Stating my Intentions
by Roooth
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The End of This   7 y  
Mein Kopf ist yetzt kaput
Well, Iím more than 2/3rds way into the number of days where Iíd planned to do a daily focus of intentions on my goals, in particular health and food issues. It appears I have made zero progress. This method hasnít done anything additional. Donít get this to mean that I give up on improving my habits and health, or continuing with any of my other goals. Focus is good but this method of trying to focus is not getting me anywhere. So Iím aborting b/c at this point it appears tedious. Iíve also come to some conclusions about the Law of Attraction and how it is commonly perceived. I alr ...   read more

Sunday (Day 68)   7 y  
Working on food issues. I know, I know, if it seems never ending to you, think how it is to me. But giving up means accepting fatness and bad health... I eat more healthy foods than ever before so there is progress. I'm working on improving... taking the next step. It is worth it.
I decided to skip some days. I was getting so rushed this past week and the past few entries were hurried without real time put into thinking and feeling about what I really want. So today is not consecutive. Itís about a week later. I am soooooo busy (woooooooooooo!) with 3 classes ending (finals!) and my hubby coming back - all 2 weeks from now! So yeah, Iíve been busy. What Iíve been thinking about this weekend is my diet, of course. Iíve been messing up again, overate a couple times and noticed it doesnít feel good. I also noticed that sometimes when I feel like I should go e ...   read more

Monday (Day 67)   7 y  
Staying focused
Iím getting better at not goofing off at work and being focused on getting stuff done. This is partly due to having more interesting stuff to do and having a lot to do! Yup, Iíve been busy. It was a relaxing day at work today, a good start. Iím still working on habits of being kinder and not ridiculing privately. The ridiculing came with me becoming part of a ĒclickĒ - they are fun... but also excluded 2 guys at work that are kind of screw ups. Itís easy to make fun of them b/c they really are screwups, but them being bad at their job really isnít reason to be cruel. So doing better ...   read more

Sunday (Day 66)   7 y  
Stating what I would like in health, work and school
Day 2 of the MC, feeling fine. Just like to say a few quick words: Health & Food: - I wish to be completely comfortable and in control with food. - I would like to eat healthy consistently. - I think it would be wonderful if I ate what my body needed in amounts it wants. I know this feels good physically. - I am enjoying the break that the MC provides and am looking forward to working on my improved food habits when it is over. School: - I want more than anything else to get into a graduate program that will take me to my life goals for work. - I love the idea of delving into ...   read more

Saturday   7 y  
Stating my intentions for Health, School and Work
Well, itís been busy, what with a friend in town and work and stuff. I wonít be writing much about food plans so much, perhaps some intentions but I am doing an MC. I havenít done once since early December and I usually do it for 14 days. So MC for now. I intend to be able to eat consciously and create good habits that will help me maintain weight loss better than I have in the past. I keep going back and forth with the same 15 lbs. I guess that is what they call yo-yo dieting? At least itís not a larger number like 50! Yikes! So yeah at this weight I want to go down again. The M ...   read more

Monday early   7 y  
Slipping a little so working on eating consciously today. Don't feel so good but oh well..
I guess I was a little bit in vacation mode b/c I was hanging out with a friend who is out here on vacation. I was a little less conscious about eating although I didnít eat a lot yesterday. Even so, my tummy feels wobbly lately and I havenít respected it. So today my intention is to go back to conscious eating and listen to what my body wants to do. I had something early this morning and donít feel too good so I will be more careful. Soup may be the meal of the day. I feel pretty mucus-y. (yuk) So I got myself an alkalizing drink today which is yukko. I tell ya, the taste of blac ...   read more

Monday early   7 y  
Slipping a little so working on eating consciously today. Don't feel so good but oh well..
I guess I was a little bit in vacation mode b/c I was hanging out with a friend who is out here on vacation. I was a little less conscious about eating although I didnít eat a lot yesterday. Even so, my tummy feels wobbly lately and I havenít respected it. So today my intention is to go back to conscious eating and listen to what my body wants to do. I had something early this morning and donít feel too good so I will be more careful. Soup may be the meal of the day. I feel pretty mucus-y. (yuk) So I got myself an alkalizing drink today which is yukko. I tell ya, the taste of blac ...   read more

Food & LOA (Saturday)   7 y  
Update on food habits and thoughts on the Law of Attraction
Today Iím on a lil mini-vacation on Maui with a friend of mine that came out to visit me. Even though weíre on vacation, I have still had decent habits. I had a little junkfood out here, shared some Hawaiian chocolates with her that I really like, had some ice cream. Even though I didnít make pure healthy choices, I didnít get all stupid about it. The worst I did was eating till a bit over-full b/c I was falling asleep at this internet cafe where I need to get some homework done (ok, Iím not 100% on vacation, still too much to do). Sheís out on a boat looking for dolphins. I did not ...   read more

