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    I agree that God’s most understood and most felt quality is love. Yet I see so much more. See what you think. Oh yeah, you might want to turn up your sound.

    GOD is everywhere present, and rules the circle of eternity, and rules in persons. God alone can be in two places, in numberless places, at the same time. God is simultaneously present "in heaven above and on the earth", as the Psalmist exclaimed: "Whither shall I go from your spirit? or whither shall I flee from your presence?" God is all the time present in all parts and in all hearts of his far-flung creation. God is such that the universe and heaven cannot contain God. God created it, so is beyond it. It is literally true that God is all and in all. But even that is not all of God. The Infinite can be finally revealed only in infinity, the cause can never be fully comprehended by an analysis of effects, the living God is immeasurably greater than the sum total of creation that has come into being as a result of the creative acts of Gods unfettered free will.

    The creature not only exists in God, but God also lives in the creature. This gift from the Father is man's inseparable companion. Even in wrongdoing you torment the indwelling gift of God. The omnipresence of God is in reality a part of his infinite nature, space constitutes no barrier to Deity. God is in perfection and without limitation.

    Many of the acts of the all-powerful Creator seem to be arbitrary, detached, and not infrequently heartless and cruel. But again I assure you that this is not true. God's doings are all purposeful, intelligent, wise, kind, and eternally considerate of the best good. Not always of an individual being, an individual race, an individual planet, or even an individual universe, but they are for the welfare and best good of all concerned, from the lowest to the highest. In the eras of time the welfare of the part may sometimes appear to differ from the welfare of the whole, in the circle of eternity such apparent differences are nonexistent.

    We are all a part of the family of God, and we must therefore sometimes share in the family discipline. Many of the acts of God which so disturb and confuse us are the result of the decisions of the perfect will of the infinite mind, to enforce the decisions of perfection, vision, and solicitude embrace the highest and eternal welfare of all his vast and far-flung creation.

    Thus it is that our detached, sectional, finite, and highly materialistic viewpoint and the limitations inherent in the nature of our being constitute such a handicap that we are unable to see, comprehend, or know the wisdom and kindness of many of the divine acts to which we seem burdened with such crushing cruelty, and which seem to be characterized by such utter indifference to the comfort and welfare, to the planetary happiness and personal prosperity, of our fellow creatures. It is because of the limits of human vision, it is because of our circumscribed understanding and finite comprehension, that we misunderstand the motives, and pervert the purposes, of God.

    God is usually understood by us in three ways:
    1. By the nature of God, especially by his infinite love, truth, beauty, and goodness.
    2. By the will of God, by his mercy and fatherly relationship with us.
    3. By the law of God, by the righteousness and justice.
    God is unlimited in power, divine in nature, final in will, infinite in attributes, eternal in wisdom, and absolute in reality.
    The divine mind is conscious of, and aware of, the thought of all creation. God’s knowledge of events is universal and perfect. God is the only personality in the entire universe who does actually know the number of the stars and planets of space. Every child may truly say: "He knows the way I take, and when he has tried me, I shall come forth as gold." God is possessed of unlimited power to know all things, Gods consciousness is universal.
    We are not certain whether or not God chooses to foreknow events of sin. But even if God should foreknow the acts of free will of his children, such foreknowledge does not in the least bit limit their freedom. One thing is certain: God is never subjected to surprise.
    This giving of God to Gods creation creates a boundless, almost inconceivable future possibility of progressive and successive existences for these divinely endowed mortals.

    To mortals of time there is a future, but God occupies eternity. Mortal man cannot possibly know the infiniteness of God. Finite mind cannot think through such an absolute truth or fact. But this same finite human being can actually feel--literally experience--the full and undiminished impact of such an infinite Gods LOVE. Such a love can be truly experienced, although while quality of experience is unlimited, quantity of such an experience is strictly limited by the human capacity for spiritual receptivity and by the associated capacity to love God in return.

    Finite appreciation of infinite qualities goes beyond the logically limited capacities of us because of the fact that we are made in the image of God--there lives within us a fragment of infinity. Therefore our nearest and dearest approach to God is by and through love, for God is love.

    In the relationships of our hearts God may not always have his way, but in the conduct and destiny of a planet the divine plan prevails, the eternal purpose of wisdom and love triumphs.

    Throughout the universe, every unit is regarded as a part of the whole. Survival of the part is dependent on co-operation with the plan and purpose of the whole, the wholehearted desire and perfect willingness to do Gods divine will. The only world without error (the possibility of unwise judgment) would be a world without free will.

    Free and inexperienced intelligence cannot possibly at first be uniformly wise. The possibility of mistaken judgment (evil) becomes sin only when the human will consciously endorses and knowingly embraces a deliberate immoral judgment.

    The full appreciation of truth, beauty, and goodness is inherent in the perfection of the divine universe. Everything divine that the human mind grasps and the human soul acquires is an experiential attainment, it is a reality of personal experience and is therefore a unique possession in contrast to the inherent goodness and righteousness of the personalities of Heaven.

    The creatures of Heaven are naturally brave, but they are not courageous in the human sense. They are innately kind and considerate, but hardly altruistic in the human way. They are hopeful of a pleasant future, but not hopeful in the exquisite manner of the trusting mortal of the uncertain planets. They have faith in the stability of the universe, but they are utter strangers to that saving faith that mortal humans climb from the status of an animal up to the portals of Paradise. They love the truth, but they know nothing of its soul-saving qualities. They are idealists, but they were born that way; they are wholly ignorant of the ecstasy of becoming such by exhilarating choice. They are loyal, but they have never experienced the thrill of wholehearted and intelligent devotion to duty in the face of temptation to fail. They are unselfish, but they never gained such levels of experience by the magnificent conquest of a belligerent self. They enjoy pleasure, but they do not comprehend the sweetness of the pleasure escaped from the potential of pain.

    The power of God is unlimited, it is the fundamental fact of all creation. The universe was not inevitable. The universe is not an accident, neither is it self-existent. The universe is a work of creation and is therefore wholly subject to the will of the Creator.

    All religious philosophy, sooner or later, arrives at the concept of unified universe rule, of one God. Universe causes cannot be lower than universe effects. The source of the streams of universe life and of the cosmic mind must be above the levels of their manifestation.

    The philosopher professes to reject the idea of a universal and supreme will, the very supreme will whose activity in the universal laws he so deeply reverences. What unintended homage the philosopher pays the Creator when he conceives such laws to be self-acting and self-explanatory! Yet it is a great blunder to humanize God.

    The infinite and eternal Ruler of the universe is power, form, energy, process, pattern, principle, presence, and idealized reality. But God is more, God is personal, God exercises a supreme will, experiences self-consciousness of divinity, executes a creative mind, pursues the satisfaction of an eternal purpose, and manifests a Father's love and affection for Gods children. And all these more personal traits of God can be better understood by observing them as they were revealed in the life of Michael, (Jesus) Gods Son, while he was on Earth.

    God loves children, God serves children, God inspires the children of the universe to the ever ascending adventure of being God-like by the ways shown by the Son. (Jesus)

    Ok you might think this explains what God is. Who knows you may think this is a bunch of non-sense. But God is even more to me. This was only some of God's attributes. Next will be God's nature. And then more of what God’s essence is. Sorry if you don’t like this post. Don’t read the next two if you didn't like this one. But for me it fits. Hopefully it rings a bell of truth in you too.
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