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Enchanted Garden Mobile in Music Video?   22 h  
Enchanted Garden Mobile in Music Video?
Enchanted Garden Mobile in Music Video? 11 PM, April 17, 2015 Just arrived where I will be staying tonight on the @RareSeeds #EnchantedGardenMobilesJourneyToSaveOurSacredSeeds. Read more here: and here: Whole Foods Market Visited… FACEBOOK ENTRY APRIL 18 @RareSeeds #enchanted GardenMobilesjourneytowinbackoursacredseats I came to town for my 50th high school reunion tomorrow night Pulled into whole foods West LA and I wasn’t here more than five minutes when a man came up and said he wanted to talk to ...   read more

EarthFair is this Sunday- April 19, 2015   33 h  
EarthFair is this Sunday- April 19, 2015
  read more

One to one learning at Apple Store. Tuesday   52 h  
One-to-one learning
One-to-one learning I made an appointment for Tuesday, April 22. look out, Lelsie, that is Earth Day. Make sure no conflicts. The appointment is to learn iMovie on Iphone.   visit the page

Fairfax High School ReUnion Saturday April 18   72 h  
Fairfax High School ReUnion Saturday April 18 This is #OmerDay Count, 15 April 18, 2015 will be #OmerDay Coiunt Loiving Kindness into the week of Beauty I will leave for Los Angeles on Friday. Tomorrow, Thursday, I will go to Tai Chi Warmups by 10, and then to my acupuncture appointment by 11:45 am with Marcin.
OLDER LINKS I DID ON FAIRFAX REUNION 3:54 PM April 16 Preparing soon to go up to LA for the weekend to see the spectacle of what became of us after 50 years i’m doing a lot better than I did at my 35th reunion I had low self-esteem it was the first reunion I went to. Then I saw my old friend Ira Erenberg there. He asked me if I saw the article about me in the LA Times magazine. Interesting the thoughts we have about ourselves. Was a good article. I like what I’m doing now. Garden Management Journal ...   read more

Places to stay on road to @rareseed #EnchantedMobilesJourney   3 d  
Places to stay on road to @rareseed #EnchantedMobilesJourney
Jonathan P Judy G PV/ Ross   visit the page

Room Vacancy Update   3 d  
Room Vacancy Update
Room Vacancy Update   visit the page

Road notes to Whole Foods Market and home   4 d  
Road notes to Whole Foods Market and home
Road notes to Whole Foods Market and home This is out of order it’s now 6:04 PM on April 14, 2015 Like four in China Garden in April 22 Balboa Park Avenue sponsor Invite Mike invite stay from bumper authority and play drums day unofficial closing ceremony of bad in China Garden will be home at 5 o’clock bring things to pick up trash Give Carolyn chase a big idea why Encourage Nadine to go to class in spite of mental stress Ride up my talk at the session wine what does that main plant sweetness as a remedy Remind Lauren his job his customers save us and keeping for occupancy housem ...   read more

Review of #PassoverVillageRetreat   5 d  
Passover Village Review
April 15, 2015 7:31 am I have been up for about one hour. This is my first morning home. I feel transformed. I have a new outlook. I am glad I took two days to come home from down the mountain. There are things I want to do this morning: I will study the meaning of Guvurah. Setting Limits. There are numbers of blogs I want to write. There are many impactful events at home, but I feel this new outlook is influencing me. INTRODUCTION TO #PASSOVER VILLAGE RETREAT (#PassoverVillageRetreat ) REVIEW I want to do a review of m ...   read more

Matthew Wood just called me. I want to go the way of herbs   10 d  
Matthew Wood Matthew Wood just called me. I want to go the way of herbs. The Kidney Stone Lithotripsy does not seem to be effective. Turns out that the Stinging Nettles I have been making friends with he also mentioned first. He also recommends i use the gravel root, and hydrangea. Got to get ready for my #PassoverVillageRetreat
bitter wood woodworm--is bitter, sagebruch is bitter… Horseradish is pungent. meditation--- bitter pungent--high not bitter Get sagebrush…this is bitter. sagebrush-- wormword-- I have: parasites-- candida He asked about my tongue tongue-- coating-- picture of tongue,,,, dry moist red or pale? coated means blackberry leaf or root--- Stinging nettles-- kidney failing wases uric acid gout-- being high in protein--] reventure collards chickens-- nettle high in protein--highest in protein-- prolifically ex ...   read more

New study debunks GMO"s   14 d  
New study debunks GMO"s
New study debunks GMO”s Study from environmental working group debunks the myth that GMOS are necessary for feeding the world   visit the page

Passover Journey to the Promised Land   14 d  
Passover Journey to the Promised Land Going to make some deep shifts between April 4-May 22. This is the time between Passover and Shavuot, the names of two Holidays in the Jewish Tradition.
REVIEW OF #PASSOVERVILLAGERETREAT Started April 13. In process. Main Outcomes. FACEBOOK NOTE APRIL 15, 2015 This Facebook Album was started April 4 during the Lunar Eclipse of April 4, The first Day of Passover. The second night, it is a tradition I follow to do daily Meditations through May 22. Reading from Rabbi Ted Falcon’s Book, ”A Journey of Awakening.” These are hashtaged #OmerDay This day, May 22, is followed by a three-day holiday called Shavuot. In my Jewish Renewal Tradition this i ...   read more

