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Iodine and Orthoiodosupplementation

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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Why Are We Deficient in Iodine? 7 answ. 64 days  + answer  Subscribe   71020
Where can I buy Iodine/Lugol's/Iodoral? 17 answ. 26 mon  + answer  Subscribe   155653
Can you give me an introduction to iodine therapy? 6 answ. 7 mon  + answer  Subscribe   96024
What is the significance of halides, bromides, and iodine therapy? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   33832
PROTOCOL~ What adjunct protocols have been used by those supplementing iodine? culled from survey... 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   26576
PROTOCOL~ What assists in detoxing bromide? 2 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   33250
DOSAGE~ How do I calculate the dose? ~Lugol's horizontal/vertical drops 2 answ. 6 year  + answer  Subscribe   37279
COMPANION NUTRIENTS~ What other nutrients are necessary when supplementing iodine? 3 answ. 24 mon  + answer  Subscribe   44018
COMPANION NUTRIENTS~ What is the importance of magnesium in iodine therapy? 3 answ. 20 mon  + answer  Subscribe   31851
DETOX~ What determines what detox symptoms I may experience? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   34338
DETOX~ My detox symptoms are strong, should I pull back or push through? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   26375
EMOTIONAL HEALTH~ Why am I feeling overly emotional while supplementing iodine? 3 answ. 20 mon  + answer  Subscribe   34093
DETOX ~ ADJUNCT PROTOCOLS~ what is the purpose of the coffee enema? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   25226
FLUORIDE~ what shall I consider when detoxing fluoride? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   36617
H.I.S. ~ what is the significance of halogen imbalance syndrome? 2 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   34613
HEALING ATTITUDE~ I'm uneasy about supplementing iodine, can you allay my fears? 2 answ. 19 mon  + answer  Subscribe   26587
HEALTHY LIFESTYLE~ What can I do, along with iodine supplementation, to achieve and maintain my health? 9 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   19891
DETOX~ My detox is strong, what should I do? Herxheimer's reaction explained.. 3 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   35742
HYPO/HYPER THYROID~ What are the symptoms? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   63960
DREAMS~ Why am I having vivid dreams? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   35159
RESEARCH~ Can you provide me with some general research links? 2 answ. 3 year  + answer  Subscribe   23570
FOODS~ what medicinal foods may assist in my healing? 5 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   25403
DETOX~ ADJUNCT PROTOCOLS~ How can I cleanse my lymph? 2 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   23595
DOSAGE~ Shall I take breaks in my regimen? Shall I take iodine with food? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   24070
DETOX~ Can you give me a list of symptoms for physical/emotional detox? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   27612
DETOX~ ADJUNCT PROTOCOLS~ What is the purpose of salt-loading? 3 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   37834
IODINE/IODIDE~ What are the different forms of iodine? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   87095
COMPANION NUTRIENTS~ What is the purpose of selenium in iodine therapy? 2 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   28305
COMPANION NUTRIENTS~ What is the purpose of Vitamin C & sea salt in iodine therapy? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   27482
DETOX~ ADJUNCT PROTOCOLS~ How can I assist my kidneys while supplementing iodine? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   22497
TOXICITY~ WHY am I toxic? 2 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   20212
DISEASE STATES~ FBD~ can iodine therapy help with my FBD? 3 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   27683
DISEASE STATES~ ARTERIOSCLEROSIS~ Can iodine therapy help? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   24394
DISEASE STATES~ CANCER~ can iodine therapy help? 5 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   34971
DISEASE STATES~ PMS~ can iodine therapy help? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   21655
DISEASE STATES~ CANDIDA~ Can iodine therapy help? 3 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   47575
DISEASE STATES~ LATENT VIRUSES~ Can iodine therapy help? 2 answ. 6 year  + answer  Subscribe   22612
DISEASE STATES~ DIABETES~ Can iodine therapy help? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   23123
DISEASE STATES~ INSULIN RESISTANCE & OVERWEIGHT~ Can iodine therapy help? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   24015
DISEASE STATES~ EMPHYSEMA~ Can iodine therapy help? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   22472
