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  • I spent a long time looking for affordable Nystati...   scherzo14   4y  29,920
    I spent a long time looking for affordable Nystatin tablets on the web.

    The best I found was at
    $6 for 20 pills at 500,000 units. Russian-made.
  • Symptoms better while taking dmsa / ala and return...   jmo92103   5y  4,571  C
    I have been struggling with ideopathic neuropathy for over two years. I had all Amalgams removed June 2010. I have done two rounds of DMSA and ALA undr the Cutler protocol. The first round, I felt kind of tired, and by the third day, my back was pretty sore. The neuropathy (which tends to come and go) was better while taking the chelators. Two days after stopping, the neuropathy came back in full force. I just finished my second round. After the first day, my back started hurting really bad (in the same places). My kidneys were aching, and I had considerable pressure in my chest. These symptoms remained until I stopped the supplements. The neuropathy was "better". Now it is two days post chelation and the pins and needles are back. So..... my question IS..... According to Andy (in everything I've read), symptoms should be worse "on" and slightly better "off". Has anyone else ad the experience of this opposite effect, i.e. symtpoms better while taking the chelators and back on after. I don't think its redistribution.... any thoughts?
  • Epilepsy cured naturally   BSA SUCCESS countrygardener   8d  96  C
    How I cured 7 years of epilepsy naturally. I had grand-mall seizures almost daily for 7 years and I don't believe in medical doctors except for car accidents and stitching up fingers when you accidentally clobber one with a meat cleaver. The seizures were so bad that my partner was stuffing rags into my mouth so I wouldn't bite off my tongue. I said to my God that if i couldn't handle this myself, that I'm ready to get out of here.

    This is what came to me. I started detoxing heavy metals. I used all kinds of natural methods. Did this over several years. Got so far into it that I started giving classes on it. That helped a lot. I realized where this problem came from. I have been Sugar sensitive all my life and it was finally catching up with me. I had to change my diet. This has been the most difficult part. After all this I had gotten the seizures down to once a month - caused by coffee now. Even decaf was a problem. Finally I grew some medical marijuana and learned an easy way to process it into a sort of Ric Simpson oil. This worked wonders and was healing to many other problems I have been living with. I am 73 years young and have not been to a medical doctor for 27 years except to stitch up my index finger from chopping it with a meat cleaver.
  • People please avoid this posting member   commonknowledge   12d  77
    I have been getting harassed By "joegrane" on the yahoo chelation board for some time now and I just want people to know he is hateful, discriminatory against ppl with mental impairments and is also prejudice. Ever since starting chelation I have developed incoherent writing and subpar thought processes due to side effects. He has constantly issued indirect insinuative verbal attacks against me and does Not answer my post unless it is an attack. I will not be going back to the yahoo chelation board. For it is supposed to be a place for sick people it provokes attacks from a person who supposed to be a moderator and supporter of health issues. Please note this person is an antagonist to what he's supposed to represent.
  • Complete candidiasis, parasite and heavy metal det...   Pieceofmind   38d  382  C

    Just want to start a post here where i explain my progress with candida, parasites and bodyhealth in general.

    I have been browsing curezone for more than 5 years now and i have got alot of useful tips and help on how to tackle my health issues. I have learned alot and think that i can provide alot of good information about different detoxes, protocols, and other tips on how i healed myself from these symptoms. I dont claim to have the one and only solution to these problems. but i think that i can offer people alot of good ideas and a piece of mind when it comes to battleing these often hard to get rid of issues.

    -I have got rid of my candidiasis -infection(itching of the skin, dry flaky skin, bad breath),
    -Bunch of stomach issues,
    -physical health problems,
    -Mental health problems (biggest change lies here. although its hard to put your finger on what have changed except me just beeing so much more outgoing and open to everything)
    -i can eat gluten again (think this is in connection to healing my leaky gut. i stayed away from gluten all together for a year)


    The reason for getting parasites, yeastinfections(candida) and viruses in the first place, is an impaired immune system.
    I consider an impaired immune system to include bad liverfunction, digestion and your organs capacity in general.
    If you immunesystem doesn't have the possibility to work on max capacity, you are bound to get some issues within the body. Low immunefunction is the reason for yeast and parasites and the result of ackumulated toxins in the body.


    first and foremost. The most important part: DIET.
    Adhere to a beneficial diet that supports your body during your cleanses.
    I would suggest going with the 'candida diet' during your time of cleansing as it is a healthy, mostly alkaline, and GI-friendly one.
    people with parasites, candida and heavy toxic loads generally, in my opinion, have messed up GI-tracts, leaky gut and will have trouble digesting food properly.
    If however you should be able to digest food without problem i would suggest going with a low fat all vegan diet.This is something im eating according to alot these days myself. and it's really nice.
    VERY IMOPRTANT to buy organic food. especially when it comes to grains and products that may include glyphosate(round up), and heavy metals.

    In my opinion a BIG part of our health issues today. Parasite cleansing should be the #1 focus when starting to do cleanses at all. They cause alot of problems in the body, and are responsible for alot of illnesses that mainstream medicine have branded as something else. i belive migraine and diabetes are two of these. Other than that i would refer to Hulda Clark s information on them any day. ALOT of interesting information there.

