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by YourEnchantedGardener

The Seed is where Consciousness and Healing Coalesce

The Seed is where Consciousness and Healing Coalesce.
Put Consciousness and Seeds together.
We can end the Drought in our Lives.
I know that from experience.

--Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

Date:   10/19/2016 1:17:36 PM   ( 6 mon ) ... viewed 569 times


This Campaign coalesced through a series of events that began with plans being set to attend three Health related San Diego Conferences, #PacificSyposium15 October 25-Oct 30, 2016; #AIHM16, October 30-November 3, and the #AIHM16 Post Conference, CHI Summit Consciousness and Healing Initiative,

Cutting Edge Visionaries presented at the inaugural CHI Summit - The Healing (R)evolution from Science to Social Impact November 4, 2016, a Post Conference of the #AIHM16, The Academy of Health and Medicine event, held October 30-November 3.

The culmination of the events, The emerging field of #BiofieldScience and this historic event of the CHI Summit, a Seed Dream of Dr. Shamini Jain, has me asking, what would it look like for me to have my Best Year Yet? My birthday is November 19.

What if every things we were born to see in this life, came true?
I had that feeling after attending @Conciousness and Healing Initiative CHI Summit. Even to imagine the question is a breakthrough!

Lots more to tell and organize.

This #PlantYourDreamBlog is some of my raw notes I aim to organize. So many takeaways for events that began October 25 with the #PacificSymposium16, had the #AiHM16 in between, and culminated November 4 with the one day Consciousness and Healing Initiative major launch.

I was so taken with #AIHM16 that I official joined the Academy.


needs a lot of work, but this is my compilation site.

This is me, Leslie Goldman, at the Luther Burbank home and gardens, a site where I do sacred ceremony once a year in preparation for the #HeirloomExpo,The National Heirloom Expo.
I travel there one see year in my 68 VW van called the enchanted Garden mobile. I'm on a journey to win back our sacred seed nature.

This is the Sacred Seed Prayer that I have been asking our #aihm16 family to read at the #PlantYourDream Altars next to the social media "red carpet" area. When you're patients come in, you can ask them to plant a dream of the outcome that they wish. The Enchanted Garden teaching Is when you have a hole in your life, plant Your Dream in it.

Sacred Seed! Sacred Plant!
I hold you in my hands,
and I hold you as my future.
Thank you for representing wishes
i am planting! As you grow,
so will my Seed Dreams.
growing you will help me
celebrate the harvest in my life.
Thank thou for reminding me
I am a Sacred Seed.
Thank you for reminding me
that the Universe thrives as I thrive.
Today we Grow a new Enchanted Garden,
a renewed Earth!

Written for the Enchanted Garden Club Members
by © 1990 Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener
Spread the word and reconnect with with your #SacredSeed Nature.

Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog

619-384-2631 Leslie



October 30, 2016 40 am

Christin Bentley
of Pure Manna bakery San Diego is the creator of the world famous #RomanoffDonut.

This healthier doughnut search was inspired by the love affair between
AIHM Seth, Communications director for one of San Diego's and the world's most important integrative medicine academies, The Academy of Inegrative Health and Medicine, #AIHM16 and the doughnut.

Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog
went out on a quest to find the perfect doughnut for his beloved AIHM Seth.

The doughnut is made by hand with the finest local San Diego ingredients. that acupuncturist as well as medical doctor can love. Almond flour is the base and other ingredients include fresh eggs, and local honey.

In an anecdotal research project beginning on Sunday, October 30, 2016 various health practitioners and students of the healing arts wietr asked to sample the now famous doughnut.

According to Leslie Goldman, your enchanted gardener, one bite of this mini donut produces increased creative collaborations as everyone agrees the #Romanoffdoughnut is extraordinary.

The sharing of the Romanoff doughnut kicks off a year-long enchanted Garden club member campaign #HealthComesToSanDiego on the #PlantYourDreamBlog.

The 2016-2017 Campaign is fundrd by The Enchanted Garden Club Members and sponsors.




I planted dreams with Robert Bonakdar, inspired leader of the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine
at #PacificSymposium2016 .

