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What is Healing? What is German New Medicine?

Toward resolving a shock conflict (DHS) once it is identified; a bibliography to be reviewed in light of the New Medicine including The 12 Stages of Healing.

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April 5, 2017 -

"Of the 20,000 cancer patients reviewed, Dr Hamer discovered every cancer in the body has a different emotional cause. For example, all cancers of the left breast are caused by the individual experiencing an emotional conflict involving the child, home or mother; whereas all cancers of the right breast are caused by the individual experiencing an emotional conflict with the partner or others. This is because each type of psycho-emotional conflict, as found by Dr Hamer, is dealt with by a different part of the emotional reflex centre in the brain that corresponds to a different organ within the body. In nearly all cases, the conflict experienced occurs approximately 2 years prior to the diagnosis of cancer."

The "science" of the new medicine is one of direct, real life observation (vs a theoretical presentation). Thanks to the right use of modern technology Dr. Hamer could observe the impact of each "conflict" as it registered in the brain and extending to the corresponding organ under the control of that reflex center.

October 23, 2011 -

Over the past year I have been more deeply impressed with the need for individual healing in the world and that this is essentially the need for miracles.

If we consider miracles as thought and/or perception corrections[1] then the miracle may be only a matter of choosing another perspective whenever we realize the need for a correction. I can't tell you how liberating that is! I can suggest that you could experience that for yourself!

One "miracle" that I am most passionate about is what I consider to be the miracle of the New Medicine known as "German New Medicine". The "new medicine" offers a sacred view on "disease" that when understood can support miracles where they originate in our psyche!

The "promise" of German New Medicine (GNM) is that we can identify the actual cause of virtually any "biological program" (disease) that manifests in the body regardless of what terms may be used in a medical diagnosis. When the cause is recognized as a "shock conflict" then the patient can see and accept their part to resolve the conflict. A shock conflict (known as a "DHS"[29] in German New Medicine) originates in the psyche, registers in the brain where it launches a meaningful, intelligent, special biological survival program that doctors typically will "diagnose" as this or that "disease".

The extent that the New Medicine can support us into and through the resolution process largely depends on how well we understand and accept the biological laws of Nature (that are clearly revealed in the New Medicine) that are working in us.

The Quintessence of German New Medicine:

"Every disease is part of a Significant Biological Special Program created to assist an organism (humans and animals alike) in resolving a biological conflict."[19]

The Five Biological Laws are the bedrock foundation for the New Medicine known as German New Medicine.[20]

In understanding GNM we will be pointed to the biological meaning of any conflict and then it is up to us to completely face our conflict that lies behind the physical symptoms.

I have an acronym for the term face -

F.A.C.E.: feel, accept, communicate, embrace.

Completely facing "the conflicted state of their psyche is the part that only the patient can take and find ... a way to make peace within their own heart and mind."

Treating a "disease" without completely resolving the conflict of that biological program may result in a "hanging conflict" that will prolong the healing process indefinitely. Therefore I see a need to support educational efforts to enlighten patients on the options for resolving their conflicts. I believe there are numerous methodologies for accomplishing the work of conflict resolution. These options deserve to be known so that the patient can choose how they want to approach their own healing.

November 20, 2014 -

"Dr Hamer had an exceptionally high success rate with his cancer therapy, by far the highest I have seen of any therapy. During one of several trials of the persecuted Dr Hamer the public prosecutor (Wiener-Neustadt in Austria) had to admit that after 4 to 5 years 6,000 out of 6,500 patients with mostly advanced cancer were still alive. That is over 90%, almost a reversal of the results to be expected after conventional treatment of advanced conditions."[21]

June 25th, 2014 -

If people knew that a certain kind of communication could best support their speedy resolution of a conflict would they want to know what kind of communication that was?

What is healing? That may mean different things to different people. However I believe there is one principal common to all healing: wholeness!

