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Breakthrough! Day 43 to @heirloomexpo   31 h  
Breakthrough! Day 43 to @heirloomexpo
Breakthrough! Day 43 to @heirloomexpo Write uo significant breakthrough with infrastructure. Funding!   visit the page

45 days before @Heirloom Expo--Working with Pizza Box Images   68 h  
45 days before @Heirloom Expo--Working with Pizza Box Images
45 days before @Heirloom Expo--Working with Pizza Box Images ORGANIZED THESE LINKS BIO NOTE 

Leslie Goldman, ”Your Enchanted Gardener,” Plants Seeds of Success for super Ripe People and their Dreams. A noted ceremonialist in the eyes of Mother Earth and a full time blogger, he records his ongoing activity and mystical adventures on the Plant Your Dream Curezone Blog (13 million page views). He writes about his Campaigns and Sponsors on the Non GMO, Organic & Fair Trade Shopping Guide on Plant Your Dream Word Press ( million pa ...   read more

46 days to @heirloomexpo   4 d  
46 days to @heirloomexpo. This was written on Friday, July 24, 2015. It is a report of events on Thursday, July 23, 2015, and then some of the events on Friday, July 24.
46 days to @heirloomexpo Yesterday Thursday, July 23, 2015 was a devastating day of loss of spirit. I’ve been hearing up with intentions to drive the my 68 vw van on a mission. The Enchanted Garden Mobiles Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds, to @heirloomexpo . I was up during the night writing some. Then in the morning I was feeling stress in my low back around my kidneys. I got up and did some more writing and was in a very short time I was starting to experience shooting pains in my right lower limb into my big toe. What ax very disturbing report! I though ...   read more

Prophetic dream? going a different direction?   6 d  
Prophetic dream? going a different direction?
8:29 AM July 22, 2015   read more

Bought--comments and vaccine questions   6 d  
Bought--comments and vaccine questions There are many good, critical vaccines, such as polio that saved people! Starting or ending with vaccines kills it for me. My mind wanders with rebuttals! Wish the focus was entirely on that is a real danger! If you showed bad vaccines in tiny increments, spaced out during the major thrust on GMO’s then it might become a strong film I’d promote. Like · Reply · 1 · Jun 13, 2015 4:57pm Toby Doell-Carbone · Works at Registered Nurse (RN, BSN) Lana --- the polio vaccine?!?! Really? Are you referring to the polio vaccine that was given ...   read more

Morning Jewels: 50 days to national heirloom expo   8 d  
Morning Jewels , 50 days to expo Vaccines, can they suppress infection and what we name childhood diseases ? Yes they can! But what is the cost? Our kids are getting weaker and weaker. Their immune system more and more violated and bankrupt. Meanwhile big Pharma supported by government gets wealthier and wealthier The Nations health gets poor and poor. Immunization through vaccination, this is part of the Empty Harvest of what was the American Dream. I wish upon you a vision! A vision of the full fall harvest! I will show you images of that Full Fall Harvesr. It is visible at the World's pure food fair, The national heirloom expo September 8-10. This my friend is the Pure Food Revolution and one of its finest expressions!
We are 50 days away from the national heirloom expo in Santa Rosa. I teach there. I’ve taken my 68 VW van on a mission, the Enchanted Garden Mobiles Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seed , to The expo three years in a row. My plan A was to be free for August and September. Plan A is to visit various Whole Foods Markets, farmers market, and other places of opportunity to share about the national heirloom expo, The pure food revolution, and my yearly thene. winning that are sacred seeds. My personal health is becoming more and more an issue. I’ve been having undiagnosed increa ...   read more

Airflights from San Diego to Santa Rosa CA   9 d  
Airflights from San Diego to Santa Rosa CA
Just looking at this. I do not believe this is an option I want to do.   read more

A Pure Food Revolution Begins Now; Vaccinate or not?   9 d  
A Pure Food Revolution Begins Now; Vaccinate or not?
A PURE FOOD REVOLUTION BEGINS NOW: VACCINATE OR NOT? A NATIONAL CONVERSATION IS NEEDED ON ”SEED SAVING” AND GMO EDUCATION See you September 8-10 at the National Heirloom Expo; and follow my Journey on the Plant Your Dream Blog. +++++The ideas here need to be melded into a 1000 word article for the August issue of The Life Connection Magazine. This is my first draft written today, Sunday July 19, 2015. You are welcome to comment. ++++++ EDITED EDITION 10:15 AM \ @RareSeeds @PureFoodRevolution @heirloomexpo ...   read more