DISEASE STATES~ ATRIAL FIBRILATION, ARRYTHMIAS~ Can iodine therapy help? 3 answ. 4 year  + answer  Subscribe   39620
DISEASE STATES~ THYROID NODULES, CYSTS~ Can iodine therapy help? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   27166
DISEASE STATES~ ENDOMETRIOSIS~ Can iodine therapy help? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   27877
DISEASE STATES~OSTEOPOROSIS~ Can iodine therapy help? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   22226
DISEASE STATES~ ACCELERATED AGING~ Can iodine therapy help? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   21534
DISEASE STATES~ VIRUSES, PARASITES~ Can iodine therapy help? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   23740
DISEASE STATES~ LYME DISEASE~ Can iodine therapy help? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   26332
PREGNANCY~ Can you give me some info on iodine&pregnancy? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   18292
ESSENTIALITY~ Is iodine an essential nutrient? 2 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   22504
BROMIDE DETOX~ What can I do to alleviate the symptoms? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   26312
LUGOL'S SOLUTION~ How can I make my own Lgol's? 3 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   62011
If I'm taking prescription hormones (allopathic/bio-identicals), should I continue with the hormones if I start orthoiodosupplementation? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   20486
What physicians have published material on orthoiodosupplementation? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   29590
DOSAGE~ How much iodine shall I take? 3 answ. 28 mon  + answer  Subscribe   89544
DISEASE STATES~ OVARIAN CYSTS~ can iodine therapy help? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   34996
BROMIDE DETOX~ what are the symtoms? 2 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   42233
BROMIDE DETOX SYMPTOMS~ PIMPLES~ What can I do? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   24547
How much Iodine is there in 1 drop of Lugol's (2% and 5%) solution? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   31897
HEALTH ISSUES~ CONSTIPATION~ Can iodine therapy help? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   26176
HEALTH ISSUES~ OVERWEIGHT~ Can iodine therapy help? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   23472
I have noticed that if I mix Lugol's iodine with Vitamin C powder that the color of the iodine disappears and also the taste of the iodine is neutralized. Does that also mean that the efficacy of the iodine is useless? 2 answ. 5 year  + answer  Subscribe   45590
BROMIDES~ What is bromide dominance? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   30247
How many mg. iodine in a drop of 2% Lugol's solution? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   28314
Mesentery Painting FAQ 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   17101
IODINE SOURCE~ Is kelp a good source of iodine? 2 answ. 7 year  + answer  Subscribe   65955
What are the basics I should know about iodine? 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   25687
Will iodine help with gum disease? I have lost 3 teeth already and have many more loose ones as a result of severe bone loss in my jaw. 2 answ. 5 year  + answer  Subscribe   31077
ADJUNCT PROTOCOLS~ NIACIN~ Can you tell me about the use of niacin as an aid in detoxification? 2 answ. 29 mon  + answer  Subscribe   31508
If you have iodine 15% in a 500ml, how many ml of water would have to be added to make Lugol's 5%? 1 answ. 7 year  + answer  Subscribe   22917
Can you safely add potassium iodide to a sodium iodide, (iodine) solution? 1 answ. 7 year  + answer  Subscribe   23989
I have a suspicion that Logols causes one's pH to shift towards the acidic side. Can anyone comment on this? 5 answ. 5 year  + answer  Subscribe   26797
How long should one take iodine for? Do you continually need it forever? 1 answ. 6 year  + answer  Subscribe   31862
What do I need to learn about Iodine? References/urls for a newby? (articles, studies, A/Vs, protocol, vocabulary, supplements, tests, Abraham, Brownstein, Flechas, Miller, etc) 1 answ. 8 year  + answer  Subscribe   24146
I started Iodoral at 50mg in September 2009. I also changed to Synthroid from Levoxyl for central hypothyroidism. Since then my period that had come every 26-28 days is coming every 17 days. Is it the Iodoral ???? I started Vitamin A recently and hope that helps. Does anyone have any advice about what could be causing my frequent menstrual bleeding? Thanks. 1 answ. 5 year  + answer  Subscribe   21569
Ive been on iodine for 8months on 25mg lugols.....and im haveing severe anxiety attacks and panic atacks and heart palpatations????? is that because i have too much iodine or am i detoxing?????? how do i check iodine stores?i dnt shower i only drink purfied water im a health nut 3 answ. 5 year  + answer  Subscribe   25027
