the yeast also. If you have a Herx, then it is confirmed that your body have high toxic metal. The usual dose is to start on a the low side and work yourself up. Start at with small branch of cilantrol (also called chinese parsley) and slowly increase over the course of the month to 1/3 cup.

    4. Restore the immune system. Paint iodine on foot -- small 3 inches, but not exceeding one applications for 3 days -MAX! (No limit for how much you take if you are on Kelp! Natural sources are always the best - you don't even have to worry about the overdose!) Also take 20,000 I.U. of vitamin D2 or D3 for about 30 days.

    5. Restoring the intestinal gut. Take probiotics to restore the intestinal flora and take some fulvic acid along the way.

    6. Restoring you natural pH. Take 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/2 teaspoon of citric acid. This formula will remove one food source of yeast, namely blood calcium to normal while maintaining stable pH and buffer with the citrates. Restore blood redox to normal by taking 250 mg. of sodium ascorbate every day. Take some boron supplements, about 25-50 mg. every day, if you can find one or make your own by buying some borax powder and only a tiny pinch. This will normalize the hormones and the critical magnesium/calcium balance inhibiting the yeast's food source also.

    7. Eat a couple apples every day and chew the seeds. Eat 2-3 apricot seeds everyday. These will restore the nitrilosides necessary to kill the fungus. This is one reason why cows don't get fungus or candida, their nitriloside diets are quite adequate.

    You can also reduce the fungus throat formation somewhat by taking a strong green tea several times. It contains tannins and they will inhibit the fungus growth somewhat"


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    [YEA] 03/07/2009: Judy from Meldrim, GA writes: "Baking soda quickly took care of a case of thrush my less-than-a-year-old son had. All it took was about one teaspoon of baking soda mixed in a small cup of water, swabbed inside baby's mouth 4 or 5 times a day with a Q-tip that i dipped into the mixture. It vanished in about 48 or fewer hours. It's been many years ago, but I think this is the amount of baking soda relative to water. I definitely remember that it worked very fast. This seems to be a simpler method than any of the others here.

    The pediatrician (I've since learned to avoid such unnecessary licensed quacks :)) had recommended "a new drug" being used at the teaching hospital where she worked.

    ----Please be aware that teaching hospitals are notorious for using patients as guinea pigs: read the book, "Confessions of a Medical Heretic," to find out this and many other fascinating/horrifying facts about doctors. The physician who wrote it says to avoid doctors as much as you can!---- I called the local La Leche (breastfeeding support organization) to see if they knew something less toxic, and that is where the baking soda and water remedy came from."


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    [YEA] 12/05/2007: Mayari from Candler, NC writes: "Calendula tea helped my newborn's thrush. I brewed it for four hours and then applied it with a q-tip and gave her a little in a spoon about 8 times a day. It had an immediate effect, and after a week, her thrush is nearly gone."


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    [YEA] 04/18/2006: Rodney from Delaware writes: "I suffered with thrush for 9 mos. Tried Nystatin and several other RX meds. Tried all of the popular probiotics and even tried the expensive Three-Lac. Three-Lac did offer some relief but could not completely get rid of the problem. One week of extra Virgin coconut oil from GNC, Emerald labs did the trick. I had several days of pure hell from upset stomach, loose bowels stomach pain and so on. This eventually subsided and the benefits have been nothing short of miraculous. I wish I had known of this product earlier, it would have saved me a ton of misery and saved me a boat load of cash."

    05/05/2009: Jessica from Albuquerque, NM replies: "Hi iv been suffering from thrush for three months and I am wondering how much of the oil did u take and how often?"


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    [YEA] 06/27/2008: Donna from Janesville, WI writes: "I used Fennel Powder in warm water to clear up my baby's thrush (a white coating on the tongue). A German Woman told me about it. It was amazing. In a day or two it was all clear. You can us it imbetween baby's formula. From 2 weeks and older. It is so cheap too! Go to any health food store and buy as much as you like! Use a coffee maker, put in about 1/2 c. fennel to 12 serv. of water. Add less water if you find it isn't strong enough."


    5 YEA
    1 WARNING!

    [YEA] 01/22/2009: Laurel from Lake Forest, California writes: "Gentian Violet is AMAZING! When my son was 2 months old he came down with thrush due to some antibiotics I was taking for complications of my C-section. Our lactation consultant said to use GENTIAN VIOLET 3 times a day and in about 2-3 days the baby's Thrush should be gone. It worked. just don't plan on going out for about a week. It stains the skin for several days. Your baby's face will be purple everywhere depending on how messy of an eater they are and the size of your nipples."

