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Wisdom Creating is the Direction of Industry Transformation   35 h  
Reconstructing the magnesium oxide industry through high and new technology, promoting the level of production automation
   Reconstructing the magnesium oxide industry through high and new technology, promoting the level of production automation, changing from “manufacture” to “wisdom creating”, and changing from depending on labour force to depending on intelligence. It is the direction of Chinese magnesium oxide industry’s transformation and upgrading. What’s more, it is also an important grasp and effective measures to promote economic growth style transition. At present, it becomes normalcy to remain a middle and low growth rate for Chinese magnesium oxi ...   read more

How to Form Magnesium Oxide From Magnesium Carbonate?   60 h  
it can replace completely imported high-grades magnesium oxide and satisfies various requirements from customer group.
   If you had learned chemistry, you know that the magnesium oxide can be generated from magnesium carbonate under high temperature. However, maybe you do not know how to form magnesium oxide from magnesium oxide, and what is the temperature to form it? Now, the expert from Meishen Technology explains in detail for you.    The magnesium carbonate can be pyrolyse directly and produce magnesium oxide and carbon dioxide. It is the the most direct way. However, it need hot environment. The decomposition temperature of magnesium carbonate is 540 ℃. When the te ...   read more

How to Overcome Difficulties in Magnesium Oxide Industry?   3 d  
The magnesium oxide produced from Meishen have the character of high purity, fine particle and narrow distribution of fraction.
   At present, the magnesium oxide industry is in a severe condition with massive over-capacity and sluggish market. And then, how to overcome difficulties, transform and upgrade becomes the focused topic in this industry. As the the largest magnesium oxide manufacturer and supplier with best benefit, every particular gesture and behavior of Meishen Technology is concerned by people. In recent, the president of Meishen Technology talked about his opinion about it.    From a global point of view, the low-end magnesium oxide products are surplus. All of internat ...   read more

How to Keep Energetic in Magnesium Oxide Market?   4 d  
Therefore, the magnesium oxide can continues to maintain fresh vitality, and meet the market requirement at home and abroad.
   At present, the government pays more attention to the basic chemical industry. As a magnesium oxide manufacturer and supplier, Meishen Technology grasps this opportunity, keeps pace with the times, and insists the magnesium oxide development idea of “I have no one, I have the best, I have particular”. Implementing products difference strategic and fully exploiting market segment, Meishen Technology also further adjusts the structure of the product and optimize product. Therefore, the magnesium oxide can continues to maintain fresh vitality, and meet the market requ ...   read more

Create Meishen to be a Famous Brand   8 d  
Because of the excellent magnesium oxide quality, high quality after sales service and fast guarantee of delivery, Meishen Technology wins more and more clients favor, and bears high reputation in the industry.
   After 20 years of development, Meishen Technology abstracts the advanced manufacturing technique at home and abroad. At present, in the aspects of production process equipment, control level, three wastes treatment and energy conservation, Meishen is in the leading domestic level as a magnesium oxide supplier. It’s worth noting that the energy efficiency management is forging ahead steadily. Therefore, it is anticipated that Meishen Technology will entirely realize the annual energy saving target. So, revolving around the energy saving and cost reducing, what are the brillian ...   read more

Wider Application of High-end MgO Can be Expected Soon   9 d  
i believe that the wider application of China high end magnesium oxide can be expected soon.
   During all this time, in order to respond the environmental political and economic environment, a large number of light burned magnesium oxide manufacturers is closed. For other magnesium oxide industries, do it develop more and more difficult in the future? It is wrong absolutely. You just need to look further out. For example, you can set your sight into the high end magnesium oxide industry.    There is a long time, as a kind of necessary additive product in the production, the magnesium oxide is widely used in various of industries. The dosage of ma ...   read more

Applications of High Purity Magnesium Oxide   10 d  
Therefore, you must choose a standard magnesium oxide manufacturer when you purchase it. Meishen Technology is the leading magnesium oxide manufacturer and supplier in China. It is a trustworthy manufacturer. Welcome to visit the company and discuss business.
   We know that the magnesium oxide has widely applications in industry. Although the dosage is not much in the usual, the magnesium oxide just like the salt when you cook. It would tasteless if lacks the salt, and it is easy to fall ill. Therefore, the magnesium oxide plays an important role in industry. A large number of purchasers know that there are different kinds of magnesium oxide, such as light magnesium oxide, active magnesium oxide, etc. However, how to subdivide the light magnesium oxide? For example, high purity light magnesium oxide. Have you ever heard of it? Now, ...   read more

