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Need New Stove-- Premier--model # SFSFK100OP   11 h  
Premier--model # SFSFK100OP
Premier--model # SFK100OP New gas stove-- Four foot line-- Needs a New Gas Line They will install it $507.00 11:47 am February 26, 2015   visit the page

Back to square one?   14 h  
Back to square one?
UPDATE 8:44 pm February 26 I seem to be stable today. Spoke to Ellen. The orange and bread that precipitated the breakdown seem to be moving through my system. I did not have excessive bowel movements today. Thank God. I will see how it is in the morning. I was able to do a few things to move forward toward go to the Expo and to my dad’s unveiling. Back to square one? It is 8:13 AM February 26, 2015. I’m attempting to calm myself down. I woke up early this morning after a day that included a lot of upset yesterday in the state of crisis. I just ...   read more

Another Seed Library Update pre #expowest Feb 26, 2015   34 h  
Another Seed Library Update pre #expowest Feb 26, 2015 Agreement reached The protocol agreed upon by both parties, Zook said, allows the Simpson Library to operate its seed-swap program “outside the purview of the Seed Act,” while ultimately still being subject to it. “Before, the library was collecting all the seed, organizing it and putting into a catalogue,” Zook said. “The library is now collecting currently labeled seed packages.” At the same time, the state allowed for individual seed swaps to take place at the library. “We identified the library’s goal and allowed them to meet it without falling under our jurisdiction,” Zook said. “The regulators tried to figure out a way to not regulate.”
AS POSTED ON MY FACEBOOK @rareseeds @Your EG @seedlibraries Simpson Library Research is reflected in this ‪#‎Plantyourdreamblog‬ One of the most controversial events of 2014 occurred in Mechanicsburg, PA, where a well meaning Dept of Ag employee, Johnnie Zook, turned his attention on the nearby Simpson Library. I personally sea a time when there will be thousands upon thousands of seed libraries across the United States as our nation returns to being a nation of small gardeners with communities having indi ...   read more

New Header to create for Facebook #plantyourdreamblog   49 h  
New Header to create for Facebook #plantyourdreamblog
Hope to get this off the ground in the morning.   visit the page

Working on Nadine's Favorite Ingredients poster + #expowest   70 h  
Working on Nadine's Favorite Ingredients poster + #expowest
Working on Nadine’s Favorite Ingredients poster + #expowest   visit the page

year of the goat---horse is best friend of goat   4 d  
year of the goat---horse is best friend of goat
When goat meets horse auspiusness year On the Chinese New Year 2015, I was celebrating the sunset and improved bowel health Spoke to Marina today, February 23, 2015 She told me that this is the year of the goat. The goat is the friend of the horse. I am to wear a horse charm this year. We talked about Marina’s current activities. We haven spoken in numbers of years. We both participated in the International Feng Shui Conferences. I lov ...   read more

Jonathan's Spoons--I misplaced a security "blanket"   5 d  
Jonathan's Spoons--I misplaced a security "blanket"
Jonathan’s Spoons--I misplaced a security ”blanket” My wooden spoon from Jonathan’s spoons is one of the little things that are big for me. When I know where my spoon is, all is right in my world. I misplaced my spoon. I think early this morning. I can’t find it anywhere. I am not sure how I will get through this week. My energy felt depleted all day. I need to contact Jonathan tomorrow. I got this spoon from him last year at #expowest. CONTACT Jonathan’s Wood Shop 3716 Route 737 Kempton, PA 19529 800.776.6853   read more

Found Potassium Citrate willing to try   7 d  
Found Potassium Citrate willing to try.
Found Potassium Citrate willing to try I am just now coming out of eight months of persistent diarrhea. One of the side effects of Potassium Citrate can be diarrhea. I was hesitant to use this supplement as suggested by the Urologist surgeon. It did not make sense. In the last five days, thanks to using Proflora® from Bio Botanicals, I am willing to try Potassium Citrate based on the idea that it can lower the pH. I am still going to use various herbs to help get the fragments to leave. THIS IS ABOUT POTASSIUM CITRATE Potassium is an important mineral used in ...   read more

