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    Date: 3/20/2009 1:45:22 PM   ( 7y ago )   Hits:   10556
    This is a fairly long post to a long problem I have been dealing with for 3 years. I am not a natural writer so I hope this all makes sense. I am posting it with the intent that it helps someone else with the problems I have been fighting.

    To start off with my background - I have seldom had any health issues. I am 43 years old, did 100 mile bicycle race 4 years ago, 10K's and ran a half marathon about 3 years ago during the beginning of these issues.

    After visiting various MD doctors (skin/GP/etc) my chiropractor did "muscle" testing on me and declared about two years ago that I had Heavy Metal, Parasite and Weak Liver issues. My GP ran blood work on me and said I was fit as can be - which was a real bummer because I knew something was way wrong.

    I started on the herbal stuff my chiropractor recommended for like a year (I will post what worked best for me at the end). I did improve but nothing really got me over the problems.

    My symptoms were that the souls of my feet and the palms of my hand lost all moisture and cracked. I could not screw in a light bulb without worrying that my hands would crack and bleed. If I walked a bit - I would have 2-3 cracked spots on my heals that would bleed and hurt for a week. The toe nails of my big toes started to recede and at night I would get shooting pain in the big toes. I would have one large BM in the morning upon waking - it was fairly loose and was not what I had been used to having my whole life.

    Many of these things sound obvious in hind sight but most of these symptoms appeared gradually over time so I didn't connect the dots until later.

    I also had a frequent shooting pain under my lower right rib cage that would come and go. I thought that was more likely indigestion but later determined (like two weeks ago) that it was a clogged up gall bladder, bile duct and/or liver. I was on a vacation in January and thought I might have to call EMS the pain was so bad. I lay down and massaged the area as best I could and it reduced the pain so I could get home. I scheduled an appointment with a GI specialist for the next Monday. I am not a big fan of western approaches to healing and I was worried they would mis-diagnose me as the other MD's had to this point. I canceled and decided to do my first colon detox(Dr. Schulze) it made me feel bad the first two days but better after that - I did it for 15 days. Lots of good things happened energy wise and I felt better but the hands/feet were still problematic and the stomach (really gall bladder) pain would return. I would say I was at 40% improvement.

    I decided to look into parasite cleaning even more intensely and found this wonderful website. On the Dr Schulze forum someone mentioned Humaworm. I read all about it and ordered it and started taking it the day after my 15 day colon detox was finished.

    The first 4 days I felt like I had the flu, fever, chills, my sinuses felt like they were infected and I was in a brain fog. I was really unpleasant I continued to take the humaworm because I had lived with these other problems so long I really didn't feel I had much to loose - all the time reading this forum for guidance and support - Thank You All!

    Lots of odd things came out of me and into the bowl, one day a lot of large lite yellowish nickel sized 'garlic pod shaped' beans/seeds came out like 30-50 of them. This happened every few days. Other things that looked like the small cotton balls with tiny tails. There were also large 'seeds' and 'mushroom' pieces that were coming out too.

    I had what I think was die off in my sinuses, something under the skin on my nose (acted like a pimple at first but the pain and the way it cleared up was more deep under the skin, had a painful spot under my scalp near the right temple that also had a bright red spot but was flat) it went away too.

    After about a week - I started to get some energy back and most of my die off symptoms began to fade away. The pain in my gall bladder area would return every few days still.

    Then on day 15 of the humaworm - I felt a flutter in my gall bladder area - flutter almost like a butterfly was inside of it. This was at night just before bed time. The pain usually was gone at night when I laid down too, but worse when sitting - slightly better when standing up and best laying down.

    The next afternoon - I passed what looked like a bright red - shiny - bell pepper piece shaped a bunch like a liver fluke (I know this now not at the time). I lifted this thing out and looked at it closely - then got freaked and flushed it down the bowl. I so wish I had a photo of it - I had not eaten anything that color or shape and it was such a vibrant red - about an inch and a half long shaped a bit like your small pinky finger.

    Two days later - a Monday afternoon - I passed another 'critter' as I call them - similar in shape also red (not nearly as bright as that first one) but also covered with green slime. I did take a photo of this one and it is here:

    It was also about an inch and a half long - maybe 2 inches. I wish I had something for a reference size but I don't - just take my word for it. This second critter was a bit smaller then the first one.

    After these two days - my pain in the right side of my rib cage area went away. After those two critters this was the first in 3 years I don't suffer that pain. There is a tiny bit of soreness now and then but not the shooting pain. I am convinced that these liver critters were living in my common bile duct and gall bladder and having a great time at that. Preventing me from getting the bile I need to digest proteins and fats properly plus doing what they do, make eggs, suck blood and poop inside me.

    I feel like my feet and hands are improving and will follow-up with more results in a few weeks. The pain and digestion is much much better. The week after the passing of these liver critters I felt like someone had just removed a weight from around my waist and I was walking much lighter and quicker. I also lost nearly 15 pounds during the first 3 weeks of the Humaworm. Down from 243 to 229. My normal weight as an adult has been about 225 lbs - I am 6'4". I am cautiously optimistic because I have tried so many things that didn't help me long term but this Humaworm protocol really seems to have done wonders.

    The products that ultimately helped the most are:

    Derman - anti fungal cream - as I had horrible fungal skin issues on feet and also on one finger - both are doing better during the Humaworm. I tried every anti fungal cream - the only other one that helped was Tinactin pump spray but Derman is much better.

    Dr. Schulze colon detox - '5 day' - I did it for 15 days - I will do it again for 15 days in about a month. I still take the Intestinal Formula #1 - one pill twice a day to make sure things are moving out of me quickly.

    Dr. Schulze superfood - I drink it 3-5 times a day now instead of taking pill vitamins.

    Fresh Juice - I made a fresh grapefruit, apple, banana, lemon type drink each morning in the blender - after waiting 2 hours from taking Humaworm when I wake up. Eating live food seems to really boost my body. I also might do one of these during the early afternoon too.

    Fresh or briefly steamed Broccoli and spinach, carrots, garlic, onions - I eat a lot of this daily. I had not eaten much fresh vegetables in the past - so I am trying to catch up and try to eat this twice a day.

    Humaworm -Humaworm - Humaworm - I think this stuff is super great! Can't wait to do it again in July. I hope nothing returns in the meantime!

    I plan to do a liver flush and then a 15 day colon detox in about 7 days.

    I hope some of this information helps someone else out there. This site has been a real blessing - peace to all!

    Brite Lite

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