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Greg Hayes has been studying Martial Arts since 1971, including; Hsing Yi and Northern Shaolin are from Grandmaster Wong Jack (Chia) Man of San Francisco Jing Mo (the first person to complete all of the Northern Shaolin studies since World War II), direct lineage can be traced to the Ching soldiers burning of Honan Shaolin Temple 1732 AD.
Meditative Qigong is from Wide-Circle of Kung Fu of Joseph Greenstein (The Might Atom of Ripley's and Guinness Book of World Records). 
From 1972-76 he trained with the renown healer Mildred Jackson N.D, author of the Handbook of Alternatives to Chemical Medicine. 
Sifu Hayes has taught Shaolin, Hsing-i, Tai Chi, Ba Gua and Qigong at: the Yoga Den in Juneau, 1991-1998; Juneau Public School's Community Schools, 1991-2005; and private lessons, since 1995. 

He is the author of the newly published book: Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout.  


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Axe Hand Hsing-i Internal Strength Workout
by Greg Hayes

ISBN: 1257047116
Price: US$ 22.95, Available worldwide on
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Axe Hand Hsing-i   Internal Strength Workout
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