Getting the fragments to leave post SWL   7 d  
Getting the fragments to leave post SWL
recommends potassium citrate Ok..get some now brand--- Getting the fragments to leave post SWL   visit the page

Stinging Nettle Update and Return to Trees for Health Garden   7 d  
Stinging Nettle Update and Return to Trees for Health Garden Nettle has also long been revered for its benefits to the kidneys and adrenals. The kidneys allow us to expel toxins and the adrenals help us to respond to stress (think adrenaline), so given the challenges of modern life, most folks can benefit profoundly from nettle’s medicinal properties. Additionally, she offers relief from seasonal allergies, strengthens the bones, hair and nails and nurtures the lungs, nervous, hormonal and immune systems – that covers a lot of ground.
Stinging Nettle Update and Return to Trees for Health Garden great find! I will join ABC! important source od herb info!kidney-health/c1pyq   read more

Feb 20 2015 to do   7 d  
Feb 20 2015 to do
TO DO complete and let out more info on Proflora® and remarkable result Feb 20 2015 to do Photo of Dolores and title of blog… gravel root report Question: How to get more fragments to come out new appointment with Dr Ellen NHE update for paul #expowest study-- more on gravel root Stone breaker funding kelly shea project thomas harding visit to arboretum fulllerton atboretum trubute to kent Taylor abc review new integrative ms   visit the page

gravel root and kidney stone review herbs   7 d  
gravel root and kidney stone review herbs
gravel root and kidney stone review herbs 4:27 am feb 20, 2015 prep   visit the page

Started taking Olivirex® Feb 18, 2015   8 d  
Started taking Olivirex® Feb 18, 2015
Started taking Olivirex® Feb 18, 2015 Medical Intuitive James tested this strongly for me, among the Bio Botanicals. Adding this now among the new remedies. Just starting to get familiar with this remedy. Feb. 19, 2015 6:44 pm REPORT ON OLIVERIX®   read more

Plans to @rareseeds RE: #Nationalheirloomexpo 2015 @YourEG   8 d  
Plans to @rareseeds RE: #Nationalheirloomexpo 2015 @YourEG
Plans to @rareseeds RE: #Nationalheirloomexpo 2015 @YourEG This Plant Your Dream Blog was uploaded on Chinese New Years, February 19, 2015. It was inspired by a call from Paul Wallace, director of the Petaluma Seed Bank @rareseeds with Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener, #PlantYourDreamBlog. I, Leslie, will get back to this. I am working now on this the blog called, ”End of Eight Month Diarrhea”   visit the page

Dolores' Ideas on #Expowest 2015   8 d  
Dolores' Ideas on #Expowest 2015
Dolores’ ideas on #Expowest 2015 This #Plantyourdream Blog contains the Ideas, Opinions, and Feedback from Dolores, the Grandmother of The Fuzzy Teenager, and the Mom of Nadine’s Favorite Ingredients. This is a Journal of her astute opinions visiting the Natural Product Expo West 2015 on Nadine’s Birthday, March 7 through March 8, 2015. This plant Your Dream Blog was started on February 18, 2015, Chinese New Years by Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener, the partner of Nadine’s Favorite Ingredients   visit the page

Eliminating the Parasites-the Merchants of Mayhem --Biamonte   8 d  
Eliminating the Parasites-the Merchants of Mayhem --Biamonte
I am putting this here for safekeeping. I do not want to forget this URL. I plan to study this later, and will comment. Leslie added February 18, 2015   visit the page

Eight Month Bout with Persistent Diarrhea Ends   9 d  
Eight Month Bout with Persistent Diarrhea Ends
WHERE TO GET PROFLORA® Homage to a New Friend, Proflora® from Bio Botanical Research Inc I am in celebration of Proflora®, a probiotic botanical formula from Bio Botanicals Research. After eight months of persistent diarrhea, following a round of antibiotics, and four days after a second round of antibiotics, I conclude that I am having clear signs of healthy bowel movements. I am most grateful.--Leslie Goldman, Plant Your Dream Blog. Excerpt from my Hospital Visit and Recovery Journal This #Plantyourdreamblog be ...   read more

New Graphic Facebook page to do!   9 d  
New Graphic Facebook page to do!
New Graphic Facebook page to do!   visit the page

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