Edna Miriam Lister writes on "What is Healing "[22]

She speaks of "Contraction" as a fundamental Principle. Although the term "contraction" is not necessarily a current part of GNM language I think it can be included to describe the "law" in the instance of a shock conflict (DHS) that launches the biological program. It seems to me that the shock conflict dramatically lowers the rate of vibration on the psyche and that has the effect of condensing "substance" in the body via the brain. Read Edna's lecture and see what you think. Of course you'll need an introduction to GNM as well.

The video that Dr. Chris Lowthert, GNM practitioner & teacher and I recommend as an excellent introduction is: "Understanding Heart Attacks".[23]

On this page bring your "MOUSE-OVER" the fourth DVD icon (without selecting it) to stop the animation there and then come to the DVD description below to find "Watch Online" and then click on "Part 1" just below that. There are a total of three parts. You can have a nice intermission in between the videos!

I have The MindBody Workbook by David Schechter, MD that follows the "Tension Myosistis Syndrome" model of diagnosis and treatment developed by John E. Sarno, MD.

Why I feel a mind-body approach makes sense to apply in my own resolution process of chronic muscular tension in the upper back and neck.

Firstly I am grateful to Dr. David Schechter, MD, author of: "The MindBody Workbook" and his presentation of "A Thirty Day Program Of Insight And Awareness For Back Pain And Other Disorders". His "Day Zero" has a total of six questions and the first one is the one I am focusing on now:

This approach makes absolute perfect sense to me from both a positive perspective and from a negative perspective as well! Positively - I know that thought is creative! I know that the thoughts I have, (including beliefs, judgements, projections, etc.) evoke feelings and/or emotions in me. I have learned through years of personal experience that my unexpressed emotions create tensions in my mind-body. I have already seen the correction of sciatica by reading Dr. John Sarno's book on "Healing Back Pain"! So I have proved the validity of this approach to my own satisfaction.

"Negatively" - there is virtually no physical reason for my chronic muscle tensions in the upper back and neck.

I am so convinced that my symptoms are no longer caused by old physical injuries (that I have sustained) that when I recently made an appointment to return to a spine and physical therapy program (that I was in last year) that I cancelled the appointment and did not intend to reschedule because I knew the center would not be addressing any of the psychological causes! Although I have experienced considerable temporary relief from p.t. the symptoms would return after being released from that (or from any of the many chiropractic treatment plans that I have had over the course of over forty-five years)! It wasn't until I had the most excruciating pain of my entire life with sciatica that I finally began waking up from my "dream" in which I believed I was improving my condition and not realizing that I actually had a psycho-somatic condition which had never been fully diagnosed as such and therefore which never was prescribed an appropriate treatment plan!

Of course "diagnosis" and "treatment plan" are largely (if not entirely) the exclusive domain of either medical doctors or similar medical-type professionals who's primary business is treating the patient with their medically approved treatments. However, as Dr. David Schechter points out in his workbook: "the reality is that there are still relatively few physicians comfortable with a medical diagnosis of a psychosomatic disorder ... and even fewer with the experience in its treatment." And I accept that now. (And if not to an absolute 100% then I am willing to forgive "the medical world" for not including the mind-body connection in their paradigm!)

I think I have answered this first question as to why I feel a mind-body approach makes sense in my particular case.

In Question #2 (in the work book) I recognize all six aspects of my personalty that might "predispose" me to TMS and/or other psychosomatic disorders. Part two of that question asks how "these ways of dealing with life generate a lot of tension/stress for me".

I immediately recognize that this is a very powerful question! I've responded to these separately.

January 17th: "Week One" in the workbook suggests reading or re-reading one of the books such as Dr. Sarno's "Healing Back Pain". Since I have already ordered his "Divided Mind" I will be reading that one as soon as it arrives. Dr. Schechter writes about "the process of 'reprogramming' your nervous system to heal." This is something that I have the deepest affinity with based on my life-long "pattern of expressing emotions in physical symptoms." The first physical symptom that I can recall was a speech stutter from about age five that was absolutely fear-based! A couple years a go I met a speech therapist who was able to notice a trace of the stutter still detectable in my speech. That's over fifty years since the onset! Dr. Schechter says "It takes times (sic) for emotional connections to catch up with our more rapid intellectual understanding."

The following is an abbreviated bibliography from the workbook.

