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Kitty Litter Workout   25 mon  
my quick kitty litter workout
Spending Time in God's Gym   8 y  
wanna know what I'm doing to get ready for Ma's surgery and chemo?
Saturday Journal   8 y  
My Unique Approach to Bodybuilding and Fitness
Last night I saw my arms in the mirror relaxed. A nice sideeffect of happy self esteem and confidence is checking myself out in the mirror. Anyhoo, I have definition in my arms without flexing! Woo hoo! Watering the garden first thing in the ‘morning’ (actually 11:30 heehee!) before I eat gets me warmed up for the day. Next thing is to just jump on the total gym and do a workout before I eat. My appetite never seems to recover if I workout first thing in the morning. Maybe the raw egg yolks will cure that. I seem to want to gorge on EVERYTHING when I workout before I eat. I don’t think my ...   read more

Late Nite Journal Entry   8 y  
my long 'rant''s 90% positive.
I spent the day outside in the garden. I military pressed fifty pounds on a barbell for ten reps. It felt great. I also did a quickie workout in between plantings on my total gym. Glad I did because I didn’t feel like driving a mile and a half to the gym in the evening. I try to ride my bicycle to any destination within a two mile radius. Thankfully I made the initial investment in my garden. I think summer is going to be a little lean (again) and I’ll be doing a lot of freezing and canning of the harvest. Plus there are lots of local foks who keep chickens. If I could only have a dairy ...   read more

Bike Riding...Saves gas and gives me a heart attack!   8 y  
bike riding into respiratory failure going up a hill LOL
So I rode my bike to work today…I almost made it to the house (it’s on a hill) before my heart said NO MAS! so I pushed my bike up to the house like a dweeb. Well okay I’ll give myself a break. I had a great shift and got to take care of sweet little old ladies. I didn’t go the gym. I didn’t want to chance going to the gym on the bicycle. It’s at the top of a steep hill and the traffic pattern here isn’t bicycle friendly. I’m going to see how long it takes me to get to the gym, do a workout and ride to my job on Monday. It’s my day off so I can take it easy. Instead I did a back and ...   read more

Fresh Photos   8 y  
new pics and talking about poop My other exercise blog except I’ll spare them the details of my periods, my bowel movements and all the rest! LOL I left my salad at work. Had spinach omlet. I wonder if my supplements are making me constipated or screwing up my bowel movements because I don’t have a perfect Dr.Oz approved BM in the morning. I strongly suspect it’s supplement I’m taking otherwise I need to get going eating more apples!   read more

workout journal   8 y  
from tuesday
I find myself heading back towards working out late at night. I have ready access to the hardcore weight room and I can play my music without headphones on if I want to. I can turn the television on any channel I want and walk around and not worry about my gym shirt being a little too see through after I sweat and hairy legs,etc. Plus I now have a new rule. If I eat past nine o’ clock I must go the gym after work. Lately, work has me more wound up than usual and I feel compelled to burn off the stress of nursing. I don’t want to bring that home to my husband and animal companions. Anyw ...   read more

The iPhone Diet and Gardening   8 y  
taking pics of my food and invigorating gardening
I went to the gym late on Saturday and worked chest, tris and shoulders. My arms are tight but no DOMS. I think extreme pain is a sign of damage. Anyway, I managed to crank out three reps in a 50# bench press. I felt better after the forty five minute workout. This weekend was all about gardening. I took lots of pictures of my garden. I’m also going to take pictures of everything I eat for one week, especially when I’m at work! I think I’ll be more conscious of how much I snack at work. Anyway, I’m heading outside to hang out more laundry!   visit the page

Rough Day Mentally   8 y  
Thursday Apr 23...tough to have depression and deal with sick people
I had a ’junk food’ afternoon but I survived. I just let the emotions flow through me because I found that resistance was making me even more depressed. Hindsight I should have called off from work but I’m one day away from being done with orientation. A feeling, a wave of depression came over me today and I struggled with work but once half the shift was over I felt a little better. I did do some exercises but not a full workout, fifteen minutes on the exercise bike. So inspite of eating some junk foods and emotional depression wave, I made it through and am thanking God for that. I di ...   read more

The Fitness Journal is Back   8 y  
bringing sexy fitnes back and the pushup challenge
I thought I’d try blogging my fitness activities in a different venue. Well I like but it seems as if the fitness competitors get the most reads and I’m all about healthy living so I think I’ll be mirroring my blog here and discussing alternative fitness things, my periods,etc. I know curezoners will appreciate the details of how heavy bicycle riding improves my periods and bowel movements :D Oh yeah pushup many as can be done in a minute. I can do twelve :O)   visit the page

Wombs for Rent on the Cheap   10 y  
Birth as We DON'T Know It
This is the most ridiculous display of well... I don’t know what to call it. Something’s profoundly wrong about this. Whatever happened to adopting kids that are already here??? Read all about reproductive tourism here... and here...   visit the page

deer sausage   10 y  
eating a piece of meat intentionally
Ate a piece of deer sausage today. My father-in-law made it. Very spicey. I didn’t die and my karmic universe didn’t cave in. I’ll have another piece next year :-)   visit the page

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