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Re: What water to drink during fast
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            There are many arguments for and against the drinking of distilled water, either while fasting or not, but it is my experience that this is the best type of water to consume, especially while fasting.
            It didn't do me any harm on my own two prolonged fasts: no mineral deficiencies or other health problems either.
            My hair didn't turn gray, and where this would be a rare if not exceptional case, with the distinct possibility of other causes being responsible.

            Distilled water mimics the weather cycle for precipitation: evaporation and the condensation of atmospheric water-vapor in the formation of rain-water for drinking. However, atmospheric and soil pollution make this ideal choice into one that isn't.

            The following is my own view, which is supported by many others, including Natural Hygienists the World over.............

            "Consider that the body, in early adulthood is made of approximately 65% water, and you will see how absurd it would be ignore its importance. Water is the medium in which all the other aspects of this course are dissolved. Next to air, it is the most immediate need of the body. Without air, you can survive five to ten minutes. Without food, you can survive for weeks if not months. Without water, you can survive for up to 11 or 12 days.

            At birth you were about 75% water. If you make it past 95 and die of old age, you will be about 25% water. You will have transformed from a plum to a raisin in your 95 plus years. This is called age related dehydration. Therefore, one of the most important anti-aging strategies is to remain well hydrated at all times.

            The body is made to work perfectly and age slowly. No one knows how long the body is designed to live, because no one has ever spent a lifetime doing the best things for his or her body. Few people are actually interested in doing the best things for the body, and of that small percentage of people who want to live in maximum health and vitality, correct information is woefully lacking. It is even worse than that — in the place where correct information should be, mythology exists. Nowhere is this better seen than in the state of information about water. Let us clear up all the misinformation about water.

            It is true that the body needs minerals. It is not true that drinking water containing minerals is good for you — quite the contrary — it is lethal. Let me explain. The function of minerals in the body is to serve as co-enzymes for the enzymes which direct metabolism. Without its proper mineral, an enzyme cannot function correctly. Without the function of the enzymes systems of your body, your metabolism would come to a screeching halt, and you would die immediately.

            A mineral, to be useful to the body, must be in a form in which it can be taken up by its matching enzyme. There is only one way a mineral can be utilized by an enzyme: when it is delivered to its enzyme by an organic molecule. An organic molecule is made of a string of carbon atoms. When a mineral is in such an association with an organic molecule, it is said to be chelated. A chelated mineral can be transferred to an enzyme, so that mineral can then function as a co-enzyme. A non-chelated mineral cannot be transferred; therefore, it is worse than useless.

            A solution of minerals in a plain electrolytic solution, to be useful in the body, must first be chelated by the body. The human body has limited capacity to chelate minerals. Compared to plants, this ability is very poor. The consumption of foods of plant origin supplies the body with minerals it can use immediately, because they are in the chelated form. This is true of foods of animal origin to a lesser degree, but foods of animal origin come with an excess of "cides" (herbicides, pesticides, etc.), preservatives , antibiotics, synthetic hormones, etc., which far outweigh any mineral value it might provide. Food of plant origin is high in water content, and this is the best source of water available to you.

            The best source of straight water is distilled water. There was a time when nature provided pure, distilled drinking water in the form of rain water and melted snow, sleet, hail, etc. However, since the advent of industrial pollution in our atmosphere, most rain is polluted, due to its passage through a polluted atmosphere between the time it condenses in a rain cloud and the time it strikes the earth. Therefore, atmospherically derived water is no longer a viable source of pure water. The only distilled water left is steam distilled water.

            There is no good third choice of water. Carbon-filtered water is highly touted, mainly by the people who sell carbon filtration equipment, but many minerals are left after filtration. Reverse osmosis is a better solution, but still leaves inorganic minerals present. I suggest you leave these solutions alone and opt for some combination of steam distilled water and the juice of organically grown vegetables and fruits. However, some systems combine carbon filtration with reverse osmosis and this is, to me, an acceptable solution.