Food & Herbs As Medicine -Or Big Pharma As Our Only Medicine   10 d  
Food & Herbs As Medicine -Or Big Pharma As Our Only Medicine,
Food And Herbs As Medicine Or Big Pharma As Our Only Medicine? Leave it to Biotechnology and we will have Big Pharma as the Medicine not only of Today but tomorrow. The potential dangers of this marriage are pointed out in the new Film, ”Bought.” I want to encourage you to look at this film, at least the trailer and the first ten minutes. You can see the entire film free until July 26 online. The film is also on Netflix. I need to express my own personal issues now regarding the medicine that I want to pursue on my path of healing as as far as I get on The Enchant ...   read more

Charlotte Tenney's Rainfail   10 d  
Charlotte Tenney's Rainfail
TIPS FOR WINNING BACK OUR SACRED SEEDS ”To Dream that Impossible Dream! To Reach that Unreachable Star! Til United All-One we Are!” --from E.H. Bronner’s Moral ABC’s with help from son Ralph Bronner P.21 Reading Morning prayers from Dr. Bronner’s Moral ABC’s , Saturday morning, July 18, 2015 I opened to a page that said ”To Dream The timpossible dream!” When it rains this is a big deal for me. We were having a remarkable early morning rain. It began the instant I started to bring to mind Charlotte Tenney, a founder of the Trees for HealthGarden in Balboa Park. The ...   read more

Broadcast URL July 18, 2015   10 d  
Broadcast URL July 18, 2015
Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener and Mo Roufé hold up a 100 year calendar that began in the year 1950. When will the @TheMonsantoYears End for You? Plant Your Dream now! May 23, 2015 TIPS TO WIN BACK OUR SACRED SEEDS AND OUTGROW GMOs TIPS FOR WINNING BACK OUR SACRED SEEDS AND OUTGROWING GMOS LESLIE GOLDMAN #MAMSD TALK PART ONE PART TWO ONLINE AT THE LIFE CONNECTION MAGAZINE LISTEN TO THE END OF @THEMONSANTOYEAR ...   read more

Cover Whole Seed Catalogue--find it--New Art intention   10 d  
Cover Whole Seed Catalogue--find it--New Art intention
Cover Whole Seed Catalogue--find it--New Art intention Taking a stand again on Food as Medicine July 18, 2015   visit the page

Do kidney Stones always cause Problems?   11 d  
Do kidney Stones always cause Problems?
Do Kidney Stones always cause problems Went to the Kidney Doctor. Waited a while to see him. He told me that the 21 millimeter kidney stone cluster I had is now three separate kidney stones of 9, 8 and 7. The doctor grew impatient as I asked him to repeat that a number of times The conservation ended with that. He was short with me. He asked me if I wete taken the pills he gave me. I said no. They cause diarrhea. potassium citrate. I need to lay down. I was looking for something different. He sounded like from the intra sound treatm ...   read more

Being Honest about my Trip. Today is July 16   12 d  
Being Honest about my Trip. Today is July 16
Being Honest about where I am at today. It is 54 days before The National Heirloom Exposition​. I went to the Kidney Doctor today for an ultra Sound. I go back tomorrow for the results. I feel I have improved. I want to thank Mo Roufé​ and Eva Roufe​ who making it possible for me to get a ride to Zen Honeycutt​’s last night to watch ”Bought” and meet with Our family of activists. I would like to have a gathering here at home this July to experience the chairs being filled around the #SacredSuccessCircle. My Plan A has been to get drive the my 68 VW Van ...   read more

Are Ritalin and Meth related?   12 d  
Conversations about "Bought" The Movie
When to a gathering last night. Saw the film ”Bought” for the first time. The film stirred up a lot of emotions in those of us who watched. It also brought up some conversation that are sticking with me. HERE IS ONE SUBJECT I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT Are Ritalin and Meth related? Eva Roufe​ telling experiences working in the health care field pointed out the severity of the Drug Dilemma we are now in. To share with me her understanding that kids who are in the Foster Care Care program and mandated to take handfuls of big Pharma Drugs. These can inc ...   read more

12:40 pm Thursday; 4:15 pm Friday Kidney doctor appointments   13 d  
12:40 pm Thursday; 4:15 pm Friday Kidney doctor appointments
Woke up early this morning with thoughts to put up one photo from the old National Heirloom Expo’s, but could not do anything on iMac because of no more space. Spent time working on that. Sitting is hurting me, that is clear. I feel it in my lower back. The other day we we were thinking at PCOM that this was ortho related. The way the pain felt after sitting a few hours yesterday, feels like it is kidney related. I am glad I have these Kidney appointments on Thursday and Friday. I just woke up and was in bed for about 30 minutes at least imagining throwing ou ...   read more

