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WOW. Anti-Parasite Diet is KEY!!!!!!
  • WOW. Anti-Parasite Diet is KEY!!!!!!   RR Horsezan   9y  125,649  
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    Date: 10/12/2007 5:51:55 PM   ( 9y ago )   Hits:   125650
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    I have learned more than I've ever wanted to know about parasites (in dealing with my Morgellon's like scourge---btw, I don't have any visible fibers, but I have many of the other symptoms, 100% dealing with some sort of full-body worm that seems to live in or on the skin during it's larval stage).

    I AM GETTING BETTER right now, though!!!!!!! I'm not wanting to count my chickens before they've hatched, of course, but I am experience significant improvements that are giving me GREAT hope.

    What I have learned:

    When we are filled with parasites, no amount of herb (no matter how good it is) or medication or protocol is going to help us, because there are simply so many of the worms. The way to help ourselves is to stop feeding THEM.

    Foods that (99.99% of the time) do NOT feed parasites:



    brown rice, millet, and amaranth (whole grain and flours, as long as both are well cooked before ingesting)

    bitter green vegetables (raw spinach, adult romaine lettuce, celery, cucumber w/ skin, etc)



    butter (small amounts)

    rice bran oil (butter and rice bran oil are the only two acceptable oils--all others feed parasites)

    Salt is great (just check it for additives--pure Sea Salt is best). Oregano, black pepper, and garlic powder are also spices that will NOT feed your parasites.

    NO TEAS. Black coffee (sweetened w/ pure stevia) is okay and olive leaf tea are okay, though. (Btw, olive leaf tea is an amazing immune tonic *and* parasites hate it too---I get mine from have a good deal on bulk leaves)

    NO FRUITS. Tomatoes are the only exception.

    You will feel terrible the first week of the diet, as your body goes through sugar/starch withdrawels, etc, but eventually the diet becomes second nature. It does involve a LOT of cooking from scratch, but that gets easier as you get used to the rythm of a new way to eat. (I've learned to fill myself up with food before I go out, so that I don't get hungry, or to bring along a thermos of chicken and rice or something so that I have something to eat---or plain rice cakes or a bag of broccoli from the supermarket, if you're just dying for a snack when out and about). Cite food allergies if you need to explain to someone why you can't eat their food, whatever---it's easier for them to understand and respect.

    BE VERY CAREFUL OF EATING ANYTHING ELSE! Most supplements, for example, feed your parasites more than they help you! Check all pills for additives---for example, parasites love gelatin, silicon, and many other additites found in most of the pills and capsules we take.

    Many spices have additives, too---okay, actually, a LOT of things have additives, so you need to become an avid label reader, because all it takes is a tiny bit of an additive and you will reactivate your parasites and deal with symptoms again (sometimes for a week before they die back down).

    There is a lot more information at where I learned a LOT, and though his diet didn't work totally for me (example, I can't have red meat whereas it's okay on his diet), it still gave me a wonderful place to start from, and was WELL worth the few bucks it cost to download it---after all the money I've wasted trying to get better, It's always nice to report on some money well spent, you know? He gives good long lists of all the additives that parasites love, etc, all in all providing a GREAT resource.

    Follow this diet very strictly and you should notice a HUGE difference in a matter of days.

    Everytime you break it, you will notice parasite reactivation within minutes to up to 48 hours. The only "cure" is to get back on the diet and be strict about it. You are starving them to death. It's either them or you, and my vote is to kill THEM. :o)

    I also began the salt regimen that I learned about from (do read that site) and found it INCREDIBLY helpful. Buy the salt pills from the pharmacy--they're really cheap--one salt pill per 10lbs of body weight. Example, a 130lb person would take a total of 13 salt pills a day, split up into three doses.

    These parasites HATE SALT. You will probably feel pretty sick (flu-like) for the first couple weeks, so many of them will be dying.

    The salt kills the ADULT parasites, not the larva (which is what feels creepy crawly on your skin), and once you get through the initial heavy-die-off period, will help you feel a LOT better because it will have killed a lot of the bigger parasites that were feeding off of you. (Also, make sure whatever Vit. C you get doesn't have additives---a Vit. C powder is a good idea, preferably a non-acidic sort so that it's easy on your stomach, like Soloray's non-acidic powder or something).

    After weeks of taking the salt, it may start to feel like the salt isn't doing anything anymore...but that's simply because you've killed all/most of the *adult* parasites. You can take a break for a week or something, if you want, but don't stop the salt for good. Keep up with the salt, so that as the larva mature into adults, you will kill them too.

    It's difficult to kill the we all well know. Nightly bathing helps, as we've all learned, etc. I've found that pure medicinal grade lavendar oil, red cedar and peppermint oil seems to be really helpful (I get mine from Young Living...expensive, but highly medicinal so worth it, and it's cheaper if you sign up as a distributor, even if (like me) you never "distribute" anything). I just apply the oils lightly to wherever I'm feeling itchy.

    The Canadian Red Cedar oil (from Young Living Essential Oils) was the most effective by far---amazing-- (and was used by native americans for skin parasites, actually), but I think they've discontinued it and are only offering Western Red Cedar now, so hopefully that works as well. For a quick store-bought itch aid, I've found the itch-relieving Gold Bond spray (found in most grocery stores near the calamine lotion, etc) helps too, for an hour or so anyways... but the BEST thing to help with the creepy crawly feelings is to go on the diet, which means the larva and worms both don't get to eat and so start to go dormant...and you start feeling a TON better. :)

    I'm sure you all already know about the bathing protocols and home/car cleaning information, which is all very helpful (those nightly baths are so nice), but both of those things will hardly make a dent without the diet. Diet is key in this thing. I am living proof. I'm not sure if the diet and salt combo will take months or if it will take years to work, or if it will just keep the parasites in remission and thus will have to be followed for the rest of my life...but that's better than being slowly ruined by this horrific scourge, but I'm convinced it is certainly making a HUGE WONDERFUL INCREDIBLE impact.

    Hope this helps. :o)
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