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Phyllis Jankowiak's debut novel was released on Jun 4, 2005.  She is a native born Chicagoan and loves the city life. She majored in piano in college at Roosevelt University; later went on to become a Respiratory Therapist. Phyllis continued to work as a therapist until the diagnoses of Multiple Sclerosis made it impossible to continue her job. She married, raised a son and now has a grandson.

While Phyllis was writing her first book her husband died...his last request to her was, "Honey, finish the book!" The book is only partly biographical, it non-fiction and was a complete labor of love for the writer. It all takes place in a chat room for cancer patients and Ms Jankowiak's attempt to bring this new self made family to life in her book... A JOURNEY FROM PAIN TO LOVE far surpasses her dream.

It is available online at Amaon, Barnes &, and Borders,com


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A journey from pain to love
by Phyllis Jankowiak (Mehegan)

ISBN: 1413751229
Price: US$ 19.95, Available worldwide on
Available worldwide on Barnes And
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A journey from pain to love
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