THrough increased creative collaborations #HealthComesToSanDiego will be a powerful #PlantYourDreamBlog Campaign.

The 2016-2017 Campaign is inspired by The Enchanted Garden Club Members and my sponsors, numbers whose images appear in this FB album.

You will also find here images from three fall San Diego conferences that I highly support and encourage you to love as I do


Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

October 29, 2016
3:57 am




Day one highlights
4:52 AM October 28

Started to feel more st home at #PacificSymposium2016 Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa

I once you do the sacred seed prayer call and response but the main consideration was just taking a short a time as possible to keep the program flowing.

Opted to do this poem, an adaption of a poem from my book rekindling of Faith.

The sight of grain
coming up from the soil
confirms the ongoing nature of life inside me,
restoring something
a feeling so deep I can’t name it.
Yesterday’s dream,
a seed idea I planted,
again becomes a covenant
there will be a tomorrow.
Today, I am planting the future of medicine,
through being here, now.
How fast can a dream grow?
As fast as a blade of grass.

Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

I was introduced by the head of the Chicago P COM campus and she thought the poem was beautiful. Jack Miller, president of PCOM, liked it too, and playing it safe and giving what was asked for was my main consideration.

My energy level was really down day one of the Pacific symposium. There were some lovely speakers but I really was too tired to give them any quality time.

Because of the overlapping this year between #PacificSymposium2016 and #AIHM16 @Aihmglobal practically in the same neighborhood of San Diego, I have my energy in both locations.

David Scott, PCOM alumni, .and a incredible healer, treated me to dinner at the lovely on-site restaurant at the Catamaran .
and I want to thank him for his generosity of spirit.

Therare number of teachers on the faculty here at
That I feel could make important contributions on the faculty of #AIHIAm16 and #AIHM17 and I would like to see Dr Shamini Jain on the faculty at Pacific symposium next year. I'm completely taken by this stellar next generation light worker who's already making a meaningful and significant .contribution to bringing in advanced collaborative medical model to San Diego.
Shamini Jain is the spark behind the November 4 Consciousness and Healing Initiative CHI summit That is an One day post conference following #AIHM16.

Shamini is going to open her event with handing out the win back our sacred seed plant your dream seed packets that Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company and Kamut international produced for me.

.It was most lovely having healing moments with old friend Lynn Wedekind and her Accu tonic's team.

I know there'll be an opportunity to create sacred space here at Pacific symposium 2016 as I get my footing here in the next few days,

Sunday is the last day for #PacificSymposium2016 and the first day for #AIAHM16. I want to spend time at the Hillcrest Farmer's market as well on Sunday and if possible spend a little time at Paradise Point Resort & Spa where hundreds of medical doctors will be converging.

Shamini is also letting me know that Sunday is a religious holiday in her tradition! What a very special day!
I need to go to the Hillcrest Farmer's market to pick up the #RomanoffDonut for my sweet friend and AIHM Seth, who's the communication director for #AHN16.

It's 4:31 AM on October 28. To the most important events of the day are alerting locals to vote #VoteNoonB that would harm local farm land where the J R Organics CSA Farm exists now.

The most pressing event of greatest importance is making a personal appearance for Makeda Makossa !!!who's donating money for the Haitians who are stuck at the border!!!

I wish some of the health practitioners could take some time and do some service work among the Haitians who are in severe need.

If everyone took one piece of clothing they brought to give to these at Haitians in need, that could make a difference Faina Margulis.

Erin Raskin
Shamini Jain
Mimi Guarneri
Aihm Seth
Stacy Gomes

Curtis Cook

Planting Dreams with Kerri Leblang October 2016

Planting Dreams with Kerri Leblang was a highlight of my Yom Kippur experience with the B'nai Horin/Children of Freedom​ Community in Los Angeles. I am deeply touched to do this work that unifies Consciousness and Healing through the power inherent in each of us as #SacredSeeds deeply touched with we bond again to Sacred Seeds in Nature.

