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  • I spent a long time looking for affordable Nystati...   scherzo14   4y  29,975
    I spent a long time looking for affordable Nystatin tablets on the web.

    The best I found was at
    $6 for 20 pills at 500,000 units. Russian-made.
  • Whats good for white toungue   wee_man_chan_from_japan   11y  1,642
    I am doing all the clenses but I would like to do some oral work. I have been doing oil swishing for clensing my mouth of bacteria but now I want something to tackle fungus. Whats a good antifungal substance to gargle? Olive leaf extract?
  • Benefit/Risk Usefulness of various "Kill" antimicr...   RRR Educational frostymug   17d  284  C
    I found the following analysis from the most excellent book about dysbiosis "The Gut Health Protocol" by John G. Herron. If you suffer from Yeast Infection of the gut, SIFO, SIBO, irritable bowel syndrome, fructose malabsorption, or leaky gut I cannot recommend this book highly enough. You must read it. It is based on science, not wives tales.

    Natural “Kill” Supplements Listed by Risk/ Benefit

    The following chart lists various “kill” supplements based on a risk/ benefit basis (presented best to worst). I came up with this chart based on a variety of scientific studies (many listed in this section).

    1. Cinnamon Oil – VH/ L/ L, @100 µ/ ml #1

    2. Clove Oil – VH/ L/ L @300 µ/ ml #1

    3. Turmeric (see Chapter 2) - H/ VL/ VL #2

    4. Allicin (made from garlic) – VH/ L/ L #2

    5. Coconut Oil – M/ L/ VL #2

    6. Caprylic Acid - H/ L/ VL #2

    7. Ginger M/ L/ L# 2

    8. Olive Leaf Extract H/ M/ M #2

    9. Pau D’Arco H/ M/ M #2

    10. Berberine M/ L-M/ L #2

    11. Neem L/ L/ L #2

    12. Oregano Oil - L-M/ H/ H #1, #3

    13. Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) – VH/ VH/ H

    14. Nano / Colloidal Silver – VH / VH / H

    KEY: Ratings above are listed as follows:

    “Kills Pathogens / Kills Beneficial Bacteria / Risk to GI” VH = Very High


    #1 - See PubMed #16430506209, information taken from the full study, as well as from other research studies. Including DOI: 10.1186/ 1472-6882-6-39, and several other studies (some listed below).

    #2 - Information compiled from various sources and was not included in the study above. These supplements are not known to overly harm beneficial bacteria or damage the microbiome and are OK to take during the maintenance phase. According to research studies this supplement has been shown to harm pathogenic bacteria.

    #3 - Was not included in the full test protocol due to poor effectiveness, therefore no dosing mentioned.

    Herron, John. The Gut Health Protocol: A Nutritional Approach To Healing SIBO, Intestinal Candida, GERD, Gastritis, and other Gut Health Issues (Kindle Locations 2388-2395). Eagle Stock Publishing. Kindle Edition.

    I just wanted to mention that according to these studies it would be wise to avoid taking oregano oil (unless it is extremely small amounts such as a drop or two), grapefruit seed extract, or Colloidal Silver because of their damaging effect on beneficial bacteria in the gut. Think about it. The number one cause of dysbiosis is broad spectrum antibiotics. Oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract, colloidal silver, (and or course turpentine) are all broad spectrum antibiotics. They kill too much and too well. Avoid them.
  • Body odor - Bad Breath - Hot Flashes   thepostive   3d  75  C
    Hi Guys i am going through terrible time, i am 21 Year old Male (Virgin) and suffering from Bad Breath & Body Odor no matter how many times i take shower, it started when i was 20. I don't drink or smoke or any kind of drugs neither have any prolong use of Antibiotics.
    First i thought it was Candida so i took a medicine called Diflucan. it has almost cured my bad breath but the body odor and hot flashes are still there.
    I eat a lot of Junk food and living high stress life. Any suggestion would be helpful.
  • miserable vulva   #134618   6y  25,106  C
    Hello. I'm pretty much just writing to vent as I have a very personal, embarassing problem with my vulva. I've pretty much lost hope that doctors can help me and I'm frustrated and don't have anyone else to tell besides my mom.
    In the summer of 2008 I began developing itching on my vagina and vulva, and didn't have it treated right away because I was suffering from severe depression. I finally made it to the doctor, had a pap, and she gave me some cream for a Yeast Infection . The itching never went away but it got better and then would return.
    It steadily got worse and in early 2009 it slowly became worse and worse. I felt like I had something crawling under my skin! I shaved all my pubes and it was examined, and nothing! I also have a gastroenterology problem and doctors simply associated the lower abdominal pain and itching with ovarian issues and focused mainly on my internal organs which turned out to be OK, thank God.
    The problem continued and I went and got tested for STD's and turned out to be negative as well. Sadly, I asked to be blood tested for herpes and came out positive which brought on another load of suffering and humilation from my vulva.
    I have never had any blister or sores just itching with no visible abnormalities.
    The doctor said the itch had nothing to do with it, so the two are not connected. She diagnosed me with gardenella and put me on antibiotics which did help with some of the itching. By this point all the Yeast Infection creams left my urethra raw and peeing burnt so bad I'd had tears in my eyes. I was taking antibiotics for gardenella and urinary tract infection which left me in a daze for about a week. She finally said I needed to see a psychologist so I switched gynos because I was fed up.
    My new gyno said everything appeared fine. She took tests, they did a complete bloodwork and everything came out fine. Nothing worked, I was on steroid medication which was only a temporary fix.
    She finally did a biopsy on my vulva which hurt so bad I couldn't sit! It turned out I had lichen simplex and I was referred to a dermatologist. He did tests also and put me on a lotion for itching which helps a little.
    I still have yeast infections and have all but eliminated Sugar from my diet, and it's still there itching every damn day.
    Oh, and I was re-tested for herpes and HIV again and came out negative. I don't believe doctors have any clue what they're freaking doing! What am I supposed to do now!?
    I don't know what to do. I have become very bitter and withdrawn, and an angry person. I don't even care for finding a partner because I am too ashamed of this. I've tried having faith that a higher power might help me. I've really worked very hard to change my thinking, I live a healthier lifestyle, be a good person, and overall try to have hope- even though all this brought on a complete crisis of faith in me.
    It's really frustrating, for example, to be talking to someone out in public and to be itching or feel a sting on my labia or clitoris or any other random spot on my vulva. It makes me cry because I don't want to deal with this forever! This is so frustrating and I don't want to put steroid lotion on it, I want a solution! I don't know what to do and this is really bad! I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy and I don't know why more than two years later I'm still suffering with this! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!!!?
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