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This book has a very different approach to curing candida. Most so-called candida cures only ever act to kill candida. But to stop candida permanently dominating you body and always returning no matter what protocol you use, you will have to learn about the Invisible Guerilla Pathogen inside your own body and you will have to do much more. 

This is the strategy I have used to both cure my own systemic candida issues 8 years ago, with no return of candida or candida symtpoms in 8 years. I have also used this strategy for other people with serious candida problems;

Here is the anti-candida strategy from the book:

Anti-Candida and Anti-Pathogen Protocols

Anti-Biofilm Protocols

Alkalizing Protocols

Essential Detox Protocols

Liver Support Protocols

Vitamin and Mineral Support (Immune System Support)


The Health Defence Diet


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CndidaKilling So Sweetly
by Bill Thompson

ISBN: 0982896387
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CndidaKilling So Sweetly
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