Surrounded in love.
Anything in the world is possible!
Leslie Goldman Your Enchanted Gardener

I like this event!
#PlantYourDreamBlog Props:
#aihm16 11/4 post conf!
Consciousness and Healing Initiative






More from the amazing Kirti Srivastava at

CHI Summit - The Healing (R)evolution from Science to Social Impact
Nov 4, the post conference of #AIHM16.

Kirti expresses a fountain of vitality and her ceremonial work with support of drums and saxophone was among the finest I have witnessed in the conference setting. Kirti is a major cheerleader of spirit.

Kirti is the sister-in-law of Shamini Jain. Creator of the Consciousness and Healing Initiative

I am naming Shamini San Diego's Fronttier Medicine Woman of #Biofield Science, guiding us into a new era of #HealthComesToSanDiego, a year long Campaign on the

Lacey Dupre, PCOM peeps in featured in this clip. Lacey graduates from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine - San Diego this December.

Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener



For more than 20 years I have created Altars and brought Feng Shui Elements to the Pacific Symposium, and most recently in the last two or more years been involved with the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine and Scripps Natural Supplements Conferences in San Diego.

I'm taking a special interest as Your Enchanted Gardener and #PlantYourDream blogger in the upcoming consciousness and healing initiative summit 11/4 @Paradise point resort & spa that culminates more than 10 days of National, international and local leaders in integrative medicine and healing arts coming together in San Diego.

Health Days Come to San Diego October 25-November 4; and the first rain of the season comes within seconds of arriving at the Hillcrest Farmers Market October 23, 2016!!

This year of 2016, because of the convergence of events between October 25-November 4, that include the #PacificSymposium2016, #AiHM16, and #CHIConsciousness, Consciousness and Healing Initiatve CHI Summit I am proclaiming these days as Health Days Comes to San Diego.

I've created numbers of Facebook Albums thus far.

On the morning of October 23, as I took the message of these powerful life shifting events to the Hillcrest Farmers Market, my food gathering place, within seconds of arriving, Adrienne Prince, my friend and helper, ran to find our Umbrellas!!!!
It was the first rain of the season!!!!! Can you hear me????

I have planted dreams for the success of the Consciousness and Healing Initiative CHI Summit with Dr. Shamini Jain, who in collaboration with my friend Dr. Mini Guarneri ran with the idea to create this exciting #AIMH16 One day post Conference, November 4. I believe this November 4 post conference can have far reaching influence.

I have shared my work called Plant Your Dream at both the Pacific Symposium and AIHM Related events, and through five years with the National Heirloom Expo I have taken a stand for our Heirloom Seeds that represent the vast wisdom and stories of indigenous cultures.

In my own work, I define "Garden" as an ageless metaphor for consciousness. "PlantYourDream!" has been my invite for more than 25 years into the world of healing that comes when we plant a seed With intention.

I am sending blessings, safe journeys and rich experiences to all who partake of the bounty of rich offerings coming to San Diego in the final weeks of October and early day of November 2016.

Truly, we are in a fertile time to win back our sacred seed nature.
Surrounded in love. Anything in the world is possible! ;Leslie Goldman Your Enchanted Gardener #PlantYourDreamBlog.


2009, glimpse of an Enchanted Garden Installation at the Pacific Symposium and the Plant Your Dream work I would do there.


OCTOBER 21, 2016

Starhawk and Leslie Goldman, September 16, 2016, Hopland, CA

This is a time of harvest.

Working with the esteemed ceremonialist Starhawk at the North American Permaculture Convergence in September 2016 was an initiation for me. It reminded me of abilities I've experienced many times in my life where I have influenced weather patterns shifting when the right elements of uplifted consciousness, healing and intentionality are present.

With temperatures ranging near the high 90s in both Hopland, California and San Diego, I asked an innocent child to pour rain water from San Diego on a portable pot that carried the dreams and aspirations of many that had been planted with sacred seeds.

The following two days it stormed in San Diego under drought conditions.

One of my dear companions Jennifer Rae Fitzhugh witnessed The dramatic Shifts in immediate weather conditions under the influence of elevated consciousness.