    [YEA] 11/29/2008: Karen McSpadden ( from Virginia Beach, Virginia writes: "Natural Breastfeeding Thrush Remedy

    In response to the issue of persistent thrush while breastfeeding, I would strongly recommend Gentian Violet. You can pick it up at most drugstores for a couple dollars and it's one of the most effective remedies in my own (frustrating and painful) personal experience with thrush. My daughter and I passed it back and forth for a while and Gentian Violet was the thing that cured it most efficiently.

    You paint your nipples and the inside of the baby's mouth three times a day for three days. It's safe to use frequently. Be forewarned-- your nipples (and your baby's mouth) will be a very bright purple so plan to wear breast pads or an old t-shirt during the treatment. Also, I found that once my daughter was older-- over a year, I believe-- she wouldn't nurse from my breasts if they were purple. She didn't seem to be bothered by it when she was younger.

    Whenever I have used this remedy, I have had relief from thrush and the accompanying nipple soreness.

    Good luck!"

    [YEA] 06/07/2007: Debbie from Cambridge, Canada writes: "Two of my sons had thrush as infants and I got it on my nipples too. I was told by a friend that if I did not mind a bit of mess to try gentian violet. I went to Ultra Food and Drug and got a bottle and painted his mouth and my nipples with the stuff and it cleared right up. Use old clothing and sheets though as it does stain everything purple but was worth it."

    [YEA] 09/15/2008: Dawn from Portland, OR replies: "My pediatritian recommended trying Gentian Violet when my nursing 6 month old had thrush that would not go away with Nystatin. I just put a little on a q-tip, swabbed his mouth and it quickly went away. It should be noted that his lips turned purple and his drool discolored anything he put into his mouth. This was a small price to pay to cure his thrush and relieve my pain."

    [WARNING!] 09/27/2008: Angela from Vancouver Island, Canada replies: "Nay

    Gentian Violet contains mercury so I would strongly reccomend against using this for Thrush in babies
    Here is a link from the government of canada"

    [YEA] 03/16/2009: Lori from McKinleyville, CA replies: "This is in response to the negative feedback for gentian violet and thrush. Look up the website in Canada and look up any possible name for gentian violet on wikipedia and you will find the person who left that feedback is misinformed. Gentian violet, or any of the other names it goes by, are not listed on the website the user mentions.

    I used gentian violet--one time--for my baby's thrush. Painted my nipples and she sucked. Within a day, the white spots in my infant's mouth were gone and she was back to eating normally."


    1 YEA

    [YEA] 01/12/2009: Mel from Gloucester, UK writes: "BV and Lemon Juice:

    I've suffered with intermittent thrush in my teens and 20's. It would be brought on by:

    i) non condom sex with some men. not all.

    ii) using soap, bath oils etc.

    I switched to pH balanced soap and discoverd that dilute lemon juice poured over my vulva would get rid of any little flare ups. The earlier you catch it (at the first sign of a prickle or an itch) the faster it disappears!

    I'm 48 now haven't needed to buy an over the counter remedy for thrush (which I hardly ever get now due to soap avoidance) since I started using dilute lemon juice.

    I started HRT about 3 months ago and to my horror my vulva started reeking of fish. Just looked it up and found out about BV.

    I'm assuming that this is another "upset pH" problem which causes the wrong type of bacteria to flourish, so I have just started the lemon juice routine to see if it will also deal with BV as well as thrush.

    Please try lemon juice (I use Jif diluted with equal water), girls - it might work!

    Best wishes..."


    2 YEA

    [YEA] 11/12/2007: Shannon from Titusville, FL writes: "Thrush in newborns: Take a q-tip or cotton swab dip it in Milk of Magnesia and rub it around the babies mouth twice a day sure enough it will cure it just as fast as it came on. I have a one month old who got thrush and sure enough instantly it started working. Helped ease the discomfort and cleared it up with not problems!!!"

    [YEA] 01/27/2009: pro8688 from Vincentown, NJ replies: "After a heart attack in 2007, I came home from hospital and quickly developed a very painful oral thrush. Eventually I discovered the value of magnesium in heart disease. That led me to search for other benefits magnesium might cure. I found this Milk of Magnesia remedy for thrush on Earth Clinic. I used about a tablespoon of Milk of Magnesia mixed with the same amount of water so I can swish, gargle and spit.