    Most important part to understand when trying to battle candida is that it is only a safety response by your body to encapsule toxins and heavy metals within the body so that the toxins dont roam free and cause damage. the candida creates biofilms around the toxins to quarantine it. So as long as you focus on killing of the candida with antifungals, it will keep growing back. you have to get rid of the toxins it is trying to protect you from to rid the candida all together.
    although you can bring your Candida Infection down to a reasonable amount, even though you still have heavy metals in your body, which i would recommend.

    SO, firstly before getting into the specifics:

    First of all, if you have not done a single parasite/candida/bowel cleanse, i suggest you start with doing cleanses to get your parasite/candida population down to a reasonable amount. and to clear detox pathways.
    I myself used Miracle-Mineral-Supplement 1 when starting my 'health journey'. i cleared ALOT of yeast, parasites and whatever else was in my GI tract with Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . I highly recommend using MMS for cleansing as it is such a powerful and quick way to get rid of yeast and parasites, rather than 'green juicing' for weeks to get the same results. Id rather feel really bad for a short period of time than detoxing for a long time and feel a little bad during that entire time.
    But i guess that is up to personal preference. Go with the one you feel works best for you. 'green juicing' way of detoxing is probably safer than quick ones. Although something in my mind tells me that flushing out the parasites eco-system in one go with a dose of MMS1 (which kills most parasites on contact)is better than just making the environment in your bowels inhospitable to them. Feels like the systemic spread (which to some extent depending on how heavy your parasite burden is, will occur) will be less.
    Anyway. this is up to personal preference. There are many ways to skin a cat. and as long as you are getting these toxins out of you, you are on the right track.
    I should mention that i have had GREAT success with doing MMS enemas on myself. i would encorporate this any day to my cleansing protocol as it is hard to reach your colon with the MMS if taken by mouth. You get ALOT of things out when doing MMS enemas.

    Read up on this if you dont know what it is prior to doing detoxes. it is what makes you feel bad when clearing toxins from your body. This is to be expected.

    Detoxing and cleansing is hard on your liver. Do some liverflushing in between your detoxing if you had "rough" detoxing periods. your liver needs to be in great shape all the time when clearing out toxins.
    I recommend doing the egg yolk Liver Flush as it is easier and less harsh than the epsom-salt one. and i have had great results with the egg yolk one.

    In my opinion the main reason for yeast issues and parasite issues in the body. Heavy metals stalls and screws up so many functions in the human body that after we have been poisoned with a resonable amount, we are basically an open playground for parasites, yeasts, viruses and other harmful organisms.
    We get heavy metals from vaccines, chemtrails, contaminated foods etc.
    I have had a HUGE change in personality and health since i started ridding myself of heavy metals.
    The way i did it was with ANDY CUTLERS protocols on chelation.
    I used ALA + DMPS.
    I felt really overgrown by yeast during the time i used ALA + DMSA. but you can probably use whichever you feel comfortable with.
    It takes alot of 'rounds' as is stated in andy cutlers protocol to get the heavy metals down to a level where they dont cause too much problems. so dont expect your candida to be all gone after one cleanse.
    IMPORTANT. clearing out heavy metals is very hard on your liver. so make sure to go in a slow pace and do liverflushes (egg yolk works great) once in a while when doing heavy metal detoxes.

    This is where all the symptoms of my candidiasis (itching of the skin particulary) dissapeared (even after eating sugary stuff). supplement yourself with 3 drops of NASCENT Iodine (which is what i used) 3 times a day on an empty stomach. I felt really tired during this time. I believe it was because the remaining Candida Overgrowth of my skin was getting killed of.
    I did this for two weeks approx and got rid of ALL my itching of the skin after that. (it is still gone, although i supplement myself with Iodine once in a while, 3 drops every other day or smt like that). and i have been eating alot of sugary stuff since then. (backpacking trip to south america. hard to stay health there(!))

    so this basically sums it up.
    And remember. Your health is fully dependent on what you are putting into your mouth. Eat organic, pesticide free food. And read up on the alternative sources regarding vaccines before you consider taking them. They are basically coctails of toxins created to make you sick

    Lets say you have detoxed and cleansed so that your health is at 100% of capacity. The only thing that will keep it there is healthy living and understanding of how new toxins will enter your system.

    Hope this helps!
  • Starting Chelation(andy cutler protocol)!   strike333   76d  413  C
    Hi all, I'll be starting dmsa and ala andy cutler protocol tomorrow. I want to make sure I'm doing this right. Please check my dosage schedule. I hope it's fine. Let me know if I should add something.

    For 1st to 3rd day

    DMSA 6.25mg + Vitamin C 50mg
    Every 4 hrs

    For 4th to 7th day
    Take a multivitamin + probiotic everyday

    Repeat for 4 more rounds

    Then take DMSA 6.25mg + Vitamin C 50mg + 12.5mg ALA, Every 3 hours (3.5 hrs during bed time).
    For 1st to 3rd day.

    For 4th to 7th day
    Take a multivitamin + probiotic everyday

    continue for 2 months before increasing dosage
  • enterosgel   avanash108   49d  204
    Has anyone used Enterosgel in their chelation process? It recommended by Dr Klinghardt in one of his presentations. Was wondering if Cutler has said anything about it? Thanks
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