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  • I increased my body temperature and became less se...   leggybrandi   32mo  2,655  C
    I was VERY sensitive to EMF and solar flare energy and I increased my body temperature to 98.6 and sometimes higher and I don't feel it as much. You can increase your body temperature by:

    taking coconut oil
    taking cayenne
    taking a thyroid glandular

    If you have this problem, give this a try and see if it works for you. You can test it by taking your temperature throughout the day. I hope it does!
  • Problems with cold weather   scoukos   32mo  2,058  C
    Does anyone else have an increase in their symptoms in the winter or on particularly cold days? I started feeling worse when the weather turned cold in the fall and continued to feel worse as the weather got colder. The last 6 weeks the weather has been brutally cold and I have felt AWFUL. On those mornings it's really cold outside I wake up feeling like I've been hit by a train - most mornings I just feel like I've been hit by a car :). Basically, I feel much worse on days it's 10 degrees outside then on days it's 30 or 40 degrees. And since I am affected even if I am inside all day in a temp controlled environment I wonder if I am sensitive in some way to barometric pressure, especially the really low barometric pressure that is associated with really cold weather.

    Anyone have similar problems or theories on what could be causing these cold-weather associated problems. Again, the unusual thing is even if I am inside all day, the colder it is outside the worse I feel.
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  • Preview Loyd Mear   TWLIGHTOF MORTALS   3y  712  C
    Blood Worms?
    Hulda Clark Cleanses

  • Image Embedded What can we do with SMART METERS?   Will_I_Ever_Learn   3y  6,899  C


    Clif High ~ Smart Meters, You And GUS…. February 11, 2013

    cartoon_smartmeterwith respect….it is about picking your battles…

    Is GUS (government US) about to install a ‘smart meter’ on your electrical system? Feeling anxious about the high energy microwaves beaming out constantly from these deadly devices? Having nightmares about DNA damage, and fascistic intrusion from ‘your’ power company?

    Well, you are certainly NOT alone. In fact i was just reading about a poor woman who refused the smart meter and had her power disconnected in these frigid temperatures. What kind of a human would/could do that? These power company employees must have balls the size of nano-particles to participate in such abuse of the elderly.

    But what is to be done? In many states, the power companies send the police along with the installers to force you to submit to the will of GUS. In many reports, the home owners are intimidated, roughed up, threatened, abused, and arrested for standing up for their rights against the minions of GUS and ‘big power’.

    So, is there a ‘safe and effective’ strategy for dealing with this new intrusion from GUS?

    Well, having had a look at these smart meters (one installed at a friend’s house in the next county over), it is my opinion that it is UNWISE to resist the installation of these devices…..and also TOTALLY unnecessary.

    Yes, totally unnecessary. In my opinion, i would allow them to install such a smart meter at my house. Why? Well, it has to do with me being a pissy bastard.

    I noticed that the smart meters are using a glass bulb housing to protect their microwave broadcasting unit on the top of the unit.(i used to be an appliance repairman in my wasted youth and worked on the original Amana ‘radar ranges’ so know a bit about microwave technologies.) This bulb is quite prominent and is very easily located. Further, in the three designs that i have seen, all have the same bulb housing for their broadcast mechanism.

    So, as a pissy bastard who does not want a smart meter, but also who does not want to fight it out with GUS over this issue, what i would do is to be all smiles as they install the device. Of course i would do my best to politely educate the installer and any GUS minions as to the harm their participation causes, and i would formally, in a written fashion object to the installation, but i would take no physical action to stop them. This is due to the old saying that ‘a blaster can point both ways’…..from Issac Asimov’s Foundation series.

    The point is this…the smart meters are announced as providing remote reading of your electrical usage which is promoted as saving money for the power companies and then ultimately, you. They are to do this by beaming out vast quantities of microwaves, in dangerous frequencies, more or less indiscriminately 24 hours a day.

    So what i will do is to put a little ‘cap’ of folded aluminium foil over the broadcast bulb of the smart meter. This accomplishes three things instantly:

    -First, it shuts off the microwaves as a source of health degrading energies in my local environment.

    Second, it deprives the power company of their stated benefit. They will discover the meter is not reporting and have to send someone out to remove the foil hat. Which, of course, i will instantly replace as soon as i have noticed it removed. Month after month (up to the global coastal event by June 2013) we could play this interesting game.

    -Then, third, the foil will redirect the microwaves into the device, providing an interesting working environment for all the chippy bits inside.

    -A fourth benefit is that there would be a much reduced level of tension in my world. You see, it is a matter of perspective. If i had the view that THEY were putting a poisoning, evil device on my electrical service, and i was powerless to affect them in this process, i would go batshit….and likely would be arrested. However, if i change my view to the idea that i am allowing them to install their evil as part of my plan to twist the system til it hurts, well, then i can be quite content as i am really the one in control of the situation.

    If you consider this aluminium foil strategy at the energy level, look at how quickly the asymmetry works to collapse their whole system. The power companies no longer have the personnel to perform manual reads of your meter. Nor to come and remove the foil off of even a small fraction of the smart meters that they intend to install. So the very small amount of energy that is required for me to make a new foil hat for the bulb each month is vastly magnified in what is required for the power companies and GUS to respond. They will be spending hundreds of $ to remove each foil hat….and that is some expensive metal.

