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  • Psychiatric industry now trying to classify video ...   RR LuellaMay   9y  5,001  C

    Do you think that some people may have too much time on their hands?

    Psychiatric industry now trying to classify video game playing as a "mental disorder" requiring treatment

    (NewsTarget) A proposal was recently brought before the annual meeting of the American Medical Association to designate video game addiction as a psychological disorder. However, the committee of doctors that introduced the motion backed away from it during the debate, recommending instead that the American Psychiatric Association study the issue carefully and consider making the change for the next edition of its diagnostic manual.

    The Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is used worldwide for diagnosing mental health problems. A fifth edition (DSM-V) is currently in consultation and planning stages, and is tentatively due for publication in 2012. Because of the influence of the DSM on pharmaceutical and insurance companies as well as physicians, including video game addiction would clear the way for insurance coverage of treatment.

    But many addiction experts object to using the term to describe excessive video game playing.

    "There is nothing here to suggest that this is a complex physiological disease state akin to alcoholism or other substance abuse disorders," said Dr. Stuart Gitlow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

    Advocates of the "addiction" label estimate that approximately 10 percent of players of video and computer games (particularly online games) devote excessive time to them, to the detriment of other aspects of their lives.

    Dr. Louis Kraus of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry says there is not yet enough evidence to decide if
    video games are truly addictive. But there is no denying that they can have negative effects, he says.

    "The more time kids spend on video games, the less time they will have socializing, the less time they will have with their families, the less time they will have exercising," Kraus said. "They can make up academic deficits, but they can't make up the social ones."

    Consumer health advocate Mike Adams countered by saying, "This effort to classify video game playing as a psychiatric disorder is yet another
    disease mongering scheme designed to label healthy human beings as diseased in order to create market demand for high-profit prescription drugs. From fear of public speaking to playing video games, there seems to be no human behavior that's safe from the disease mongering agenda of the psychiatric industry."

    Luella May

  • I would like some help and or insight on being mar...   silentsnowandwater   8y  3,780  C
    I'm a female, and happily married to a man i've know since were were 14. we've been married for roughly one year and 7 months, and he is in the army branch of the military, active duty. i understand it is a difficult profession and causes unwanted grief for both parties, the wife/husband and the soldier. when he is home, i barely see him and often he retreats into video games, though we are both lovers of pc and video games, so this is understandable. I'm confused and often put off, however, by the fact that he barely says anything to me, or often gets lost in video games and i'm too afraid to anger him and don't know how to gently ask him for some 'us' time. even if it's 10 minutes. perhaps i've a tendency to be over affectionate, and perhaps it was due to my feelings of being 'idly neglected' in terms of my own standards of how affection should be. none of the attention i'm seeking is sexual though. i want to spend time with him, perhaps playing a game together. i bought board games recently, thinking he may play with me, but when he called me while i was at the store and i told him what i was purchasing he sounded a bit put off and told me " i'm not playing those with you, you know." now i may be making this a bigger deal than it has to be, but it's extremely upsetting that he's not adamant about spending time with me when he's home and not deployed. for what i gather from our discussions on this topic, he feels that just being in the same house is spending time with me. though he's satisfied with just being home, i am not. i always feel horrible for seeking more than just being in the same room together, i feel as if i'm being irrational and this upsets me more. am i being irrational, or is seeking 10 minutes a day together wrong? i'm a very affectionate person, and i enjoy cuddling a lot, and restraining myself has been more and more difficult. he considers himself ' not much of a talker' and i feel the same way about myself, but i have been brooding over this so much that i begin to question myself. 'did i make the right decision?' and ' would i have been better off single and seeking a female for a partner instead' ( since i am equally open to this idea of same sex relationships). i don't want my marriage to be a mistake, i honestly don't believe it is. i love my husband VERY much, but.. it's times like these where i'm beginning to 'see the gray area on the horizon'. i want to know... how do i put up with myself and how may i ease him into understanding how i feel? i am hoping i'm not being young and foolish. please help me, or if you can offer any advise, it would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
  • Vendetta Guild   Journey11   8y  1,399
    Vendetta is a currently active guild who will be rolling on an undecided server at the release of Warhammer Online.

    The Vendetta Creed,
    Creed, the word derives from the Latin: credo for I believe and credimus for we believe.

    I believe, that if I am to be excellent in what I do, and how I act, then we must be excellent in what we do, and how we act. Together we can overcome any odds, face any foe, and be the best at what we do, because we shall play at the best level. Negativity is not an option for us because it moves us further from our goals, separates us from one another and stalls us from our inevitable achievements. Vendetta shall push forward together, because I believe in Vendetta, and if I believe in Vendetta, then we all believe.

    Long Live Vendetta.

    If any of this looks good to you, then take a look at our website.
  • Feline Hyperthyroidism   #97829   8y  1,218
    Anyone treated feline hyperthyroidism w/o radiation therapy or drugs, successfully?
  • Adam Sandler knows what's really important   John Cullison   10y  3,153  C

    Sandler donates Playstations to Israel


    Adam Sandler is doing his part to help Israel following its 34-day war with Lebanon. The 50 First Dates star announced earlier this week he would donate 400 Sony Playstations to Israelis whose homes were damaged in the fighting. The 39-year-old made the pledge during a meeting in Hollywood with Ehud Danoch, Israel's consul general in Los Angeles.

    It's a good thing I didn't have any respect for Adam Sandler before, because this would have clinched it. While he's at it, why not include copies of Grand Theft Auto? I can't speak for Israeli children, but if my house had been bombed, I don't think playing video games would actually help solve any of my problems. Maybe I'm old-fashioned. The rest of the article is here.

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