Pacific Symposium Dates 2015   14 d  
Pacific Symposium Dates 2015
Pacific Symposium Dates 2015   visit the page

56 Days before @heirloom expo The National Heirloom Expo   14 d  
56 Days before @heirloom expo The National Heirloom Expo.
56 Days before @heirloom expo This is part two of a tail I gave at the MarchAgainstMonsnto San Diego May 23, 2015 This is part One of the Talk at the March Against Monsanto San Diego, May 23, 2015 Tips 7:21 am July 11, 2015 I will blog this on curezone and upload the final version here. sometimes I am not able to update saves. The photo feature works well. Today is Tuesday july 11, 2015. I am beginning This checkin lying in bed. life is af ...   read more

Feeling spent   15 d  
Feeling spent
8:36 am July 13, 2015 Made some progress with one housemate. He is watering some plants. They looked good. I am out of touch with him much of the time. That appears to be O.K. How about the other housemate who I have no idea what they are doing? Call them. Leave a message. I need to leave for an appointment soon for massage. Check on seeds ordered…from Bob 8:39 am How very sad. I am nervous. I do not know if I can pull off my trip... Earlier writing This morning: Feeling spent 6;17 am July 10, 2015 I put out a ...   read more

Sales Tax--Things to do   16 d  
Sales Tax--Things to do
Things to do this week Finish Sales Tax Report Finish 2014 Driver? Thank you, Angels.   visit the page

More tingling sensations: what to do today?   18 d  
More tingling sensations: what to do today?
60 days before the national heirloom expo It is 3:54 AM on July 9. I’ve been up at least 40 minutes. I woke up with increased tingling sensations in my left foot. Up to now it’s been the right foot. These are new to me. My head is filled with remembering past times in my life when I’ve been crippled. I once was abandoned in the desert of Utah. I could not walk or spread my legs apart more than a quarter inch. It was winter and I was at Hot Springs. I was left there in the trailer by a healer who thought the Hot Springs would heal me. My driver left me there to pursue a caree ...   read more

What My Needs are Now-61 Days before National Heirloom Expo   20 d  
What My Needs are Now-61 Days before National Heirloom Expo
JOIN THE PURE FOOD REVOLUTION. WINNING BACK OUR SACRED SEEDS It is July 8, 2015, 5:16 am. I just started a Smart Album in the Iphoto Library called MAM + SHAVUOT 2015. The description is #THEMESFORNHE Will ThemesForHHE get me there too? ”NHE stands for The National Heirloom Exposition​ and I am 61 days away. In my article now published in The Life Connection Magazine​ July Issue Called Winning Back Our Sacred Seeds and Outgrowing GMOs, I give Tips for Winning Back Our Sacred Seeds and Outgrowing GMOs. This is a Big question; Which do we choose the Gl ...   read more

Hanford Nuclear Reservation--never heard of it till now   21 d  
Hanford Nuclear Reservation--never heard of it till now
Hanford Nuclear Reservation-- I never heard of it till now 1941-45 dates of highest nuclear emissions. mutated animals….mutated people… A new friend was effected by the original emissions… She had cancer in 1996, How many effected by it? She says millions. The Hanford downwinders… As soon as born, she was radiated… ”Everyone has hypothyroid medications hormones…” Still active.. Washington apples coming from the Columbia River goes through Portland… no one paying attention.. Her whole life destroyed by health issues. Came here because of Gerson in ...   read more

this morning work--tuesday July 8   21 d  
this morning work--tuesday July 8
TIPS ADD photo of joe with magazine. wfm story-- All in one place tickets to eat… sambazpn dr bronners $600.00 nhe paul.. ersonal assistant resistant to sir too much sarah keep sacred circle alive--   visit the page

Monday morning Nightmare   22 d  
Monday morning Nightmare
Monday morning Nightmare I started to feel better at the farmers market yesterday after a few hours it has been difficult without the enchanted Garden mobile for almost a week it seems. I canceled an appointment for Pacific College for today but wonder if I could get it back, how will I get down there. I need to transition from out of the world or I am strong and alive and bring that strengthen to the physical world of order. There are many nightmarish thoughts that I awakened with this morning I want to remember what Joe said yesterday , anything is possible, ...   read more

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