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I Need a new crockpot   76 min  
Need a new crockpot
I Need a new crockpot   read more

Prep National Heirloom Expo   5 d  
Prep National Heirloom Expo
Where Stay? Backup Stay Options? Extended Stay America Santa Rosa South? Extended Stay America - Santa Rosa - South 2600 Corby Ave. | Santa Rosa, CA 95407 2.6 miles from destination | -- get directions T: 707. 546.4808 | F: 707. 546.4860 Sonoma County FairgroundsWebsiteDirections Fairground The Sonoma County Fairgrounds is a fairground and exhibition center located in Santa Rosa, California. It is where the annual Sonoma County fair takes place and ot ...   read more

Prep Natural Product Expo West   6 d  
Prep Natural Product Expo West
Garden Management Journal It is a day after my birthday, November 19, 2015. Most grateful that I am able to sit at the computer for numbers of hours today. This has not been the case for many months. The tingling sensations in my lower right and some left limb are improved. I did not take AminoActiv today, just Arnica Montana 30 C. I have been in below first gear for a number of weeks, really taking long naps, even though everything is on hold for next years funding, as well as record keeping cleanup. WORKED ON THIS BLOG A BIT, UPDATING IT Contempl ...   read more

My Birthday Gift to Myself--#HeirloomExpo Video   7 d  
My Birthday Gift to Myself--#HeirloomExpo Video
My Birthday Gift to Myself I would like to make a video of the Opening and Closing Ceremony from the Natoinal Heirloom Expo 2015. It is now 7:40 am November 19, 2015 ALSO Chinese version of The Enchanted Garden Club Membership. Dreams..   visit the page

On Wheat. I want to watch this   7 d  
On Wheat. I want to watch this
I WANT TO WATCH THIS MY STORY Wheat has come home to haunt and inspire us THE LIFE CONNECTION EDITION   visit the page

Inflammation cutting edge info Zach Bush MD   8 d  
Inflammation cutting edge info Zach Bush MD
cutting edge info on inflammation from Dr Zach Bush MD Iimpressed me Time to step up my use of as seasons shift and eating are effecting my gut health. @PlantYourDreamBlog Leslie POWERFUL NEW INSIGHTS Links of interest FROM NEW EARTH DYNAMICS FB FAQ: Is Restore liquid probiotics? ANSWER: No, Restore has zero bacteria in it. It is a first-in-class supplement that improves gut function. We need a much more diverse microbiome than one can achieve by replicating the same strands of bacteria over and over (thi ...   read more

A holiday tale from @YourEG Leslie Goldman   11 d  
A holiday story written on November 15, two days after Paris .
We live in the world connected, even worlds from this one to the next. I had a demonstration of that last night in the atmosphere of of more than 30,000 people who gathered to enjoy a homecoming game at San Diego’s QUALCOMM Stadium. I did a lot of napping November 14 I’ve had to. I put out a lot of energy in the last six months, very much testing my limits and health capacities. I’ve been taking long naps and not forcing myself to do too much more to do too many things that I don’t want to do. I had in mind that I wanted to go to the local university homecoming game. As the ...   read more

#GMJ garden management journal @PlantYourDreamBlog    14 d  
#GMJ garden management journal @PlantYourDreamBlog
#GMJ Garden Management Journal @PlantYourDreamBlog   read more

Cancer: The Forbidden Cures Movie   15 d  
Cancer:The Forbidden Cures Movie
Cancer:The Forbidden Cures Movie November 11, 2015 2:56 pm MY REVIEW Cancer: The Forbidden Cures, DVD by Massimo Mazzucco The Forbidden Cures (2010) has ”definitive” opinions from lead AMA advocates that the cures expressed in this film could not possibly work because they are based on nature and stand well outside their medical model of surgery, radiation, and chemo. This is a heart hurting journey and intro into the likes of Drs. and inspired healers for over a hundred years who found natural ...   read more

Heading for a Soil Shindig--November 7, 2015   19 d  
Heading for a Soil Shindig. November 7, 2015 San Diego County at Wild Willow Farm, Suzie's Farm, and the Tijuana Estuary Farm.
#Seedstock2015 #AIHM15 #Pacificsymposium2015 wrap-up. #RareSeeds grow @RareSeeds. I like and support Soil Shindig. Although I have been doing an experiment with Soilless at the Enchanted Garden, and I see Soilless as a solution that many are seeking now to grow more food in a time of soil crisis, I hold to my teaching that the Earth and the Soul are Soil Mates. The solution, ultimately, as I see it, will be thousands upon thousands of small scale gardeners and many more local farmers feeding their communities. Soil Shindig is an organic step in the right direction. The ...   read more