I'm convinced under the right circumstances nature is constantly listening and there are invisible forces wanting to affirm that we are one with nature.

The sacred heirloom seeds carry the indigenous stories of true culture from every part of the world. When we associate with them wonder can happen. These seeds are standing on the sidelines, representing a technology that I call Nature's Original Technology. This is the underlying technology that goes with successfully living on earth.

Another experience with "nature listening" occurred on October 9, 2016. previous to the Day of Atonement in the Jewish tradition. This incident was recorded on a live feed at the Terra Madre Gardens in Escondido California.

Speaking the word about communing with nature, Nature Responds. The weather shifted while this live feed was being made..

While David Solomon, Adrienne Prince and I were in high temperatures consecrating rows of ancient wheat that had been planted to create a renaissance of ancient nature teachings, called the Essenes, there was no breeze. As we spoke, a strong breeze responded to the words I was speaking, It was as if Nature was giving a big "Yes!"

This is the kind of energy I would like to bring a present to the healing events of the #pacificsymposium, #aihm16 and #CHIconsciousness, Consciousness and Healing Initiative CHI Summit as they are welcomed.

With so many cutting edge medical doctors and healing arts practitioners converging on San Diego between October 25 and November 4, we can plant seeds to take medicine as we know it today and restore it to all that nature and the divine in each of us was born to experience in this lifetime,

All the elements we need will be present. They simply need to be activated and welcomed.

Leslie Goldman Your enchanted gardener @PlantYourDreamBlog.

Communing and Healing in Nature

photo of Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, co-founder of Rancho La Puerta.

As we explore the convergence of Consciousness, Healing, and Intentionality, we are standing on the shoulders of pioneers who have come before us.

One such pioneer was Edmond Bordeaux Szekely who with his wife, Deborah Szekely of Wellness Warrior and Rancho La Puerta set precedents for the work we will accomplish today.

Deborah Szekely, co-founder of Rancho La Puerta, was honored by the AIHM in January. Rancho La Puerta, the number one destination spa in the world located in Tecate, Mexico, began as the Essene School of Life. I was one of his last ordained Essene Ministers, and one of the last ordained ministers through Dr. Rev Judith Larkin Reno, who established the Gateway University School of Higher Consciousness. To keep it short, I call myself Your Enchanted Gardener.

Both Professor Szekely and my spiritual father, Dr. Bernard Jensen were leaders in what has been called the Health Sanitarium Tradition in America and worldwide. Both Dr Bernard Jensen and Edmond Bordeaux Szekely had health resorts in nature where guests became students of nature and in doing so, made health improvements.

Right out of college, I was welcomed to live and work with Dr. Bernard Jensen. I wrote a number of his books from his words. He was an enormous bridge to the giants of his day, many who worked tirelessly under extreme pressures to help others heal by the laws of nature and consciousness. Dr. Bernard Jensen held Professor Szekely in high esteem. They took a number of trips together. Dr. Bernard Jensen called Professor a walking encyclopedia.



October 20, 2016

Shamini Jain
In you, I see the flowers I love so much in the garden.
Nature has smiled on you to make our world beautiful.
Love the work you are doing with the Consciousness and Healing Initiative Chi Summit November 4, 2016 at Paradise Point Resort & Spa. Here is one for the record. In 1904, during the San Francisco Earthquake, massive amounts of buildings fell down. At the Luther Burbank Home & Gardens his glass greenhouse did not shatter and still stands. Luther Burbank was a great lover of Seeds and Plant Life. Nature loved him. It is in the seed where Consciousness and Healing Coalesce. I am convinced we can end the Drought in our lives through re-establishing our connection with our #SacredSeed Nature. Plant Your Dream, Nature tells us. It would be good in our emerging model of healing that will come out of the CHI Summit, to include a paradigm big enough to include this kind of phenomenon. I Intend to do some writing about that here:
Mimi Guarneri
John Weeks
Ron Osterbauer

PHOTO; Leslie Goldman at the Luther Burbank garden, Santa Rosa, 2014.


