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My Progress on Sound Therapy

Entrain your brain! Heal your body!

Date:   9/16/2010 7:10:41 AM   ( 5 y ) ... viewed 7775 times

Experimenting with sound tones has got me playing with brain entrainment software. I am experiencing great pain relief and improvements in health. Yes, with sound alone!

Can this really be true? Even Wikipedia, a well-known basher of alternative medicine, says it is. Numerous scientific studies have shown that this type of therapy has real beneficial effects on the body.

FACT: When your body goes out of balance, it is missing certain frequencies, and has too much of other frequencies.

There are resonant frequencies, and then there are inverse frequencies.

If you, for example, have Benzene poisoning, the resonant frequency of Benzene is present in your body. This frequency consequently acts as an inverse frequency of benzene antagonists - like Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and vitamin B2.

By providing the body with the inverse frequency (and all harmonics of said inverse frequency) of Benzene, you effectively mitigate (cure) the energetic effects of that chemical.

FACT: Your voice is a reflection of the state of your health. If your body is missing certain frequencies, they will also be missing from your voice! You can not produce sound with your voice at certain frequencies, if they are missing from your body!

This is easily verifiable!

For more background information, read the information on I found the information on this site very helpful.

A great, general-purpose, FREE program for generating tones is Audacity. To generate a tone, click on the Generate menu item at the top of the window. Then choose "Tone..." You will be presented with a menu asking you the frequency (in Hz), the amplitude, and the duration. Simple!

The famous Solfeggio frequencies, in particular, are having tremendously healing effects on me. These frequencies are as follows:

174 Hz Foundation
285 Hz Quantum Cognition
396 Hz Liberation from Fear
417 Hz Transmutation
528 Hz Miracle
639 Hz Relationship Harmonization
741 Hz Consciousness Expansion
852 Hz Awakening Intuition
963 Hz Numinous Accord

I have experimented the most with 396, 417, and 528. 396 killed parasites in my gut, 417 caused some parasite in my my right arm muscles to "let go". 528 Hz had all sorts of effects. It restored the shape and position of my jaw. I felt a snapping noise and then, with a little movement, my jaw was back into the right spot, after years of dealing with TMJ!

I also ran 528 Hz and 639 Hz together - the first through sound, and the other on my Zappicator. The effect of this was shocking. About 20 minutes in, I felt a sudden pressure in my brain, a certain pressure that I always feel when running tapeworm frequencies. Did they kill tapeworms in my brain? Sure felt like it. However, it took a while for this to happen (20 minutes or so), so I think it was an indirect effect of the frequency. 528 Hz is supposed to repair your DNA. Was it repairing my DNA and making my body uninhabitable by a tapeworm?

I will keep you all updated on what I find. Sound therapy truly is changing things around for me.

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