Innovation and the rise of local food   21 d  
innovation and the rise of local food November 3-4, 2015 Conference in San Diego,
Innovation and the rise of local food A Marvelous conference was held November 3-4 in San Diego on the theme of Innovation and the Rise of Local Food. I missed the event. I was still in recovery from two other back to back conferences and needed to rest. The change in the weather was also a big factor. It rained yesterday morning. The EG Mobile is not geared up for travel in the rain and cold. I sense3 that Jason Reed, the organizer created an important event. I spend a number of hours studying th website and view ...   read more

Struggle for freedom and justice continues   33 d  
The struggle for freedom and justice continues . Remembering Tommy Smith and John Carlos comes to my 1968 . appropriate that I drive the enchanted Garden mobile, I 1968 VW .
Struggle for freedom and justice continues #AIHM15 @AIHMGlobal Just watched s movie about Tommy Smth and John Carlos raising fists for what is right, Frerdom & Justice for All. The struggle to win back our sacred seeds comes to mind. I remember 1968. I remember this action to win back or sacred seeds. Fast forward now. We have made a few strides. Seed Freedom is still the focus. We are all sacred seeds. #RareSeeds grow @RareSeeds #WinningBackOurSacredSeeds On The the Enchanted Garden Mobiles Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds Get the Baker Creek Enchanted Garden Winnin ...   read more

When will the drought end in our lives?   47 d  
With each dollar we spend in the marketplace we can uplift consciousness that much . This Plant Your Dream Blog gives insights for ending the drought in our lives, and for further ending @TheMonsantoYears through conscious spending this holiday season.
When whill the drought end in our lives and holiday gift giving guide By Leslie Gokdman Your Enchanted Gardener Plant Your Dream Blog holiday gift giving guide The hundred year calendar Ned Buratovich I carried your hundred year calendar with me on my six-week journey to win back our sacred seeds, part one. I had it on stage at the national heirloom expo @heirloomexpo and used it with Arran Stephens of nature’s Path. I asked him for the year the End of @TheMansanoYears would occur. I truly believe we are outgrowing GMO’s as more and more people hear the call, ...   read more

Food waste summit   49 d  
Food waste summit October 6 sets of New tone for collaboration in San Diego
I brought this @rateseed Morrocan squash to the #SDFOODSYS Food Waste Solution Summit. October 6 meeting in San Diego. The issue of what we call waste affects all of us. climate change is influenced by the byproducts of waste, namely what we have called the greenhouse gases including methane. The revolution to further bring the issues to awareness further came into focus as leaders in food recovery gathered in San Diego at the Jacobs Center for neighborhood innovation. This event was organized by the San Diego Food ...   read more

Natures technology trumps biotechnology   51 d  
Natures original technology trumps biotechnology
@heirloomexpo @rareSeeds @YourEG Heirloom Expo countdown news from the #plant yourdreamblog #leichtagfoundation. Natures original technology trumps the technology that we can create These inventions are really fascinating! however, It’s time to slow down and take a good close-up look at the amazing array of original seeds that can help us win back our own sacred seed nature when we grow them! Please spend some time getting your ”beet” back with nature and take a look at some of the other simple seeds I recommend that you grow. TIPS TO WIN BACK OUR SACRED SEEDS AND OUTGROW GMOs ...   read more

SDSU involvement journal   52 d  
SDSU involvement--Fall 2015
He’s here for safekeeping : The afternoon of oct 4 I celebrated the Succot Harvest Festival at the Leichtag Foundation I brought a squash from The national Heirloom Expo @rareseeds #Heirloomexpo that wanted to sit in the Succah! #SukkotHarvestFestival #leichtagfdn#Encinitas #Leucadia #encinitaslife #sandiego #sukkot #loveleucadia Celebrating Rain Today. It is a day to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds TIPS TO WIN BACK OUR SACRED SEEDS AND OUTGROW GMOs . Ps if any of you would like to come down for Thanksgiving let me know. From ...   read more

Conferences October AIMH Pacific Symposium   54 d  
Conferences October AIMH Pacific Symposium
October 25-29   visit the page

Conferences October AIMH Pacific Symposium   54 d  
Conferences October AIMH Pacific Symposium
October 25-29   visit the page

Deep Tissue burn from Far Infared Technology?   54 d  
Deep Tissue burn from Far Infared Technology?
October 3, 2015 A friend asked me to research a deep tissue burn from Far Infared Technology this looks good, for general info:   visit the page

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