            The worst possible choice you can make is mineral water. The common sources of mineral water are (1) tap water and (2) bottled mineral water. The minerals in mineral water are inorganic and therefore worse than useless to the body. Inorganic minerals are not only unavailable as co-enzymes; worse than that, they crystallize in the body, both inside and outside the circulatory system. When they crystallize outside the circulatory system, they cause such problems as arthritis. When they crystallize inside the circulatory system, they are deposited in the walls of your arteries and, over the years, contribute to the plaque formation of atherosclerosis. These atherosclerotic plaques yield only to prolonged chelation therapy, and while it is true that they can be dealt with in this manner, is not prevention a much better alternative?

            Prevention of atherosclerosis is accomplished through a diet high in fiber and balanced between protein and complex carbohydrate content and the drinking of only pure water. Mineral water, whether derived from bottles at a high price, or from a faucet for almost nothing, is dangerous to your health because, over the course of years, it will give you hardened arteries and arthritic joints.

            If you drink tap water, you are choosing the least sensible solution possible. While it is true that tap water has been treated so that no dangerous bacteria are present, it is still loaded with inorganic minerals. In addition, it also is loaded with the chlorine used to kill the bacteria. The full effects of this chlorine on the body are not yet known, and if you drink it, you might as well enroll in a university study to measure the effect of large doses of chlorine on the human body. If you were part of such a study you would at least be making a contribution to future water drinkers.

            Fluoride also is added to tap water in the name of tooth development in children. Whatever benefits for growing teeth this may provide are overshadowed by the effect of fluoride on the enzyme systems of the body. Fluoride, folks, is a proven carcinogen!

            Other ways to satisfy your body's need for pure water is to drink, tea, coffee and soft drinks. If you do this, given what we know about the content of these items, you must have a strong death wish.

            For most people, at least for those who are leading busy lives, the best solution is to drink only steam distilled water. If you have not already developed this practice, I strongly recommend that you do so now. The cost is around $6 per week for an average adult, and this includes both your drinking and cooking needs. Needless to say, it makes no sense to drink only steam distilled water and then cook with tap water. Use only steam distilled water for cooking.

            The alternative is to buy a filtration system. This is a much better solution than drinking tap water and much more economical than steam distilled water. Do not economize when selecting a system. The best systems use two carbon filters in tandem with a reverse osmosis filter and operate off the pressure supplied by your own tap water system.

            If you are one of these people who drinks mineral water — perhaps that fizzy, carbonated, entertaining stuff from Calistoga or France — please know that you are doing your body no favor at all through this practice and you are spending much more for your water than you need to. Most of all you are promoting the crystallization of minerals in the soft tissues of your body and, over time, you will pay dearly for this practice. When the arteries which supply your optic and auditory nerves are clogged, you will pay for your inorganic mineral intake with loss of vision and hearing. Each one of the organs in your body depends on an unrestricted supply of blood for optimum function. If you clog your arteries with inorganic minerals, you will lose that optimum function. This includes the brain (by ischemia and stroke) and the heart (angina and heart attack).

            The purity of the water you drink is critically important to your health and vitality. I have presented you with accurate information regarding this subject. Look in your phone book yellow pages under "water." Regular delivery of steam distilled water or a double filtration/reverse osmosis system are the most convenient and economical methods of having this precious fluid on hand at all times — short of buying and operating a steam distiller in your own home. Recently steam distiller technology has come of age and is well worth looking into. For the cost of distilled water delivered to one person for one year, a counter-top steam distiller can be purchased. Search for the words "Water Wise" on the Internet and see what you come up with.

            The rest is up to you. For your liquid needs the proper action is to allow only pure vegetable and fruit juices and steam distilled water, sans inorganic minerals, to pass your lips. This practice, all else being equal, will add many vital and healthy years to your life".

            by Dr. Ron Kennedy, MD from Santa Rosa, CA.


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