Friday   7 y  
Today's entry is about work mostly
Work is very good. I just about *died* yesterday from stress, putting out a fire, going nuts, trying to get everything done and I worked 14 hours. Today is so relaxed. Work sent me to our Maui office to do an install. Plus I got some kudos for taking care of things yesterday. I really like the atmosphere at this office, so relaxed and pleasant. I really like the people. I feel good. Itís a good vibe to keep me on track with my goals to be both kind and effective at work. Food is going good and I stepped on a scale. It is a different scale and different time of day than before I ...   read more

Thursday, Day 56   7 y  
Things are picking up *yay* 4th or 5th day on the new eating habits I think...
I seem to be getting good at my practice of not emotionally eating and not eating to the point of too full. Iíve not yet done much of leaving food on my plate when I felt I couldíve stopped a little early, but Iíve also been sensible enough to arrange for there not to be a lot of food in front of me. I left some food that didnít have that much appeal rather than eat it mindlessly anyway. I think Iím really doing good here! Iím really liking this coping method of eating. It seems to be working well, and Iíd like to imagine that Iím starting to deflate a tad. Maybe it was just my belly ...   read more

Wednesday (Day 55)   7 y  
Things are looking up in all 3 areas: school, work and weight/food/health. Actually, school is always good - the other 2 are looking up. :)
Wow, I skipped another day. BAD ME! IíM SUCH A SLACKER!!! LOL I will have a busy 2 weeks and have had a incredibly busy last week. A friend just came into town. At the same time I still have my 3 classes and work is super crazy busy with 3 classes. So back to my goals. In the last 2 days Iíve done very well implementing the new eating habits. Iíve actually had moments that my eating enjoyment greatly increased due to my practice to make it conscious. I watched a few episodes of that ĒI Can Make You ThinĒ and there were a few times where I started to get a desire to eat when I ...   read more

Monday (day 53)   7 y  
Iím looking forward to this week. I ate very well yesterday, feeling good. Iím looking forward to bringing about a new way of eating, eating consciously, same thing I was trying to build a habit of but now I believe I know where I went wrong. I have a friend in town for vacation and I donít plan on pigging out, so to speak - then I wouldnít be able to enjoy the vacation because I would feel bloated and lazy. I will show her good foods and I will eat some. Iím feeling good about the week to come and weíre going to have fun! :-)   visit the page

Sunday (Day 52)   7 y  
Hey a girl wants what she wants...
So I started this trying to see if by focusing or affirming my positive desires, that would be enough to put me on the right path to slenderness and health and to not fighting with food anymore. While my attitude and feeling on food has become more relaxed, I have not moved towards my goal weight in pounds. Iíve never believed that either psychology or biology stood alone in a cause and effect relationship to most (if not all) things in our lives. This is not different. Some approaches say that you canít deny yourself any one thing but in general eat well. I tried to take that appro ...   read more

Saturday Day 51   7 y  
I don't believe the whole philosophy as-is but I believe there is enough truth - enough profound truth - that following it would bring lots of good things.
Today I went and tried out for Deal or No Deal. I didnít make it but it was a different experience. Itís too bad. All the thoughts Iíve had about $100,000 for school, that would do it. It did get me going on kinds of good focused thoughts on the possibility of acquiring $100,000 for school and how great that would be and how I would be able to go to grad school full time for a while. I would love to have this come my way. I do have my doubts about the Law of Attraction philosophy. I donít believe the whole philosophy as-is but I believe there is enough truth - enough profound trut ...   read more

Thuuuuursday - regression!   7 y  
some questions in my mind about how to work this out
Well today I messed up pretty bad. :-( Ah well. Iím much better in my head about messing up so I would think this is progress in terms of the Law of Attraction philosophy. Ah, but Iíve gained weight in the past month. Ultimately I want to lose. Some philosophies talk about sugar addiction but I donít buy that itís a completely physical addiction. Ikk, I dunno but I feel like Iím off track, Iím past due anyway for doing an MC (I usually do the Master Cleanse quarterly and I did it in December). Iíd love to start now but I have a friend coming out in a few days so Iím thinking Iíll d ...   read more

Wednesday (Day 49)   7 y  
Quickie - work on changing habits
This morning I got up and did a weights routine that was nice and left me wobbly. I did 1/2 good yesterday on my new habit and 1/2 not so good. Iím training myself to listen to my bodyís cues (imagine that!). So I will consider today day 1 of creating this habit. I ate yesterday when not hungry but I did not stuff myself so it wasnít too bad. Today I intend to listen to my body and spirit and get on a path of peaceful eating & thinking. This is the main goal today as I work.   visit the page