Back Pain, TMS -
Sarno, J., Mind Over Back Pain, 1986.
Sarno, J., Healing Back Pain, 1991.
Sarno, J., The MindBody Prescription, 1998.
Sarno, J., The Divided Mind, 2006.

(Jan. 14, 2012 update: I've recently ordered this latest book by Dr. Sarno and intend to make it my top reading priority as soon as it arrives next week!

Jan. 29, 2012 update: The book arrived and I dove right into it! I've just read over a quarter of the book and anticipate that the best is yet to come! Yet, already I can say that this material on psychosomatic medicine is a perfect match for me!)

Cancer -
Siegel, B., Love, Medicine, and Miracles, 1986.

Mind-body Connection -
Moyers, B., Healing and the Mind, 1993.
Ornstein, R. and Soberl, D., healthy Pleasures, 1989.
Weil, A., Spontaneous Healing, 1995.
Locke, S. and Colligan, D., The healer Within, 1986.

Rheumatology, Laughter as Healing -
Cousins, N., Anatomy of An Illness, 1979.
Cousins, N., Healing Heart, 1983.

Cardiac Problems -
Friedman and Rosenman, Type A Behavior and Your Heart, 1984.
Ornish, D., Reverse heart Disease, 1990.

Specific Emotions and Pain -
Hay, L., Heal Your Body, 1988.

Neurobiology of the mind-body connection
Pert, C., Molecules of Emotion, 1997.

Sociology of Pain and Chronic Fatigue/History -
Shorter, E., From Paralysis to Fatigue, 1992.

Mindfulness, Meditation -
Kabat-Zinn, J., Wherever You Go There You Are, 1994.

Biopsychosocial Philosophy -
Engel, G., "The Need for a New Medical Model: A Challenge to Biomedicine", Science, 196: no. 4286, p.129-135, 1976.:

"... the Church's permission to study the human body included a tacit interdiction against corresponding scientific investigation of man's mind and behavior. For in the eyes of the Church these had more to do with religion and the soul and hence properly remained its domain. ... With mind-body dualism firmly established under the imprimatur of the Church, classical science readily fostered the notion of the body as a machine, of disease as the consequence of breakdown of the machine, and of the doctor's task as repair of the machine."[24]

Additional publications subject to review in light of GNM:

"The 12 Stages of Healing" - A Network Approach to Wholeness By: Donald M. Epstein, D.C. (Founder and Developer of Network Chiropractic).
(Update 1-14-12: I have Dr. Epstein's book and see it as a reference for identifying what stage of healing one may be in once a shock conflict event has occurred.)
[See entry below of: January, 7, 2012]

German New Medicine Practitioner and teacher Dr. Chris Lowthert (D.C.) sent me a link to "The Human Miracle" article that says:

"there are widely different views as to the picture of the 'whole' of the body, as opposed to the gradual and meticulous detailing of individual systems and component parts."[25]

In support of the healing process I would certainly recommend "... a diet rich in organic nutrients, the clearing of geopathic stress zones, the practice of yoga and meditation, and so forth" that Caroline Markolin, Ph.D. says "can accelerate the recovery process immensely.

"... 'diseases' are either functional improvements of an organ (conflict-active phase) or healing symptoms (restitution phase) and therefore always meaningful, many of the established theories need to be re-evaluated. In light of the new medical paradigm, claims that environmental and dietary toxins, imbalanced pH-levels, pathogenic microbes, faulty genes, a weak immune system, root canals, negative thoughts and beliefs and the like cause diseases are no longer tenable as they are built on false premises.

Of course a poor diet, smoking, exposure to electromagnetic pollutants, dental amalgams, negative thoughts, a pessimistic outlook and other adverse factors deplete the organisms of energy. All influences that drain the body's vitality make recovery much more difficult and might even contribute to serious complications, specifically during the healing crisis. Owing to their high toxicity, most pharmaceutical drugs brutally interrupt the natural healing process, and even cause death, as we see in the extremely high number of chemo-treatment victims.

