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Dr. Gant received his BS in chemistry from Hampden-Sydney College, his medical degree from the University of Virginia Medical School, his Ph.D. in psychology from Columbia Pacific University and his NMD from the American Naturopathic Medical Association.

During his 3 decades of practicing Integrative Medicine, he has been a psychiatric consultant at several hospitals and clinics in the Central New York area. Dr. Gant pioneered many of the nutritional treatments for addictions, as Medical Director at the Tully Hill Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center, as Medical Consultant at Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare, and as a private practitioner.

Dr. Gant has devised nutritional and neuro-nutrient treatments for nicotine, alcohol and drug abuse problems and mental disorders, such as ADHD, anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. These protocols are currently being duplicate around the world.


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End your addiction now
by Charles Gant

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End your addiction now
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