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Image Embedded The POWER of Urine!!! Part 2
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    Arms badly lacerated by fall, down a cliff-faced precipice
    Upper skin layer of hands and arms scraped off
    At hospital, patient once fainted of pain when dressing was removed, this was done daily while patient was injected with pain-killers
    Large swelling at elbow, patient unable to bend arm
    Patient's arm began to rot (putrefy) after 2 years of topical Iodine (betadine) application
    Putrefication smell intolerable, patient was ostracized everywhere
    Patient was advised by doctors to amputate both arms, below the elbows
    Old urine* applied on the wound DRESSING
    tea/coffee/alcohol avoided
    After application of urine, swelling at left pinky finger opened a hole and emitted pus, pus contained small pebble (embedded 2 years ago)
    *Note* : Iodine (betadine) application on wound did not help
    Source :

    Note : Old urine is also known as lant

    A young widow, Mrs M., had fallen along a precipice and down its cliff-face near her house more than two years before. She was badly lacerated by the fall and had scraped off the upper layer of skin of her arms and hands. For two years she was receiving treatment at a highly esteemed charitable hospital in the plains and then at a government hospital and occasionally on her teenage son's urgings at a private clinic. The treatments involved mainly changing the dressings with applications of iodine (Betadine) with occasional anti-fungal agents and other proprietary creams and topical medicines thrown in, all to no avail. In fact, the toxic antiseptics merely killed the life of the flesh along with any bacteria—good and bad—which might be on and around the affected area.

    As antiseptics did nothing but kill off the good bacteria and were destroying the life in the flesh they could do nothing to promote the capillary blood flow to the affected parts.

    The documentation shown here actually represents a second stage of treatment. Before these pictures were taken the upper arm was treated and healed and Mrs M. went to join her son training as a tailor in the plains. She came back to the hills only later because the hands around the wrists were not healing, as she thought they might, of their own accord. Therefore, we began the treatment on the hands again and, having repaired our old 1959 Nikon, were this time able to take pictures of the progress.

    In other words, the medical condition Mrs M. first presented was even worse than the photographic evidence represented here. Since she had already healed the upper arm (with the exception of the chronically swollen elbow) and had experienced the benefits of the UT treatment Mrs M. was unperturbed and in fact relieved when the initial blood flow began again and appeared in the bandaged areas.

    To start over again it was necessary for the first couple of treatments, as shown, to bandage the wounds fully with cotton wrapped generously with gauze. This amount of cotton was required to allow the wounds to respond to the UT and to allow the dressing to dry and then be reinvigorated with injections of lant UT into the cotton every 24 hours ... changing the dressing only once in three or four days.

    Reports have come out of Russia over the past few years about "wound healing bacteria" which is part of the normal flora of the body, but so far no one else but the Russians seems to have heard of this gift of Nature. The Russians have been using fresh papaya to heal intractable wounds.

    Frankly, hospital treatment of whatever variety made Mrs M's condition worse. Also the classical clinical regimen of daily removal and replacement of the bandages (that is, the gauze in contact with the lesions) became an agony for her. Often at the hospitals she was injected with painkillers while this torture was going on. Once she fainted in pain. She told me with tears in her eyes that the nurses once ridiculed her for her “lack of courage”.

    Surely it would require great fortitude, and faith in God to continue with this suffering for years on end. As the photographs reveal, she also had a large swelling at the elbow which made it practically impossible for her to bend her arm. needless to say she could hardly do any housework like preparing food, much less the labouring work she was used to out-of-doors.

    As the treatment progressed over a couple of months the bandaging was indeed downsized.

    Before the UT treatment had commenced the surface flesh of Mrs M's arms had begun actually to rot. Her neighbours could not bear the smell which her wounds emitted. This was due to the production of a chemical called putricine, from the word “putrid”. Putrescence ... in other words, rotting, had set in on a living person’s body after two years of iodine (Betadine) and who-knows-what other applications. After the UT treatment began the horrid smell of the rotting flesh diminished and then disappeared.

    When she came to us she said she had been advised that nothing more could be done and that both arms should be amputated below the elbow. Furthermore, the aforementioned stench emitted from her arms was intolerbale to the extent that that when Mrs M. went to the ladies self help group for support the ladies could not stand the smell and closed the office when they saw her coming!

    Thus did Mrs M. come to us in desperation after these two years of unhealed wounds and rot setting in! Even others in our household could not bear the smell and so I stoically carried on with treatment, often being asked by our household to sit outside in the yard!

    I am so happy that this extreme case of a very courageous lady has been documented for the benefit of others.

    Stage by stage the ugly pustules and eruptions of rotting flesh and smell of putricine was cleared off and eventually her skin turned shiny and smooth.

    Like all patients who come to us Mrs M. was also advised to cut down on tea, which (she said) she practically worshipped. I told her that the caffeine in tea is a highly insidious and addictive drug ... this drug is just trying to fool you, its allure is a false one, I told her. She eventually screwed up courage to quit and started taking herbal teas made at her home ... this also helped facilitate the healing, and brightened her face and general disposition.

    One interesting thing to note is that along the side of her left hand at the base of the little finger there was a nasty and persistent swelling. You can see it in the detail here.

    With the application of UT and much cotton and bandaging this swelling began to open a hole and emit pus (salam). From experience I knew there must be a foreign object inside. And sure enough, after some time Mrs M. was able to show me a small pepper-sized pebble that had passed out of the swelling.

    This pebble and other dirt would have entered under the initial wound when she fell along the cliff face and subequently been sealed inside. Thus as the UT caused a hole for its egress to open the foreign object which had been sealed under her flesh for more than two years was allowed to pass out and the have swelling go down and the hand return to normal.

    Through getting her blood tested we eventually discovered that Mrs M. had TB in her body. Not in the lungs but in the joints. After her wounds cleared up we made the necessary intervention for her to take a course of TB medicine through the Government Primary Health Centre until she became fully clear of this deadly disease. Her boy who was receiving training in tailoring is nowadays a journeyman tailor and continues to give his full support to his now rejuvenated mother.

    All copyright belongs to the author at
    Copyright 2007 Mark Antrobus
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