Conversely, a diet rich in organic nutrients, the clearing of geopathic stress zones, the practice of yoga and meditation, and so forth, can accelerate the recovery process immensely. It has long been recognized that positive thoughts, as well as very specific sounds and colors, raise the vibrational frequency of the body and contribute considerably to healing. This increase in energy explains 'spontaneous remission'. It accounts for the healing power of love and prayers and of sacred sites. It is the basis on which placebos (from the Latin placebo 'I shall please') affect the patient.

Last, but not least, the understanding of GNM and the Five Biological Laws has in itself a healing effect as it liberates the mind from fear and inspires trust in the creative wisdom of Mother Nature."[26]

FACE, the acronym for Feel, Accept[2], Communicate and Embrace[3], is a process that can be very well supported by Dyads!

May 15, 2015 -

Continuing in regards to "Dyads" - Firstly I'm continually amazed and delighted to see synchronicity, serendipity, continuity, and other validating signs of unfoldment all along my way just like now where I'm inspired to add to this blog post and I find that the specific item that I wish to expand upon here is exactly the same one that I had last entered here over three years ago!

F.A.C.E. + a Dyad = one whole healing communication cycle! (We can call it "Face Your Conflict In a Dyad".) Just having a dyad[4] that is focused on one's own conflict alone will be supportive however now we can add a greater focus to penetrate more deeply into to the root cause! This additional focus can come into the dyads by applying the 64 Gene Keys[5] as each Gene Key includes a healing/release at the shadow level - the frequency of each of the 64 fears.

Each of the 64 Gene Keys can be applied in a complete therapeutic session toward resolving one's shock-conflict at the deepest root level of cause. In addition we now also have free access to our hologenetic profiles that show us our unique individual internal map plus the how to proceed in the "Golden Path" through the Profile as it points exactly where to begin our inner journey. This map and pathfinder system can be applied to specific conflict resolution!

These are my "findings" from a fairly extensive search that is recorded here as having started nearly four years ago however my search for "What is Healing" originally began over forty-four years ago!:

"Sickness can surely take the mind
Where minds can't usually go
Come on the amazing journey
And learn all you should know[6]

is a line from the "rock opera" Tommy that I had deeply identified with during the period of its first release in 1969.[7]

It is natural to think that healing is a need that only arises after an injury, illness or some form of "disease" manifests. However there is a more universal need for healing that exists in the collective unconscious and of which we are all connected.[8] Therefore whether or not we have an acute need for healing we can all can participate in our connection with the collective need for healing. The Gene Keys presents insights into the individual-collective connection and how that is the root of the problems in life that appear on a personal level. At the deep root level its not really personal however it's at this level where the healing needs to go to be complete.

You can liken this dimension of healing to the care of a tree or an orchard - the health of which is wholly dependent upon the root system. If the roots are not well nourished and adequately cared for then the deficiency will be reflected in the above ground appearance of the individual tree/s. The care of the tree/s needs to be ongoing, not just when a tree disease appears. The care of the psyche needs to be ongoing as well.

If we consider that each of us have 64 Gene Keys in our holographic profile and we divide 365 days by 64 it equals 5.7. In other words one of the Gene Keys can be contemplated upon and worked with (including in dyads) once every 5.7 days and in a year all 64 Gene Keys would be initially addressed. That cycle could be repeated on a yearly basis. Or one could go deeper into their "prime gifts" of four Gene Keys and take one per month, address these four over a season and repeat that each season. In any case these Gene Keys can be worked with like portals into greater consciousness that transforms us when we access the portals.

My personal opinion on this is that a type of "Enlightenment Intensive"(EI)[9] could be formed consisting of the above mentioned dyads and that are very much like the form of the traditional EIs only these would focus exclusively on clearing the individual's four prime gifts. Individuals would take one prime Gene Key (starting at the beginning of their Golden Path sequence) as their contemplation for one whole intensive (that consists of three continuous days including sleep and meals). The four prime gifts then would be fully addressed in four separate individual intensives. Participation in the intensive would at a pace most agreeable for the individual (possibly over the course of a year when most people can have seasonal three-day weekends free i.e. late Fall - Thanksgiving weekend, early Winter as of late December, "Spring Break" and a couple times during the Summer. Location can be in a private home or a retreat center.

