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Miles Trench Biography Add Book
Miles Trench
Age: 47
Address:               Minlaton                                       
                            Australia  5575   
Email Address:           
             [Expected] - October 2008, Divan 7 – Institute of TAFE, Victoria (poem) ‘a moment’
*         August ed. 2008, Scibbligum - ‘Very Highly Commended’ & ‘Highly Commended’ – (2 poems)
*         August ed.2008, Warm Earth Organic Gardening (article) My No-Dig Veggie Garden
*         July 2008, Backyard Farmer (Earth Garden) (article): Basic No-Dig Gardening
*         March 2008, Scribbligum - ‘Highly Commended’ - (poem) Flores
*         October 2007, Kerneweck Lowender -  ‘Highly Commended’ A Piece of Paper
*         December 2006, ‘Writing Right’ - Poetry Prize
*         April/May 2006 – Grass Roots Magazine (article) Do a Number on Your Garden
*         May 1999, Grass Roots – (article) Marion Bay
*         June 2002, That’s Life (article) Look What I Can Do!
*         October 2001, Winner of Across the Valley Short-story award – Martin’s Secret
*         May 1999 Third Prize International Library of Poetry – Winter
*         November 1998 Nimbin News - Papermaking – An Ancient Craft Revisited
*         April 1998 – Australian Business Opportunities – ‘Recycling’
*         December 1997, New Age Guardian – Papermaking.
Oeuvre to Date:
*          56 poems, 28 short stories, 1 book, various fragments and many ‘works in progress…’
*         2007 Diploma Professional Writing (external) ARTS SA
*          Certificate III Tourism (Operations) TAFE Noarlunga Campus


*          John Roe, Diane Beers, Gwyneth Quinn


*         Faulkner, Steinbeck, ‘du Maurier, Burgess, Bruce Dawe Sylvia Plath

Aspiring to:     ‘Learn, create, explore and believe ‘

Books by Miles Trench
Holistic Gardening - The Five Principles of Success
Holistic Gardening - The Five Principles of Success
by Miles Trench

ISBN: 0980407525
Price: US$ 22, Available worldwide on

Check Availability from:
United Kingdom
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”I Cured My Candida”
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