    It is my contention that there are likely already enough installed smart meters to totally rubbish this idea of these devices if even a quarter of those in place now were fitted with little bulb hats.

    Just say’n…

    Content herein copyhold claim for effort in 2013
    by clif high. Distribution with attribution encouraged.


  • Overclock Your Mind, Wirelessly... Using an ultra-...   andreash   3y  9,394  C
    Build your own Schumann resonance generator... takes about 10 minutes, and one or two more parts than a Zapper.

    We've all heard about TMS -- transcranial magnetic stimulation. With TMS, doctors use a very strong magnetic field to instantly produce huge changes in the brain. It turns out the
    inverse may also be true.

    A very weak magnetic field, pulsing at the same frequency for period of time, may cause the brain to "sync" to the pulsing frequency. (

    That means there's a way to boost your mind without needing blinky-light goggles or loud pulsing tones in your ears... and all it takes is a ten-minute 555 project with a relay
    coil (or any other electromagnet) and a potentiometer.
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  • Optic Neuritis/Sensitivity to Glare/Glint of the S...   #53299   4y  4,955  C

    Does anyone know how to relieve the pain of optic neuritis, especially when exposed to the glare/glint of sunlight? Or if there is any way to mitigate this symptom of optic neuritis? Are there special sunglasses that could help?

    I am writing on behalf of my friend who has MCS, EHS, chemical-induced MS, glaucoma, occasional migraine blindness, porphyria and optic neuritis. She cannot tolerate the EMFs coming from computers which is why I am writing on her behalf.

    Any guidance would be most appreciated.
  • Electromagnetic cleansing   JackieR   4y  513
    Hi, has anyone used or had experience with DefensAid?
  • electrohypersensitivity   boatman   4y  727  C
    Human beings are electrical systems. Our hearts and brains are regulated by internal bioelectrical signals. Environmental exposures to artificial EMFs can interact with fundamental biological processes.

    human nervous system runs on 60 millivolts.......this threshold is easily over run in today's EMF rich environment.

    it is MOST important to minimize this exposure while sleeping, when our body repairs itself.....turning off breakers to the bedroom, grounded wire screen shielding 4' up wall on aside and behind headboard and underneath bed can usually cut background EMF to 20-30 millivolts.

    a low cost digital millivoltmeter can be used to test an area by wetting fingers and holding end of one probe....while grounding the other probe into GROUND terminal of a grounded electrical outlet.
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  • Anyone tried Rejuvenizers EMF protectors?   chilove   4y  2,736  C
    Hello all,

    Has anyone used the Rejuvenizers from


  • EMF Sensitivity, Heavy Metals and Die-Off   Bob Smith   5y  5,982  C
    This is my first post on Curezone. I'm hoping to do a series of posts on what's worked for me in this area, time allowing. Here goes ...

    My EMF sensitivity has increased over the last 3 years. I suspect it has a lot to do with heavy metal and candida mobilization with cleansing & parasite die-off. I have no mercury fillings, 3 yrs on Specific Carb diet, and 2 yrs de-parasitizing. My EMF sensitivity seems to increase during periods of die-off. I believe this is due to release of...

    Heavy metals & candida into the body from dead & dying parasites. I believe both resonate highly with EMF from dirty electricity, data transmission towers etc.,

    This leads to related cascading problems due to liver overload from toxins. This overload leads to shunting of excess toxins thru the lymph to the skin for excretion, which in turn produces spots/lesions which can be painful or even resonate with high EMF.

    What are the solutions? Here are my suggestions:
    1. Don't de-parasitize too quickly.
    2. Maintain good gastric motility. This will decrease transit time out of system when die-off is taking place. You don't want these dead and dying critters in the bowel more than a day. It'll suck the life out of you. Problem is that the toxins they excrete can paralyze the bowel, and are absorbed thru backed up bowel wall to be detoxified by the liver.
    3. Do enemas when needed to clear the bowel. coffee enemas (CEs) are highly recommended for alleviating the liver's toxic load. The relief on multiple levels is often very prompt.
    4. Sunshine exposure as often as possible to maintain healthy levels of vitamin D (your body produces ~20,000 IUs in about 15 minutes of mid-day exposure). Supplements are pretty much useless - more work for the liver to detox. Eat liver or get fermented cod liver oil (regular CLO is stripped of vitamin D and has synthetic vit D added - not much good).

    Next Steps for Me:
    Install Graham-Stetzer (GS) filters throughout house.

  • Is there a way to block all electromagnetic energy...   ChrichMich   7y  5,002  C
    Is there a product that I can wear that actually absorbs or blocks all electromagnetic energy? I've tried wearing pendants that either emit "healthy" fields, or amplify the Earth's EMF. However, I can't even go near places that are well grounded.

    Too much energy is a problem for me even if it's healthy.

    I've read that crystals may actually absorb energy and you wash them at the end of each day. Anyone?

    Any suggestions will greatly be appreciated.

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