    It was nearly instant relief of the oral pain... and the thrush itself was gone in about a day. God bless the folks at Earth Clinic."


    1 NAY

    [NAY] 03/11/2009: Terry ( from Geneva, Florida/USA writes: "I appreciate finding this page.I have 5 grown children and 7 grandchildren.I have cured at least 14 cases of thrush over the years. Mostly with yogurt, probiotics, diet and tea tree oil. I have had thrush now for 3 months. I was surprised to find someone on this website that had it for 9 months.
    I traced the cause back to when I was sick and put on albuterol with the breathing machine for a month. NOONE told me to rinse out my mouth, I did use the spacer I was told to use. Then one drop of an anti biotic/anti fungal in my ear set it off and it's been over 3 months now. I have tried baking soda, tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide, milk of magnesia, lidocaine (toxic), and every kind of thing in mouth wash and tooth paste. I use coconut oil after a shower because lotion makes the fungus worst after it's use. I developed a tooth that needed a root canal from all of the mouth imbalance. I have all of it under control with the exception of Thrush. I am now on a generic form of diflucan along with another bottle of nystatin, olive leaf extract, beta gluten with caprilic acid, garlic, coq10, oregano oil. I just started swishing the organic, extra virgin coconut oil in my mouth for 20 minutes (oil pulling)this morning. After reading this I am off to get GNC's last bottle of oil capsules of coconut oil to hopefully finish this off. Thank you for this sight. It is the first time I have found anyone with the problem of extended thrush. I'll be back"

    03/12/2009: Janice from Coloma, Mi replies: "Have you tried Apple Cider Vinegar? When my last child was born, he had thrush in his mouth. I was nursing him at the time and got a cracked nipple. The Dr. told me I had to quit nursing as the baby and I would just pass the condition back and forth. An old woman told me that was nonsense and to dilute apple cider vinegar with a little water and put it on a q-tip and rub it around in the baby's mouth and to rub soome on my nipple as well. She told me it would be gone in a couple of days at the most. I tried it and it worked. I have since passed this information on many times and it always seems to work. So, it's a cheap and easy thing for you to try if you haven't tried it already."

    03/13/2009: Terry from Geneva, Florida/USA replies: "Janice,Thank you ((.Thrush))Yes I did only the acidity caused me to have to quit, regarding my tooth.I used Braggs Vinegar and it is the best for so many things. I have the book written by the Bragg family on all it's uses. This one has me stumped for the time being. I did not write of all the things I tried as the list was too long. Friends and family and neighbors come to me for so much in medical, health issues for them and their pets, this is the first time I have been temporarily unsuccessful....And I am the patient ha ha.

    Loving this website:)"


    1 YEA

    [YEA] 12/18/2007: Paul from Miami, Florida writes: "I tried oil pulling for the first time this morning and it had an incredible effect on my thrush. Not only that but my gums have already almost completely stopped bleeding. I've been on medicine after medicine for thrush but each one makes it worse and the doctors were stupmed. 1 session of oil pulling (I only did it for 5 mins to start off) has gotten rid of most of my thrush except the thick parts in the back of my tongue. This is truely amazing."

    05/07/2008: Phyllis from Kansas City, MO replies: "Can you tell me what is "oil pulling"? Have never heard the term but my friend is desperate to try anything for thrush. Thanks."
    EC: More information about Oil Pulling:


    1 YEA

    [YEA] 05/11/2009: Joanna from London, UK writes: "Hi, I just want to share with you a remedy for relief of vaginal thrush soreness/itching. I have been in terrible pain for just over a week now having tried lots of remedies, natural and conventional for thrush. Unfortunately, I got a bad bout of it after taking an emergency contraceptive pill a couple of weeks ago and nothing would sooth it. I was in my local organic grocery shop at the weekend and they were selling lumps of pure shea butter. I bought some and melted it in a glass bowl over a pan of hot water and mixed in a couple of tablespoons of virgin coconut oil and allowed it to cool. I actually made this for my severely dry legs and hands but I applied it over my entire body including all over my vaginal area before bed. The next morning not only is my entire body dry skin free it has healed all the soreness and itching from the thrush! I feel the first relief in ages. I also use garlic and yogurt internally which does help but it doesn't sooth the soreness enough on the outside. I tried VCO oil on it's own, ACV, yoghurt, lemon juice externally none of which helped me. Shea butter is easily available online or from independent Caribbean or health food shops. Also, I have found VCO is a great lubricator for sex as I find even the mildest ones can set off my thrush. Hope this helps someone and thanks for all the great advice on this site."


