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Date:   9/14/2006 8:20:59 AM   ( 11 y ) ... viewed 5573 times

I'm still fighting major problems since having the IUD removed. I can't seem to get anything to work for more than a couple days - which means it's not working at all...

I used a Vitamin C tablet the night before last and yesterday was just dealing with burning and itching and discomfort, I didn't feel like it helped at all. So I went to the store and bought some of the RePhresh gel and went home and used a hydrogen peroxide douche first, because someone on here said that the gel didn't work for her if she was already suffering. Then I used the gel and finally got some relief. Today for the first time in months and months I really feel normal - no discharge or wetness, no odor, no itching or discomfort. It's made me realize how truly sick I am of dealing with this problem and how really frustrating it is that no "GYN" doctor can offer some other solution besides endless antibiotics!

I feel good today, but I wonder how long this will last. The missing piece of the puzzle to curing BV is... why does the vaginal flora become so imbalanced in the first place and how to permanently replenish the good bacteria?

I would be interested in doing a study on how many women suffer from BV that have NEVER had a round of antibiotic treatment for any reason. How many women just develop that bacterial imbalance from natural occurences such as sex and menstruation - because the literature likes to say that sex and menstruation can alkalize the vaginal environment causing bacterial imbalance (or setting the stage for bacterial imbalance), which is a nice thought, but sex and menstruation are normal human/female activities and women have been doing both for thousands of years before antibiotics came along.

It's my suspicion that antibiotic use causes BV - YEs, I said CAUSES BV.

It starts when we're so young, I know my young daughter by the time she was 2 years old, had been on at least 7-10 different rounds of antibiotics for something, not to mention the various vaccines her tiny system was assaulted with from day 1, weakening the immune system so it's later unable to rebuild from the onslaught of antibiotics.

Sounds crazy, maybe, but also seems plausible to me.

We are strong and healthy and as soon as we're born conventional medicine opens it's bag of tricks and we set about the job of getting sicker and sicker until we die. What good is all this antibiotic use doing for us? Well, it's creating a whole new generation of illness and bacteria that have evolved to resist all the medicines we have to fight with for one thing. It's also probably weakened our immune systems to the point that we MUST depend on antibiotic use or die from bacterial infections.

I don't know how many antibiotics I may have taken before the first time a doctor told me I had BV. At that time, I was 18, they called it Gardnerella - I took Flagyl so many times I can't count them. At first it was months, maybe a year in between times I had to be treated. Soon the periods of time became shorter and shorter until I would be right back at the Gyno as soon as my Flagyl prescription was empty.

I remember, too, when I suggested alternative treatments to her - such as supporting the acidity/Ph and looking at rebuilding the flora (I'd done too much reading for her), she told me that if I was going to start treating myself at home there was no more she could do for me and I shouldn't come back for treatment. OK, thanks for your help!

Anyway, there is one product in testing that I believe is promising. BufferGel - I've mentioned it before in this blog, they are testing it as a contraceptive but what it can do is repopulate the vaginal environment with Hydrogen Peroxide-producing Lactobacillus. That is the key, things must be able to return to normal.

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