Simple Analysis of Magnesium Oxide industry’s Development Bo   11 d  
Hebei Meishen Technology Co., Ltd is the professional magnesium oxide supplier and manufacturer.
   Since the 2000, Chinese magnesium oxide industry rapidly rises. China has become the No. 1 country in the world on magnesium oxide production. At present, the magnesium oxide should develop toward the aspects: a more perfect market system, promote the transformation of magnesium oxide business idea and business model, and promote the brand value.    From the perspective of magnesium oxide industry’s development, China became the largest magnesium oxide producing country since 2003, this industry has entered a very fast growth stage. What’s more, ...   read more

Simplify Mid-link for MgO Export   13 d  
the Chinese magnesium oxide suppliers and manufacturers usually to seek the foreign agencies
   Because unfamiliar with the exporting countries and lower brand awareness, at present, the Chinese magnesium oxide suppliers and manufacturers usually to seek the foreign agencies. Although this method can make the magnesium oxide export smooth in short order, over the long run, the Chinese magnesium oxide enterprises will never go abroad. What’s more, the market resource is mastered by these agencies, it means that a large number of corporate profit is consumed by the middle links. Once two sides appears unpleasant situation, the enterprise will suffer fatally damage. ...   read more

Meishen Exports to South Africa   15 d  
Therefore, it can further stabilize and broaden high pure magnesium oxide market at home and abroad.
   A little while ago, 170 tons of high purity magnesium oxide produced by Meishen Technology has already been transported to the South Africa. It marks that the Meishen’s magnesium oxide market has made steady progress toward the goal of continually optimize the marketing model, develop high-end customers and improve market control force.    Meishen Technology is the first magnesium oxide manufacturer and supplier in China, and has a history of more than 20 years. Its annual output is about hundred thousand tons. The brand of “Meishen”  ...   read more

Magnesium Oxide Enters New Time   16 d  
As thus, the performance of this magnesium oxide supplier and manufacturer is promoted greatly.
   At present, the whole industry is facing some new difficulties and problems: the low competitive power of industry, the shrinking effective demand for magnesium oxide powder, low-level cutthroat competition because of the excess production capacity, and benefit drop. At the same time, the society has a higher and higher demands for energy-saving and cost-reducing, security and environmental protection in the magnesium oxide industry. Therefore, the magnesium oxide industry has entered a new historic developing period.    In the last few years, affected by e ...   read more

Big Five Factors of Rise in Magnesium Oxide Price   17 d  
So to speak, this rise is not original idea from magnesium oxide manufacturers but the result of composite factors. Therefore, please purchase it as soon as possible.
   Just entered the May, the magnesium oxide industry turns on the grow mode again. On average, the total amount of magnesium oxide increase has already been to fifty percent. Therefore, what are the big five factors of rise in magnesium oxide price.    In the first place, the foreign magnesium oxide suppliers and manufacturers rise in price on their own initiative. It creates more profit margin for the export of Chinese magnesium oxide manufacturers. At present, because of the foreign increased prices and the export-first policy, the price should be lower. Th ...   read more

Produce High Pure MgO Through Magnesium Chloride Pyrolytic M   18 d  
In addition, it actively promotes the comprehensive utilization of marine resource and the refine degree of marine chemical products.
   The production of magnesium oxide need to remain the direction of cleaner production and high effective production all the time. We need to constantly research and develop better magnesium oxide manufacturing technique. At present, there is a manufacturer produced high purity magnesium oxide through magnesium chloride pyrolysis. It filling a domestic gap in the field of high pure magnesium oxide powder technology, and has already achieved the international advanced level.    In the domestic, this new process is the first technology to use spray drying, cont ...   read more

How to Improve Magnesium Oxide Quality?   20 d  
What’s more, the magnesium oxide price volatility is very large. These cause great difficulty to magnesium oxide manufacturers and suppliers. They are hard to operate and make decision.” so, in this year, how to improve magnesium oxide quality in this industry?
   In this year, the another problem of magnesium oxide industry is the decline in enterprises’ profits. As with the other industries, this industry is affected by the increasingly price of raw material. The profit margin is becoming smaller. Sunwen is the president of China Magnesium Salt Association and Hebei Meishen Technology Co., Ltd, he expressed, “the magnesium oxide industry is facing a larger inflationary pressure. The price of raw material rises substantially. What’s more, the magnesium oxide price volatility is very large. These cause great diffi ...   read more

Product Description of Food Grade Magnesium Oxide   21 d  
Because different industries have different requirements for magnesium oxide indexes, it need to be customized and matched professionally. The magnesium oxide price is also different. For the detail, you can contact with customer service of Meishen Technology.
    Xingmei’s food grade magnesium oxide adopts the domestic unique double decomposition method. After twice edulcoration and high-temperature sintering a thousand degree. Therefore, the food grade magnesium oxide has been produced. And then, packing and storage it after smashing, mixing and asepsis in the cleaning shop.    In this product, there are less even none of heavy metal and toxic and harmful substance. The heavy metal includes lead, arsenic, chromium, mercury and so on. And the toxic and harmful substance includes insoluble matter in hydrochlori ...   read more