From facebook
Sept 30,2016

Dr. Mimi Guarneri is the most inspired cheerleader for integrative medicine in America. Come witness her grace, healing story and inspired message at the upcoming #AIHM16 October 30 – November 3, 2016 at the beautiful Paradise Point Resort & Spa, @sandiegoplaces #sandiegoplaces

I am looking forward to providing an opportunity for the hundreds of medical doctors and cutting-edge healing arts practitioners to #PlantYourDream with me again at this year's historic gathering.

Follow my posts at #AIHM16 & #PlantYourDreamBlog

;Leslie Goldman

Rancho La Puerta friends
Aihm Seth
Tabatha Parker
John Weeks
Pamela Snider
Ron Osterbauer
Liz Lipski



Press pass for Leslie Goldman;

Space to set up small area for altar for #plantyourdream.
I liked having this at the table to the left of registration at the #scrippsNatSupp.

I am likely going to have two Altars, one at Pacific Symposium, October 25, and at our conference.
Would like to have a helper or two I will bring to spend some time when I am not there.
I have an SDSU nursing student in mind; and a couple millennial interested in the conference would would fly in.

Will provide containers for dream planting. One for stage. One for Altar.

Suggest I lead group in saying the #SacredSeed prayer, or use prayer again as you wish, Mimi.
There is tremendous power in having the group repeat the words. I have been doing this in numbers of
events including the Closing Ceremony (with Starhawk) at the North American Permaculture Convergence.
There is tremendous inspiration at #AIHM16 to plant some powerful dreams.

As You Plant Your Dream, Say This Sacred Seed Poem.®_8x11_MEDIUM.jpg

Sacred Seed! Sacred Plant!
I hold you in my hands,
and I hold you as my future.
Thank you for representing wishes
i am planting! As you grow,
so will my Seed Dreams.
growing you will help me
celebrate the harvest in my life.
Thank thou for reminding me
I am a Sacred Seed.
Thank you for reminding me
that the Universe thrives as I thrive.
Today we Grow a new Enchanted Garden,
a renewed Earth!

Written for the Enchanted Garden Club Members
by © 1990 Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener
Spread the word and reconnect with your rightful relationship with Nature.


These can be read, Mimi.

Faith in A Seed

"Though I do not believe that a plant will spring up where no seed has been,
I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed there,
and I am prepared to expect wonders.” -Henry David Thoreau

Romain Rolland, Forming the New Ground

"Let us seek truth everywhere;
let us cull it wherever we can find its blossom or its SEED.
Having Found the seed, let us scatter it to the winds of heaven.
Wherever it may blow, it will germinate.
There is no lack in this wide universe of souls
that will form the new ground."
--Romain Rolland,
From The Forerunners
Nobel Peace Prize for Literature, 1917

"Restore my faith that the grass grows endlessly
in each and every new moment
and seeds will come to pass into full-blown flowering.
Show me the forgiveness to go easier on myself,
to live the rhythm of my seasons.
Grant me the insight to rejoice future harvests in the present."
—Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener


Leslie Goldman at the Catamaran Resort Hotel & Spa, Pacific Symposium 2016.

Leslie Goldman received a United Nations Peace Medal from then U.N assistant undersecretary Robert Muller in 1984
for the work he would do in his life. He was trained in the healing arts by Dr. Bernard Jensen, an elder in the American Sanitarium tradition that
established numerous groundbreaking health resorts in natural settings. Leslie was one of the last ordained Essene ministers of Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, co-founder
of Rancho La Puerta, originally the Essene School of Life.

Once crippled by Anglyosin Spondylitis, a young person's form of arthritis, Leslie read his love poems to nurses en route to surgery and was offered free room and board to stay on at the hospital because of the influence he had on morale. He brought his own organic food into the hospital kitchen to be prepared by their chefs. His poems of healing are part of his legacy.
Through his own process of "Getting Hip" (Revisions), his intention was to help healthcare “Get Hip” to all it was intended by nature to be.