Tuesday (Day 48)   7 y  
looking forward to feeling good about food and not having bellie aches in the morning
Day 1 again of starting the new eating habits. I lapsed but thatís okay. It started with an *awesome* Italian dinner so at least it was worth it! ;-) But I also really ENJOYED the feeling I had when I was following the eating habits so Iím back to it today, looking forward to feeling good about food and not having bellie aches in the morning.   visit the page

Monday (Day 47)   7 y  
Things to appreciate
Iím very happy that I have good health. I know Iím bugging about getting FANTASTIC health, but the health I do have enables me to do tons of stuff and I donít have any major issues. I was able to find a cure for my UTIís and Iím very grateful for that. And since taking some of the alkalizing drink (minus pickling lime water which I donít have yet), my skin has gotten better. Iím very happy about my friends and family. They are good - my friends and husband especially. I love them. I got some friend-bonding yesterday and that was nice. Iím very grateful for the opportunity to do ...   read more

The new habit started out well   7 y  
Just an update...
I had a really good day and a half. I let myself overeat at a party today but Iím not upset about it. I was kind of upset about it after b/c I didnít feel physically good from it, but other than that, not so much. I donít think it will mess up what Iím trying to do because I really like how Iíve felt about food these last 2 days so I will keep on working with the 4 Golden Rules of eating because I like them. Iíll be happy to give updates as I go through this re-working of my habits. In the meantime, about work and schoolwork and such, I still have a lot to do but I think Iím getting ...   read more

Day 1 of new habit making I hope   7 y  
got response on the knee question...
My first day working on my new eating habit went extremely well. Iíve had single good days of course, but I feel really good about this one so Iím looking forward to 21 days and hoping then it becomes second nature. 21 days to a new habit, yes? Iíve also posted about my knees and was pointed towards Law of Attraction and knees being related to pride/ego/too much ĒIĒ/not enough ĒtheeĒ. hmmm.. interesting. Also, fear and inflexibility. On these two points I would say ĒnayĒ, not too much I fear in life but in relation to pride, perhaps so. There is much in my life for others.... but ...   read more

Saturday (Day 45)   7 y  
March 22, beginning of a new habit
Queue Dramatic Music: This is the new phase of me. From out of this frustrated shell will emerge a glorious butterfly submerged in the light of victory. We will see that day that.... *record skips* Ok, I wish I knew the famous song that is in my head for that. Anyway..... I have asked for the means to come my way, the means for me to have the eating habits, the figure and the health I want. Iíve been actively searching for some of this and found what seems EXTREMELY obvious but useful nontheless. The lovely Law of Attraction forum had a link to the 4 Golden Rules of eating ...   read more

Friday (Day 44)   7 y  
Frustrated, Sad...
Yeah, so itís all out here in the open. Itís a little embarassing. Itís funny, I know how to lose weight. I have different ways I can do it. What I donít know how to do is create the habits in myself that keep me consistently skinny and healthy... I believe that people come in to this world with challenges. When theyíve figured something out, they can go to the next challenge. If they donít successfully navigate the challenge in this life, it remains in the next until they master it. I believe in reincarnation. We are here to learn. We will learn from different perspectives. as ...   read more

contemplating still...   7 y  
...and running in circles, it would seem...
Iím starting to read some things that I hope will help me get a handle on this food thing. I saw one guyís writings with a phrase about how he stopped attacking his body to try to overcome a limitation of the mind... basically it meant that of course the temporary fixes can work, heck I myself have lost weight on diets and cleanses, but as he says and as makes sense, it will only be permanent by changing oneís way of thinking. It makes sense but still begs the question: how? I try to but more thinking into it and it backfires, I try to relax with the intention to eat healthy and Iím to ...   read more

Need to find a new tack...   7 y  
So back to the food thing - I keep coming back to this b/c I'm not making the progress I would like.
So back to the food thing - I keep coming back to this b/c Iím not making the progress I would like. One thing I have changed over the past 2 years is that the content of my diet is way healthier. Iíve done a lot of focusing on and finding healthy foods that I like. Of course there is also the focusing on foods part, meaning I still eat too much. I think I always have, and they say moderation, etc. Itís odd b/c I can fast, do a cleanse or follow a strict diet at times, often in an attempt to fix this but my day to day dietary habits are not where I would like them to be. I need to fi ...   read more

Wednesday - still not feeling well   7 y  
Working on improvement... hoping physically things get better after I'm done being sick...
Yukky sinus pressure is persisting. Iím at work. Iím really into getting these projects done right at work. Yesterday I did well with my work attitude, held back a negative remark that I wouldíve let go before and was decent to the guy who takes *so* much patience... so thatís better than before. :-) In the end I would like people to have thought I was kind. A few people might think I get testy at times... hopefully overall Iíll be able to have left a good impression when Iím done for the people I have trouble with. Other than those few who frustrate me, I do believe that I make peo ...   read more

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