Kidney Health Check in and related issues   16 d  
Kidney Health Check in and related issues
Kidney Health Check in and related issues PLANT PARENTHOOD GARDEN MANAGEMENT JOURNAL ”Garden” is a metaphor for Consciousness; The ”Management” is intended to be each of us in our own Lives; ”Journal” refers to recording your Journey through life and see your life as one page in the History of Peace on Earth; ”Plant Parenthood” is a name for the process where through parenting plants, we are reparented in the Laws of Nature, intended to guide us on the hero/heroines Journey. Keep a Journal. It will slow you down. Experience and Patience are the rules of ...   read more

Passover plan   25 d  
Passover plan
Passover plan   visit the page

Food Access & the Role of the Natural Foods Industry   25 d  
Food Access & the Role of the Natural Foods Industry
This Entry was from Facebook March 25, 2015 This is a Research #PlantYourDreamBlog inspired by a Super Session at #expowest, Entitled Food Access & the Role of the Natural Foods Industry. The Natural Product Expo West @ExpoWest. The Natural Product Expo March 4-8, 2015 led to the planting of a Seed Dream of mine for Open Access to Food for All! The seeds were planted by a number of panel members at this incredible Super Sessiom that took place 1:30 pm-3 Pm, Friday, March 6, @tAnaheimMarriott . Walt Robb, Co-Ceo of Whole Foods Market organized thi ...   read more

Championship calibre athletes deserve champion quality foods   26 d  
Championship calibre athletes deserve champion quality foods
Championship calibre athletes deserve champion quality foods I had some ideas rolling around my mind the last couple days since I read that AQ, one of our top SDSU Star basketball players was down with food poisoning or flu like symptoms from eating a turkey sandwich. Then, the story expanded to say that a number of athletes and coaches had flu-like symptoms during the Duke-Aztecs NCAA Championship. the Aztecs were not at their best in this game. I am sure this was for many reasons. I would like to see food working in their favor, as well as natural supplements. It mak ...   read more

Geopathic Stress--Time to Look Deeper at This   26 d  
Geopathic Stress--Time to Look Deeper at This
Geopathic Stress--Time to Look Deeper at This   read more

March 23, notes and blogs to write   26 d  
March 23, notes and blogs to write
March 23, notes and blogs to write HOW I LIVED;HOW I WANT TO BE REMEMBERED   visit the page

Notes Jere Taylor;s talk at #IntegratedHealth Conference   27 d  
Notes Jere Taylor;s talk at #IntegratedHealth Conference
I have been on a most incredible journey with a Regenerative Technology called the CyberScan. I heard a talk about it this early evening. I am piecing together a few of the names that were mentioned so I can understand the story. Wolf-Dieter Kehren; was the inventor of the CyberScan Download File - Quantum Spanner - Home CyberScan. Global Distributor. Invented by Wolf-Dieter Kehren; Manufactured in Germany; Backend database of over 108,000 human, animal, and plant signals .. Hotels ...   read more

Oxydative Stress….Heard this word for the first time really   28 d  
Oxydative Stress….Heard this word for the first time really
Oxydative Stress….Heard this word for the first time really Spent the day at #IntegratedHealth International Conference. I had some goals in mind. One was to continue to find solutions for my deeply inter whined health concerns, some that have been unraveling in recent weeks for the better. With improvements in diarrhea, I am on the trail now for ending my relationship to making kidney stones. An answer came to me today from Robert Slovak, the international Water scientist. A latest excitement is a product called H-Minus. The H stands from Hudrogen. ...   read more

Facebook Snafu's   31 d  
Facebook Snafu's
HERE IS DELISH! Nadine’s original blog on curezone How can she find the password? HOW TO DELETE A FB ACCOUNT PROBLEM GETTING EMAIL TO SET CONFIRM SET UP OF AN FB ACCOUNT I am having a most difficult time completing on Nadine setting up a Fb account so we can upload to Nadine’s Favorite Ingredients. The best we can do is Upload a photo that has been uploaded into Iphoto or put on the old iMac. procedure; Attach the cord f ...   read more

New Beginning--Job's Return!   31 d  
New Beginning--Job's Return!
New Beginning--Job’s Return! Garden Management Journal MAIN CUREZONE BLOG SUMMARY PAGE   read more

Toxin Bürden--intense headache yesterday Monday   32 d  
Toxin Bürden--intense headache yesterday Monday
Toxin Bürden--intense headache yesterday Monday Geo engineering info Http://   visit the page

Geo engineering info   33 d  
Geo engineering info
Geo engineering info Http://   visit the page

Healing Adds: Matthew Wood & Tony Bedard, Fronteir Herbs   33 d  
Healing Team Adds: Matthew Wood & Tony Bedard, Frontier Natural Products Co-Op
Adding to My Healing Team: Matthew Wood and Tony from Fronteir Herb Coop Tony Bedard, CEO of Frontier Natural Products Co-op, with Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener @YourEG #PlantYourDreamBlog at the Frontier Booth at #expowest. Tony is a board member of the Organic Trade Association. I am also a member and contribute photos to their projects. NOTE FROM FACEBOOK MARCH 16, 2015 I have made some significant healing the last month. I am aware that one of my goals now is the learn to prevent kidney stress and kidney stone formation using natural her ...   read more

Powerful need to get organized: deep need for self care   33 d  
Powerful need to get organized: deep need for self care
Powerful need to get organized: deep need for self care Just woke up from a frustrating dream where I was with David Bronner and Jimbo of Jimbos. We stopped for lunch because everyone was hungry. They were outside waiting and I was making an avocado sandwich while the kitchen was making them other Avo sandwiches. Suddenly I realized this had become a media event. people were running outside to speak ti these two Seed Freedom heroes. I was having difficulty focusing my camera. I realize this had to do with a deep need to get organized at a new level. I’m also after A new ...   read more

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