Dr. William Bugbee, the internationally renowned orthopedic surgeon working at Scripps La Jolla, did Leslie's hip revisions in 2001 and remarked in 2016 that
Leslie looks no older today than he did then, and that his hip revisions looked solid after fifteen years. A year after surgery, Bugbee invited Leslie into a meeting where the future of hospital planning was being discussed. Why did you invite me here, Leslie asked? Dr. Bugbee said he admired Leslie's sense of self-advocacy.

The author of more than ten books, Leslie is a professional blogger with more than 19 million page views. His work is supported by lead independent organic, natural supplement, and fair trade companies.

His mission now is see more than 5 million youth enter organic and biodynamic farming and to have companies contribute to setting aside funds to buy land.

His series of #SevenLoveCures, called #WordsMenNeedtoKnowandWomenWantToHear, has been called an “Alimony Vaccine” by Dr. Andrew Ralston, MD. His style of interactive reading, call and response, is his signature and has been used at national and international conferences for decades, as well as for creating intimacy among couples.

An archivist of the health movement, his first Enchanted Garden installation was at the Mandala Conferences in the early 1980’s, one of the places where holistic healing, now called Integrative Medicine, was born.

Dr. Paul Brenner, 1990's

Dr. Paul Brenner, an early pioneer in the hospice movement, met him there and reflected on the book “Rekindling of Faith” that Leslie's work is "a psalm that absorbs some of life’s suffering for all of us.”

Decades ago, Dr. Bernard Jensen, was keynote speaker at the Pacific Symposium, that has become one of the leading national conferences where acupuncture and its convergence with integrative medicine has advanced. Leslie, over the years, established the Feng Shui and Sacred Space at the event where attendees would plant dreams as well as receive nature initiation. It was at an Enchanted Garden Installation of the Pacific Symposium that Leslie first planted dreams with Dr. Mimi Guarneri, MD.


have some writing to do this week about this very special friend Paul Brenner. When I heard he was in the hospital this past week I immediately gave him a phone call. He picked up the phone the day after his surgery on his back.

I've had a lot of old friends dying lately. I was concerned I might miss having overdo quality time with Paul.
He was fine. He'll get better again.

He told me he was looking forward to spending time with me.

I was joking with him and told him I was concerned he might be kicking the bucket. He told me that I lived in his heart that he often thought of me although we haven't seen each other in decades.

Paul Brenner
gave me a big hand up in the early 80s when the holistic movement was forming and we had national conferences here in San Diego.

He was one of the earliest backers of acupuncture.

He heard me read some poems in front of a few people. He wanted to make sure that I got heard by the whole group of a number of thousands of people.

I endrd the conference doing one of my love cures.

When he was doing his healing work he would sit one-on-one with people in a garden setting.

I was never really aware of all his great work, I just knew him as a dear friend.

On occasion he'd send me a note and one of my poems was on a note card that he like to use. The poem began.
I've made a decision not to hold back anything...

At a time when I'm struggling about being seen in new venues, The new leadership may not recognize or trust the history I've had before large audiences where I've consistently inspired large groups within minutes.

Sometimes it's great not to be recognized. It just points out how much work others have done to get where they've gotten to and how much more homework we need to do to prepare ourselves.

It's the universe that uplifts us as we are needed. I'm ready to serve snd my skills are honed.

I'd enjoy speaking at an inauguration one day of the right president.

Enchanting Understanding between Men and Women

Poems that increase understanding between men and women are among his most popular writings. His work was included in a test-marketed book by Blue Mountain Arts called “What it Means to be a Woman.” Among the other men featured in the book were William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, and Leo Tolstoy.

For more than 30 years, he has planted dreams with and for others to ground The Enchanted Garden, a name he gives for our renewed Earth.

In 2015, Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company issued his “Plant Your Dream Seeds" in a packet that is freely given away to teach the importance of growing indigenous seeds to reveal our own “Sacred Seed Nature." He travels from San Diego to Northern California each year in a 1968 VW van on a pilgrimage dubbed, The Enchanted Garden Mobile’s Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds.

"How Fast Can a Dream Grow?” he asks, “~As Fast as a blade of Grass!”

