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Teach Your Children   58 h  
Teach Your Children
Teach Your Children LYRICS You who are on the road Must have a code that you can live by And so become yourself Because the past is just a good-bye. Teach your children well, Their father’s hell did slowly go by, And feed them on your dreams The one they picks, the one you’ll know by. Don’t you ever ask them why, if they told you, you will cry, So just look at them and sigh And know they love you. And you, of tender years, Can’t know the fears that your elders grew by, And so please help them with your youth, They seek the truth before they can die. ...   read more

EarthDay 2017 April 22--On the Road to Damascus Revisited   60 h  
EarthDay 2017 April 22--Notes
EarthDay 2017 April 22--Notes My spirit was uplifted this morning listening to a cassette made in the year of 1980 around Easter time. I just listened to a cassette of very special information called, ”On the Road to Damascus,” that was one of the final sessions made for the Essene School of Thought Library. I am grateful that some of these cassettes still exist. I haven’t listened to one of them for many years. I would like to transfer them to CD’s. They contain esoteric wisdom. I know some of the new generation are beginning to explore altered states where w ...   read more

Thanks to JR Organics for ongoing support   6 d  
Thanks to JR Organics for ongoing support
MEMORY 2015 HIGHLIGHT : #Plantyourdreamblog on The Enchanted Garden Mobile’s Journey To Win Back Our Sacred Seeds Visited with Joe Sr Rodriguez and Goyo Rodriguez at the Saturday Santa Monica Farmers Market Pico 8-1 pm 2200 Virginia Street. I picked up flowers to decorate the @ EarthFair in Balboa Park En chanted Garden Mobile exhibit In the car concourse, Pan-American area 7. Be sure to join the JR Organic CSA and support Local farmers in every way at the farmers market. JR ORGANIC FARMERS’ MARKETS   visit the page

Enchanted Garden Seder Ideas--Home in the Promised Land   7 d  
Enchanted Garden Seder Ideas--Home in the Promised Land
Enchanted Garden Seder Ideas--Home in the Promised Land WORDS TO HAVADIN AYANU Debbie Freedman   visit the page

Passover Village entries   10 d  
Passover Village entries
The Drought is over, even here in the desert of Joshua Tree. Hello plant! It’s Leslie! Saying good morning to you and thanking you for your blessings during the night. I have been here and other times when the winds were so intense I’ll ask campers shattered and how tightly to the stakes we hammered in the ground. The drought is over, at least in California and here in Southern California. Will be fine balance, Deere plant? I’m here among a gathering of Prophets! Do we know we are each Prophets intended to prophet from each others dreams realized? What a blessing to be ...   read more

Strive for Greatness   11 d  
Strive for greatness, passover Easter message April 12, 2017, send Igoe California Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog
To Jaccie Phillips, who lost her wallet Passover Easter 2017 Jaccie, this is a Spiritual Test to show you, you are not alone. Keep sharing your progress. Angels of Comfort and Protection. 1990, I attended an important conference in LA down at the Biltmore hotel. I decided To save five dollars on parking. I believe I was sleeping on someone’s floor in their rented room. The first night, I parked in a gated garage for $12 bucks. The second night parking was five dollars, When I came out in the morning, my loaded VW van that I had since 1972, was gone. I never ...   read more

The Earth and the Soul are Soilmates--Leslie says.   12 d  
Enchanted Garden Club Member Teaching for Passover...The Earth and the Soil are Soil Mates...A Few Keys to Grow more Promised Land...
Heading for the Desert tomorrow. Gathering a few Passover thoughts. Goldman, a bit plumpish in my own eyes, thanks to the healing of my gut lining and being able to in part quell gut lining inflammation and digest more foods. I was down to 108 and had persistent diarrhea for more than five years. I am now up to around 130...and have a different set of problems....I am getting too fat in my own eyes!!!! SaRina has been one of my safe landing places within the Jewish Tradition for many years. This was taken when last we were together during the Days of Awe las ...   read more

A magical happening Passover-Easter morning Years Ago   12 d  
A magical happening Passover-Easter morning Years Ago...
Growing up in the 60s, Ina May Gaskin was a familiar person in the backdrop of my consciousness helping to bring in a New Age. I’m not sure if I met her personally. I may have. I definitely met her husband Stephen Gaskin, Who led the community from San Francisco to Tennessee where they formed an intentional community called The Farm. In the 60s, San Francisco was on fire with consciousness raising events and there was a spirit of great collaboration between the tribes. I believe the tradition was Monday night class with stephen Gaskin. And another night every week, Rabbi Slome ...   read more