    2 YEA

    [YEA] 10/09/2006: Sarah from Chicago, IL writes: "I have been on many inhaled steroid regimes for many years and if you do not rinse the back of your throat properly after each use you will get Thrush. This is obnoxious and itchy in the back of your throat and if you have it, you know you want it gone ... NOW. Tea tree oil gargle or mouthwash can be found in any vitamin/nutrition store or you can just add a little T.T.O. to your regular daily mouthrinse or gargle. Just make sure that it gets to the farest depths of the throat without gagging and then sip some water. You will feel immediate relief and continue with it twice a day for a week or so. What doctors will prescribe for it to go away takes much longer and the antibiotics (especially for women) have many other unpleasant side effects. So try the tea tree oil. It is great."

    [YEA] 01/22/2009: Laurel from Lake Forest, California replies: "My lactation consultant recommended using Tea Tree Oil in the dishwasher to kill the thrush bacteria from all the bottles and other items the bacteria may have been growing. It is fully pesticide free and though the smell is quite strong I think it really helped. I even like the smell now. I always think "clean" when I smell it. We used this in conjunction with GENTIAN VIOLET and my son's thrush went away within a week."


    2 YEA
    1 NAY

    [YEA] 10/22/2007: Lena from Queens, USA writes: "Two of my kids had thrush before turning 4 months old. My grandmother told me to use a cotton ball or clean white cloth, wet with bit of babies urine from first morning diaper change and wipe on the white patches on tongue and mouth. Cleared in 1-2 weeks."

    [NAY] 06/27/2008: Donna from Janesville, WI replies: "With all the other suggestions on here, I have no idea why you still allow this comment to be on here. Urine in the baby's mouth??? That is sick..."

    [YEA] 08/05/2008: Lily from Albany, NY replies: "Urine therapy is older than any other therapy listed on this page of remedies (look it up and see it's history). I second using this therapy as a safe and VERY viable alternative to OTC and prescription medications. Once you're over the stigma, you'll see it works. Narrow mind = sick."

    09/24/2008: Laraine from Glenside, PA replies: "Since urine is acidic (urea), vinegar would probably work just as well. I heard that vinegar works."

    12/01/2008: Jesse from San Luis Obispo, California replies: "I agree that urine can be safely used as a remedy. It is sterile but not necessarily non-toxic (bleach is sterile). In the diving world, it is often used to remove sea urchin spines."

    01/14/2009: Emma from Melbourne, VIC Australia replies: "I know there's some stigma over using this-but quite a lot of skin creams contain urea-one of the major components of urine. I can tell you that getting a small amount of fresh urine on a cotton wool ball and applying it to styes, works a treat-your stye will be gone in a few hours-may need a couple of applications though."


    1 YEA

    [YEA] Carol from OKC, U. S. A writes: "Vitamin B6 has cured Thrush in people I have known.

    Vitamin E stabilized my low BP.

    Comfrey compresses healed not only the deep bruising (in 3 days), resulting from a stubbed, broken toe but also, bone -- after all, the common name for comfrey is "knit bone". Raspberry tea healed my indigestion after I was forced to eat "junk food" for 3 days whilst staying with my husband's cousin.

    Cayenne pepper is awesome! My husband used it to reduce his weight. 1 tspn cayenne pepper in a 1/2 cup of hot water, 3 times a day. It speeds up the metabolism."


    2 YEA

    [YEA] 01/06/2007: Amar from Rochester, MI writes: "Hi, i have a remedy for vaginal thrush and am not sure if it's included coz it seems like you're talking about mouth thrush only. I had vaginal thrush about 8 years ago. I used plain yogurt for cleaning- make sure you wash off real good. I also started eating a lot of yogurt and its been gone for the past 8 years."

    [YEA] 03/17/2009: Keeza from Louisville, Kentucky replies: "When my brother was a baby he had thrush of the mouth so bad he could barely suck on a bottle.No matter what the doctor did it would not go away, A elderly lady at our church told my mother to use plain yogurt and dilute it with water until you are able to get it out of the nipple. About a week later it was gone.Yes yougurt does work really well!!!"

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