His international network of friends joining the Enchanted Garden Club include Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, MD, director of the Interprofessional Fellowship in Integrative Health & Medicine, and Liz Lipski, author of the book, "Digestive Wellness."

Lipski wrote:

‘Someone once told me that dreams were for children.
Aren’t we all children? Leslie’s work connects people to envision fully,
to embrace what’s possible, and to walk forward in hope.
He is inspiring and brings us back to what’s essential, and what is uniquely essential.
I would love to see him working in hospitals, schools and widely to plant seeds of hope and dreams
like Johnny Appleseed."

Bob Baker, writing in the Los Angeles Times Magazine, reflected upon Leslie’s Social Justice work:

“I’ve been waiting half my life to tell someone about Leslie Goldman.
Always figured I’d wait for some desperate moment.
Now it’s here.”



Len Wisneski, MD plants dreams with Leslie Goldman, #AIHM16 for
Cover My Care Initiative.



Jana Hildreth plantYourDream1


A fun one to read interactively with the group


thumb_No Calorie Poem OR_1024.jpg


I closed the Mandala Conference with this years ago:



The Enchanted Garden is a name for Our New Earth
that grows One rare Heirloom Seed and #SeedSacred at a time.
Plant a Seed. Grow A Whole New Earth!

In You, I see the flowers I love so much in the garden.
Nature has smiled on you to make this world beautiful.


This #PlantYourDreamBlog Post Contains Keys for Winning Back Your Own #SacredSeed Nature. I recommend you turn breakdowns into Breakthroughs through utilizing #PlantYourDream Seeds.

You are invited to learn, review, and apply the TIps to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds and in doing so, Outgrow GMO's ( Just one of the things we need overcome for a Pure Food Revolution).






What is this thing you tell me?
What is your message trapped by mortal words we build?
Whisper softly to me,
outside the realm of time and space,
where only minds talk.

Let’s touch,
here on earth,
as we touch, everywhere.


Leslie Goldman, 1981

The Divine Feminine Speaks:

"The Love I bring you is not of this Earth
as most people have created this Earth;
yet I am the Love this New Earth has created for this moment."

The Divine Masculine says:

"What is real is that I know you are a gardener,
and the world is a gift from the great Plant Maker out of love for love because you have it in you to make more love.:

from the Seven Love Cure #YourCreation


These are Words Men Need to Know and Women Want to Hear

The Seven Love Cures are Words that men need to know and women want to hear are here for you.

They include #ThisIsMyGoddessPrayerForYou




Planting Dreams, Dr. Low Dog and Leslie. photo from November 2015



First seasonal rain falls as Your Enchanted Gadener proclaims Health Comes ito San Diego Days!

Went to the Hillcrest Farmers Market Oct 23 to pick up sunflowers for the upcoming Pacific Symphony that begins with pre-conferences this Tuesday,

I am proclaiming now through November 5 Health Comes to San Diego Days!! There is an influx of some of the nation's leading practitioners of integrative medicine arriving for the Pacific Symposium and The spectacular and inspiring #AIHM16 AIHM Annual Conference: People, Planet, Purpose Oct 30-nov 3 with a post conference called the Consciousness and Healing Initiative CHI Summit, November 4, 2016.

My, specific whereabouts during the health days are still being determined.

I will for sure be stationed Thursday through part of Sunday creating a simple Plant Your Dream Altar in the upstairs foyer of the Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa that is open to everyone Who would like to affirm their future in connection with nature
Through the planting of plant your dream seeds!

I will also be offering one on one sessions involving the seven love curious that have been called by Dr. Andrew Ralston alimony vaccine,

These profound and intimate love poems are words that men need to know and women want to hear,

Over the years I've touched hundreds of lives through these poems and the Pacific symposium as well as the #AIHM16 event have been places where I have enjoyed sharing the poems.

I am tentatively scheduled to do a brief opening ceremony at the Pacific symposium this Thursday morning fo.r attendees.

It's clear to me that we can end the drought in our lives through increasing understanding between men and women as well as through reaffirming our #sacredseed nature.

Here's the beginning of the plant your dream blog inspired by the November 4th CHI Summit.

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