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Himalayan Crystal Salt and Fluoride
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    Date: 2/15/2008 7:29:27 AM   ( 7y ago )   Hits:   18261
    I use Himalayan Crystal Salt and have been following
    the fluoride in Sea Salt controversy. Today, I received
    this newsletter addressing this issue~~

    Today I want to respond to an article on the internet regarding fluoride in "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt. Many of you have written and called me this week with your concern.

    Here are the facts about fluoride and "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt.

    There are two kinds of fluoride.

    Fluoride is widely distributed in Nature, making up 0.03% if the earth's crust. It appears mainly in the form of the minerals cryolite (sodium fluoride) and fluorospar (calcium fluoride). These are made from the nonmetallic hydrogen element fluorine, which combines with other elements to form fluorides.

    The trace element fluorine is also present in the body, almost entirely in bone and teeth, in the form of fluoride. Fluoride serves as a catalyst for both the mineralization of enamel on the developing tooth prior to emergence and for ongoing remineralization of surface enamel. Cavities are caused by bacteria, which multiply when food is ingested to produce organic acids. Fluoride protects the teeth by changing some of the tooth crystal into a crystal that is less acid-soluble called fluoropatite. Fluoride is part of Nature's system for maintaining teeth, and occurs in very small amounts in many foods and natural water supplies.

    The form of "fluoride" in drinking water is NOT naturally occurring sodium or calcium fluoride, but fluorosilicic acid, a liquid that is a by-product of fertilizer manufacturing. Fluorosilicic acid itself is corrosive and highly toxic. It's Material Safety Data Sheet warns "do not breathe not get in eyes [or] on skin." When heated, and when it reacts with water or steam, fluorosilicic acid decomposes almost instantly into corrosive and toxic hydrogen fluoride. This is a gas or liquid.

    The amount of fluoride from fluorosilicic acid that is present in drinking water supplies has been found to cause or contribute to cancer, genetic damage, mottling of the teeth, and neurological injury. It accumulates in our bones, making them more brittle and prone to fracture.

    Sodium and calcium fluoride are present throughout nature and are, as already mentioned, essential to health.

    A laboratory test was done on "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt by my supplier this past week, which found fluoride to be present in the salt at 0.1 part per million. Indeed, since fluoride is widely distributed throughout nature, one would expect to find a trace of fluoride in a natural, unrefined salt.

    Fluoride is present in "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt in the form and amount determined by Nature to be optimal to life. It also contains all other naturally occurring elements, including arsenic, uranium, plutonium, mercury, gold, and more. Recently, it was discovered that "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt contained the element Promethium, rarely found on Earth. Its presence in "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt was an important discovery as Promethium is only found in infants in the first three to four months after birth and is directly linked to the development of the body's immune system.

    Yes, there is fluoride in "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt, however, it simply cannot be equated to the fluoride found in tap water. Fluoride in tap water is a hazardous waste material that causes harm to the body; the natural fluoride present in "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt is a beneficial material that contributes to the health of the body.

    In 2007, a new study was conducted here in America showing the health benefits of "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt. To the best of my knowledge, "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt continues to be the ONLY salt tested for health benefits.

    This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study for evaluating the safety and efficacy of "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt was conducted by Fenestra Research Labs. The 75 control group subjects were daily given a teaspoon of sole made from "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt and the 25 placebo group subjects were given a teaspoon of sole made from Sea Salt . At the baseline of this study all 100 subjects had test numbers at least 35% away from normal wellness numbers in Mineralization, Oxidative stress and Hydration.

    The final results for the group taking Sole made from "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt were as follows:
    * for Mineralization--58% of the control group were within 5% of normal range of optimal wellness; the remaining 56% were within 15% of wellness.
    * for Oxidative Stress, 44% of the group were within 5% of normal wellness, the remaining 56% were within 15% of normal range.
    * for Hydration, 49% were within 5% of normal range of wellness and the remaining 51% were within 15% of normal range.

    The final results for the placebo, sea salt group were as follows:
    * for Mineralization--0% of the subjects were within 5% of normal range of wellness, 16% were within 15% of the normal range, and the remaining 84% were at least 35% out of the wellness range.
    * for Oxidative stress, 4% were within 5% of the wellness range, 19% were within 15% of the wellness range, and the remaining 77% were still 35% out of wellness range.
    * for Hydration, 6% were within 5% of normal wellness, 13% were within 15% of normal range and the remaining 81% were at least 35% out of the range of wellness.

    I believe these numbers speak for themselves, but the only way you can know the health benefits of "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt for yourself is to try it!




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