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New Mercury Chelator product now available (OSR)
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    Date: 3/31/2009 3:36:31 PM   ( 7y ago )   Hits:   55131

    [Note to readers: click on the links embedded throughout this post for more info.]

    An entirely new chemical chelator product for chelating Mercury was first made available to the public during the summer of last year named "OSR". OSR is a chemical chelator in the same general category of the DMSA, DMPS, and EDTA chemical chelators, but OSR is positioned to be vastly safer and vastly more effective at permanently binding to Mercury than either DMSA, DMPS, or EDTA are.

    The problems with DMSA, DMPS, and EDTA

    DMSA, DMPS, and EDTA are all ancient chemical chelator products from the 1950's that are all about 50 years old now. The main problems with DMSA, DMPS, and EDTA are that they either have a weak capacity for chelating (binding to) Mercury to begin with, or else they do mobilize & bind with Mercury, but then prematurely (i.e., prior to successful excretion) drop their bond with the Mercury in the body after pulling dormant stored Mercury out of the body's fatty tissues, thus making a patient's Mercury toxicity condition even worse by causing the active recirculation of Mercury back into the bloodstream, often in quantity and concentrated in time.

    OSR & Boyd Haley

    OSR was developed and patented by Dr. Boyd Haley PhD, who has said that his OSR product will permanently bind with Mercury 1 million times better than either DMSA, DMPS, or EDTA.

    "OSR" stands for "Oxidative Stress Relief". In order to obtain quick FDA approval for OSR as a safe non-toxic product and to facilitate the easy marketing/sale of OSR without an MD prescription, Boyd Haley submitted & positioned OSR to the FDA as being a "dietary antioxidant" and a "nutritional supplement". That means that OSR cannot be formally marketed to the public as being a "Mercury chelator", but that is indeed what OSR principally is, a chelator of Mercury. OSR was developed by Boyd Haley to effectively chelate Mercury in autistic children (a subject area which Boyd Haley has been personally very active in for a long time), as well as chelate Mercury in adults contaminated by dental amalgam so-called "silver" fillings, which actually contain 50% Mercury. Read these Google hits on the web to learn more about OSR as a chelator of Mercury.

    Right now OSR is being sold to the public thru holistic Mercury-free dentists and "Defeat Autism Now!" (DAN!) MD's, and since OSR is FDA-approved as a nutritional supplement, one does not need a prescription from a medical doctor to obtain it.

    Being the new product that OSR is, the credibility of the OSR product rests principally upon the credibility of its developer, Dr. Boyd Haley, and credible he is. Boyd Haley is a former Chairman of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Kentucky (he is now a Professor of Chemistry there.) Boyd Haley is the founder, President & CEO of CTI Science, a new biotechnology company based in Lexington, KY which was established to manufacture and distribute OSR.

    Boyd Haley is highly respected and well known throughout the community of holistic Mercury-free dentists and "Defeat Autism Now!" (DAN!) medical doctors. Boyd Haley is a vigorous opponent of the use of Mercury in vaccines and dental fillings, and he is very active in the Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) community. DAN! is a nationwide association of medical doctors who believe that Autism can be treated primarily with Mercury chelation, anti-Candida medications, and diet. The DAN doctors are in the process now of transitioning away from DMSA, towards OSR, as their Mercury chelator of choice.

    How/where to buy OSR

    I bought my OSR from this holistic Mercury-free dentist via the phone. Do not ask them about OSR in terms of it being a "Mercury chelator product", as OSR cannot be represented to you by them as such, since OSR is not FDA-approved as a Mercury chelator product. Instead, you can ask them about OSR in terms of OSR being a "dietary antioxodant nutritional supplement" product. Use the Google internet links I provided above to learn more about OSR as a Mercury chelator product.

    How to take OSR

    OSR is a powder, taken orally with water on a once daily basis, taken either via one 100 mg capsule, or via a 1/16 tsp ("pinch") scoop directly of the powder mixed into a glass of water. Last year OSR was only available in the direct powder scoop form. I am not sure about the current availability of OSR in the capsules. A 6-month supply of OSR costs $350.00.

    My personal experience using OSR

    I used OSR for several months on a regular basis, and I found OSR to be a well-tolerated and safe product; however, I have currently suspended my use of OSR because I came to the realization that I must first resolve a systemic Candida problem that seems to be overshadowing/dominating everything else problem-wise for me. This systemic Candida problem seems to be preventing me from experiencing any benefits from chelation (or from experiencing any benefits from anything else, such as liver flushing.) I have very recently started using the MMS product to first resolve my systemic Candida problem, and once that is definitively resolved, I shall resume the Mercury chelation with the OSR product.

    PS: This message has been cross-posted in the CureZone MMS Support, Chelation Support, and Mercury forums.

    - cwk

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