Taking FES Flower Essences on my Desert Retreat   13 d  
Taking Flower Essences on my Desert Retreat--Doing a little catch up. My friend Danielle Loewenstein is headed for a week long trip to the Dominican Republic, where she will serveas a volunteer acupuncturist with the Global Clinic, from April 22-30th. I want to send her off with some of my favorite remedies from FES Flower essence services. Doing a little catchup with experiences at #ExpoWest, The Natural Product Expo where I visit with founder Richard Katz once a year. I will also be taking these remedies with me on my annual desert retreat.
Dandelion Dynamo is an excellent tonic for the spring season, but is also an important year-round formula for balancing the spring-like forces in their body and soul. For those who tend toward an overly phlegmatic or lethargic condition, Dandelion Dynamo cuts through many forms of congestion and contraction in the body. Dandelion Dynamo can also benefit those individuals with too much intensity and activity, tending to over-schedule and over-plan their lives. Because these mental, ”air” forces are out of touch with the metabolism, the head, neck and shoulders are particu ...   read more

Lessons Learned from the Divine Feminine   13 d  
Lessons Learned from the Divine Feminine,
April 10, 2017 I am being encouraged by Adrienne Prince, my housemate and coach, to create a talk ”Lessons I’ve Learned from the Divine Feminine.” I love this music video below, by The Flaming Lips, ”Do You Realize.” It was just introduced me by Tami Gosnell, on her radio show, The New Paradigm. I believe I have written poetry over the years that will outlast this life. This is the kind of music video I have in mind to make. I would like dancers and some of my words set to music. Tonight is the Beginning of the Passover....The Essence o ...   read more

Wow! This Radio Station is Great! Need One in San Diego!   14 d  
Wow! This Radio Station is Great! Need One in San Diego!
Wow! This Radioo Station is Great! Need One in San Diego! Wow! This Radio Station is Great! Need One in San Diego! Date: 4/10/2017 6:21:31 PM ( 40 s æ ) ... viewed 3 times Flaming Lips...Do You Realize song...fabulous!!! Wow! This Station is Great! Need One in San Diego! Maxime Zahra turned me on to it! She has a show on it every it. They are broadcasting from West Sonoma Country, near Sebastopol. This is where I like to go every year to promote the #HeirloomExpo, The National Heirloom Exposition, September 5-6-7, 2017. The station is great. Makes me want to move to ...   read more

Healing my bleeding gums--making progress   16 d  
Healing my bleeding gums--making progress
I want to report that I have had bleeding gums for five or more years. I have been really concerned about this. I am turning the corning on this condition using a new toothbrush that I purchased at the #ScrippsNatSup Conference. I have the bleeding area in just two places now, and not all the time. The toothbrush I am using is called Sonic3000, KYOUI Toothbrush Http:// Photos later.... #PlantYourDreamBlog April 8, 2017 ADDING THIS PRODUCT TODAY DIRECTIONS: Directions: Put about 1/4 teaspoon on your toothbrush. B ...   read more

How I stay away from flu   17 d  
How I stay away from flu Today is April 7, 2017. The origins of Spring Cleaning in my life trace to a celebrated event in the Jewish tradition called Passover that many times is in sync with the holiday of Easter, a time of resurrection. Next Thursday through Sunday I’ll be in the desert in Joshua tree with some very special men and women seeking their indigenous Jewish roots within nature and the religion of their birth. This year they’ll be more multicultural focus and a number of those attending will ...   read more

Speaker/Presenter Questionnaire; 2017 National Heirloom Expo   19 d  
Speaker/Presenter Questionnaire; 2017 National Heirloom Expo
speaker/presenter questionnaire; 2017 national heirloom expo   visit the page

Boron Oscillo for flu or Vaccination?   20 d  
Boron Oscillo for flu or Vaccination?
One of the highlights of #expowest 2017, The natural products Expo West, was spending time with the President and CEO of Boiron, Janick Boudazin. He speaks French and it was a delight to have him in conversation in his native tongue with two of my companions Nadia Sessen and her mom Renee Davidson. Boiron’s Oscillo (for short) Is the remedy that I take personally as a preventative for flu. In actuality, the day we met I could feel flu coming on. One of my companions had it, but I never came down with severe symptoms . I just took Oscillo.   read more

Solutions I have used to outgrow IBS   20 d  
Solutions I have used to outgrow IBS.
Creators of Restore4Life and me, #expowest. LINK TO RESTORE4LIFE WEBSITE Http:// URL GUT ISSUES ARE NOW AN EPIDEMIC The number of people who are having bowel issues today is profound. GMO’s are implicated in leaky gut syndrome. I’m convinced of that. We can hardly avoid them unless we are eating extremely consciously. They use GMO’s to speed up the process of harvesting wheat. Aside from this, most commercial bakers are so profit oriented that they do not recognize that wheat is a ...   read more

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