My husband has non-Hodgkin lymphoma from Agent Orange in Vietnam. At present, he has a very large tumor with NHL cells in it, on his temple. Does anyone know if applying iodine to the tumor can get rid of it, and if so, what kind of iodine? I have read about several kinds, and am now confused. Need help. Thanks 1 answ. 5 year  + answer  Subscribe   21535
can someone tell me if Lugol's iodine, one drop with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and one tsp.honey in pureified water cures lyme? It is helping me a great deal. 3 answ. 8 mon  + answer  Subscribe   22989
Iodine supplementation - hello all. Have been supplementing Lugol's orally for just over a month and have noticed some significant changes in body definition and hair growth...however - I have also gained close to 14lbs in weight!!! Does anyone else have experience of this? I have not changed diet/exercise at all and have been at the same weight for most of my adult life. Many thanks! 2 answ. 67 days  + answer  Subscribe   21961
Where can I buy nascent iodine for the least amount of money 1 answ. 5 year  + answer  Subscribe   31087
Can anyone suggest anything to get iodine into a 6 year old with Asperger's and epilepsy who will absolutely NOT take it by mouth due to the taste? He was diagnosed with epilepsy last year and though we have controlled the seizures with herbs up to now, he is starting to have seizures again. He is unvaccinated and we do not use pharma. Will putting nascent iodine on his feet help to get it into his system? If so, how much/how frequently? What else can I do? I love this child more than life itself and I am sure if we go back to the neuro guy, he will just want to put him on pharma. Help. 7 answ. 64 days  + answer  Subscribe   29971
I am getting ready to take Atomidine iodine supplement. I was taking Natural Living's 12.5 mg iodine/iodide. My question is, how many drops of the Atomidine 600 mcg is equivalent to Natural Living's 12.5 mg? 1 answ. 5 year  + answer  Subscribe   24218
husband has parkinsons and is 54 years old. He has had Deep Brain Stimulation surgery almost 2 years ago. He is on carbadopa/levodopa every 2 hours....would he benefit from iodine supplementation and if so what dosage. 1 answ. 4 year  + answer  Subscribe   30147
Radiation-Are Kombu/kale and other sea veges OK to take instead of potassium iodiode and what would the dosage be? Also I'm supplementing with chlorophyll called spirulina (sp) as well. Will this protect me or should I use the potassium iodide? 2 answ. 4 year  + answer  Subscribe   22950
Take iodine/sski in the morning first or do a salt push?   4 year   0 answ.  + answer  Subscribe   1152
Why do people complain of tooth sensitivity when using iodine. Is that a good sign, perhaps of detoxing? 1 answ. 3 year  + answer  Subscribe   21653
I have had I_131 therapy which is radiated iodine. My thyroid is dead. Can I use iodine since I do not have a thyroid? 2 answ. 26 mon  + answer  Subscribe   19651
Is iodine toxic when reduced to iodide?   4 year   0 answ.  + answer  Subscribe   694
Can you drink iodine when mixed with vitamin C ?   4 year   0 answ.  + answer  Subscribe   870
I have read that taking iodine in large doses (above 50mg daily) increases the bromide excretion rate. Does anyone know if this will cause a spike in a tumour marker?   4 year   0 answ.  + answer  Subscribe   709
My son has Grave's disease and I was crushing up Iodoral pills and putting in smoothies. Although he is doing so much better, he hated the taste! I am now giving him Lugols in orange juice and he is drinking it but I am now being told by a knowledgeable doctor that the Vitamin C in O.J. will reduce it down to Iodide. Is this a problem and should I be putting this in something else? I also noticed that the Lugols tastes better in O.J. because of this change that takes place as I have tried it in other juices. Thanks bedette 1 answ. 4 year  + answer  Subscribe   22367
I am told that when we start taking Iodine the TSH tends to increase for a few months. Does anyone know how long it takes TSH to drop back down if we stop taking iodine during this period of a few months?   4 year   0 answ.  + answer  Subscribe   618
what is best time of day and format to take selenium (drops) for HYPER? thanks   4 year   0 answ.  + answer  Subscribe   1024
Is bromine(or chlorine) in hot tub a health concern?   4 year   0 answ.  + answer  Subscribe   789
Can someone who has parkinsons use iodine for a goiter?   4 year   0 answ.  + answer  Subscribe   553
one drop?I have been told to take either 8 or 16. Thanks,ak   4 year   0 answ.  + answer  Subscribe   579
Die off reaction with Iodoral? Has lasted awhile....   4 year   0 answ.  + answer  Subscribe   584
Does the acid in kefir also neutralize Iodine?   3 year   0 answ.  + answer  Subscribe   1424
can bromide detox from iodine cause water retention?   3 year   0 answ.  + answer  Subscribe   940
can bromide detox from iodine cause water retention?   3 year   0 answ.  + answer  Subscribe   850
Lugol's Iodine,..can this help my bad cystic acne outbreaks?   30 mon   0 answ.  + answer  Subscribe   443
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