August 12, 2015 -

Regarding "heart disease":

"I remember when I graduated from medical school, the dean told our class, “'What we have just taught you was the most up-to-date information about medicine. Unfortunately, 50% of what we taught you was wrong. Your job is to figure out which 50% was wrong.'

I remember feeling stunned at the Dean’s admission. Now, 26 years later, I think the dean was too conservative. Now I feel that approximately 75% of what I was taught was wrong.

In my training, I was taught that high cholesterol was a risk factor for heart disease. Furthermore, I was taught that a high triglyceride level was also a risk factor for heart disease. It was drilled into every medical student’s head that a lower cholesterol was always better than a higher one.

Folks, what I was taught about cholesterol was 100% wrong. What I was not taught was that approximately 50% of people who suffer heart attacks have normal cholesterol levels.[10] Furthermore, I was not taught that a higher cholesterol level was predictive of a longer life span in the elderly. Nor was I taught that lowering cholesterol levels with cholesterol-lowering medications fails well over 97% of the patients who takes them.[11]

October 11th, 2015 -

In support of Dyad communications -

"Biological-conflict-shock is not a complex Freudian abstraction; it is a real life conflict that is very acute, traumatic and usually isolating (not easy to discuss or mull over with others)."[12]

The "isolating" impact that usually results from a shock-conflict may very well not be "easy" to discuss given the typical attention span of people who are immersed in modern day life-styles where they either multi-task or have several things simultaneously running on their mind. However, the sacred space created in a dyad communication is a different energy field altogether!

Furthermore -

"According to Dr. Hamer, conventional chemotherapy treatments do not have any primary value and are too dangerous. Dr. Hamer also argues that conventional medical research is tainted by the interest of pharmaceutical companies thus preventing accurate research in the causes and treatment of diseases and ignores the role of the mind in the genesis of the disease.

Dr. Hamer states: 'Through the millennia, humanity has more or less consciously known that all diseases ultimately have a psychic origin and it became a scientific asset firmly anchored in the inheritance of universal knowledge. It is only modern medicine that has turned our animated beings into a bag full of chemical formulas.'"[13]

Find compassionate, empathetic listening beyond the "chemical formulas". Experience sacred dyad communication where you can tell the truth and resolve your conflicts!

November 5th -

Just discovered:

"... In humans, the cerebral cortex is extremely large compared to that of most animals. This is because humans are social beings and the most important part of our immediate environment is other people. So our cerebral cortices are often called upon to deal with conflicts that have to do with our territory and threats that occur in our territory.

In other words, many types of mental illness are the result of relationship problems."

Finally now connecting with subject matter [at what appears to be an authentic German New Medicine(GNM) site] regarding what I have been waiting for since early on in my initial GNM introduction several years ago!

Nov. 12th -

I especially like the description in this first paragraph.:

"German New Medicine is based on natural laws, which can be verified in every patient’s case. The main law is that every disease happens simultaneously in three levels: the psyche, the brain and a specific organ, and it results from a conflict shock.

A conflict shock refers to an unexpected psychological problem, which catches someone completely off guard. ... Conflict shocks are archetypal. They are shared between man and animals ..."[14]

Nov. 13th -

The source for the above may not be an "official" German New Medicine site however I seek truth wherever it may be found. I find the truth often with Omraam who says: "It is important to understand the significance of physical pain ..."[15]

The significance of every disease relates to biological archetypal themes of survival.

Dec. 13th -

Searched: "health is united purpose" shortly after becoming inspired when this morning when I retrieved a couple notes that I had in my current file for Dr. Christopher Lowthert. The phrase comes from "A Course in Miracles".[16]

"Anxiety and the Enlightenment Process".[27]

January 16th, 2016 -

This is a good time to begin breathing nice and deep connected breaths!