How to Develop in the Future?   22 d  
Looking back the experience of magnesium oxide industry, you will find that various of problems are exposed increasingly in magnesium oxide industry after developing all these years.
  Looking back the experience of magnesium oxide industry, you will find that various of problems are exposed increasingly in magnesium oxide industry after developing all these years. Therefore, the magnesium oxide manufacturers and suppliers should in time to grasp the trend in the future, and actively and timely adjust the development strategies. As thus, you can survive in this industry. So, what is the future development tendency of magnesium oxide industry?    Open up a much expansive market through high quality magnesium oxide powder. In order to move toward ...   read more

High Purity Nano Magnesium Oxide and Heat Conduction Plastic   23 d  
The heat conduction plastics is the plastic products with higher heat conductivity. In general, the heat conductivity is greater than 1W/(m . K). This is about the magnesium oxide used for thermal conductive plastics.
   The heat conduction plastics is the plastic products with higher heat conductivity. In general, the heat conductivity is greater than 1W/(m . K). This is about the magnesium oxide used for thermal conductive plastics.    Most metallic materials have better heat conductivity, and can be used for radiator, heat exchange material, waste heat recovery, brake block, printed substrate and others. However, the corrosion resistance of metallic material limits the applications of heat exchanger, heat-sink, solar water heater and storage battery chiller in chemical i ...   read more

Meishen Technology will Do More   24 d  
In order to achieve the equipment and technology progress of domestic high-end magnesium oxide, and promote the national industrial level, we should do more.
   At present, the magnesium oxide is considered to be the annexing agent with the best performance in the world. It is widely used in the painting, plastics, papermaking, printing ink, chemical fiber, rubber, cosmetic and other industries. Because of the short technological process of production, large capacity, high quality, less emissions and so on, the magnesium oxide becomes an international mainstream product. However, for a long time, the high-end magnesium oxide production technology is highly monopolized by the international chemical giant. Therefore, the advanced high ...   read more

Better Off Magnesium Oxide Industry   28 d  
Benefit from the slow resurgent end-user market, the domestic magnesium oxide market is growing tenderly at present.
   Benefit from the slow resurgent end-user market, the domestic magnesium oxide market is growing tenderly at present. Until the next year, the market requirement will achieve a higher level. If the government can pay more attention to the export for the emerging market, the output of domestic magnesium oxide would grow more quickly.    The magnesium oxide has already got out of the dilemma, which need to cut inventory in the beginning of the 2008. However, this kind of palinesthesia is still slowly. At the same time, To be affected with the economic recovery ...   read more

Manufacture MgCO and MgO Through Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydr   28 d  
Therefore, it has a certain value to produce light magnesium oxide through magnesium sulfate.
1. In the presence of catalyst, the magnesium sulfate prepares magnesium oxide by the carbonaceous reducing agent. 2. The hydrochloric acid circulation method combines the production between barium sulfate and magnesium oxide.    This kind of hydrochloric acid circulation method belongs to the method of preparing chemical substances. It mainly uses magnesium sulfate and barite deposit as raw material. Compared with industrial barium sulfate, it has a lower cost. Therefore, it is used for deal with the medicinal barium sulfate, and overcomes barium sulfate’s sh ...   read more

Does Your Magnesium Oxide Expire?   29 d  
The most important is to use it in the warranty period. Otherwise, the activity is still affected even you protect it perfectly. It lead to waste of magnesium oxide. We hope that you can use the magnesium oxide with high quality.
   Strictly speaking, the magnesium oxide exceeds the shelf life will affects its activity. If there is so many stock that cause the waste. Now, let Meishen, a professional magnesium oxide supplier and manufacturer, tell you how to check it, and whether it can be used continuously.    At first, you should preliminary review it. Under normal circumstances, the magnesium oxide powder should be the white powder. If it goes bad, the color would be changed. In addition, the decrease whiteness of magnesium oxide means the activity of it has changed. What’s mor ...   read more

Some Difficulties of High Pure Magnesium Oxide   30 d  
With the overall national strength increasing, there is great hope for the development of high purity magnesia.
   The high purity magnesium oxide includes high purity industrial magnesium oxide, high purity silicon-steel magnesium oxide, high purity medicine magnesium oxide and so on. The subject, produce high-purity magnesium oxide and porous strong adsorbent from serpentine rock, was settled in February 1993. After hundreds of laboratory experiments, it made a great breakthrough from the end of 1996 to the beginning of1997. It got the high pure magnesium oxide with more than 98% of purity, and the porous strong adsorbent with lower quality. In January 1999, it cooperated with Meish ...   read more

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