"Aside from the numerous physiological benefits of increased respiratory function ... there are many psychological benefits which are crucial for timely and complete healing. As you continue a routine practice of conscious connected breathing, deep peace and understanding will increase. There is no question that the reduction of stress and anxiety is ultimately one of the most important factors in healing.
In the field of mental health, there are many benefits derived from conscious connected breathing. ..."[17]

I find the practice of conscious connected breathing to be a stand alone method of contemplation as well as a integrating principal in other contemplations that include some form of communication like Dyads, Gene Key contemplation, prayers, affirmations, etc.

In my old "Church days" (early to mid 70's) we sang "Breathing in the Lord is how we live today" however, (and oddly enough) we really did not focus on actual breathing! It's hilarious now for me to think about it; especially now that I know the power of conscious connected breathing!

I have found "Seven Masters, One Path" by John Selby as an excellent guide for reprogramming the mind to reorient itself in conscious connected breathing. I have added something to the first mediation he presents, the key of which is "breathing freely". My addition is "My mind is tranquilizing". For me this is what conscious connected breathing is most largely all about.

February 6th, 2016 -

"The Twelve Stages of Healing" by Dr Donald Epstein

"... describes twelve basic rhythms or stages of consciousness we pass through on our journey to healing. The journey involves mastering the lesson of each stage by getting into it’s rhythm to receive it’s wisdom, rather than trying to get out of the stage."[18]

The Twelve Stages of Healing

STAGE 1 — Suffering

STAGE 2 – Polarites And Different Rhythms

STAGE 3 – Stuck In A Perspective

STAGE 4 – Reclaiming Our Power

STAGE 5 – Merging With The Illusion

STAGE 6 – Preparation For Resolution

STAGE 7 — Resolution

STAGE 8 – Emptiness In Connectedness

STAGE 9 – Light Behind The Form

STAGE 10 — Ascent

STAGE 11— Descent

STAGE 12 — Community

February 7th -

A recent reply to my comment at Jon Barron's.:

Submitted by Baseline Foundation on January 25, 2016 -

"Yes, Jon is familiar with Dr. Hamer’s work, and as he has said on numerous occasions, that your emotional/mental state matters hugely when it comes to health. In fact, he devoted an entire chapter (The Thought that Kills) to that premise in his book, 'Lessons from the Miracle Doctors.' But, as to all disease originating with mental shock, it simply doesn’t stand up to examination in the real world. For example, it doesn’t explain how living near Love Canal and the dumping of toxic waste or living in Erin Brokovich country and being exposed to chromium 6 can cause cancer—especially when the people who came down with cancer were totally unaware of their exposure to toxic chemicals.[28]

It appears that the phrase: "it simply doesn’t stand up to examination in the real world" is a discrediting of the shock-conflict origin of disease even though Dr. Hamer also acknowledges chemically induced disease as well.


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[2] "Direct acceptance of yourself gives you the consciousness of the absolute truth of yourself." -
from: Consciousness of Truth:

[3] Embrace the fear.





[8] See: "Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious" which states the basic principles of Jungian psychology.:


[10] What are "normal cholesterol levels"?




Also a 9' clip from the "25th Anniversary Talk on the Enlightenment Intensive" by Charles Berner - the originator of the Enlightenment Intensive:



See: Verse 13 under: "7. The Body as a Means of Communication".







[23] View the video here:






[29] DHS is a highly acute and dramatic psychobiological condition of intensive stress (where an emotion-releasing action and verbalization are inhibited) associated with a specific disease process that will evolve if no emotional resolution occurs.

The Shock is:
- Dramatic (devastated & overwhelmed: we can‟t take any action).
( It can be an intensive shock or a repetitive stress that occurs over a long period of time.)
- Unexpected(mostly),wearesurprisedanddefenseless.
- Isolatingexperience:wewishtotalkaboutitbutweareinsuchfear,grief,etc.,that we can‟t talk about it at the moment of the shock.
- Obsession-creating: day and night, 24/7, non-stop, the conflict spins around in our mind.


conscious connected breathing, Heart Attack, german new medicine, healing, self empowerment, miracle, mind, Biological Law, resolution, shock conflict, communication, dyads, spontaneous remission, gene keys, golden path, disease, mind body, perception, cholesterol, heart disease, archetypal

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