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MC3 Ends   12 y  
Day 11 Ends the Saga
Hello CZ’ers. I ended my third Master Cleanse fast on day 11. I have mixed emotions. I had hoped to go for 21 days, but I ended it 10 days short of my goal, primarily because of the way it was affecting my relationship with my best friend. I also was suffering through some pretty lackluster lessons at work, as I had a hard time mustering my usual enthusiasm in the classroom. I felt for my students, man, some of those lessons were so BOOOOOORING!! It should be noted that otherwise I felt FANTASTIC! I don’t want to turn anyone off of the MC, which I really believe in. It’s ju ...   read more

Master Cleanser Update   12 y  
To fast or not to fast, that is the ?
Well, I’ve made it to day 11 of MC3, and I’m feeling good. My headaches have ceased and I’ve got plenty of energy, but I can tell that my mind is not quite operating at 100%. Don’t get me wrong, I am very peaceful, I am extremely calm, but it’s also like a layer has developed between my friends and I. Last night my flat mate (Z) and best friend (who is going through a very difficult time right now) pleaded with me to end this fast because ’she wants her friend back’ and because the fast is ’a hindrance to communication’. She was quite upset, I was quite surprised. Am I really so dif ...   read more

And so begins another day on the MC, day whatever..   12 y  
Morning of the Living Dead
I’m awake, I’m awake.. But barely. Very tired and groggy this morning, was up late (too late) last night, finishing a book and now I’m paying for it. Dreading work today, but only because I feel so out of it. I switched to limes yesterday after my local supermarket ran out of lemons?! Yum! Not bad at all, but a bit more expensive. I will get some more lemons today and maybe mix in the limes every so often for a little variety. I need to get some maple syrup today too, almost forgot. Wow, this is an exciting blog entry.. Alright CZ’ers, I’m off to shower and hopefully become f ...   read more

MC3, Day 8   12 y  
The last two days were brutal and I must admit, I was THIS close to saying to hell with it and eating something. But, I didn’t and now (feeling better), I’m glad that kept the faith. Let’s be honest, a big reason I maintained the MC is this blog. I’ve stated that I’m going 21 days, so I’d feel terrible wimping out after 7. If it was just me, doing this in quasi-secret like the first two rounds, I have no doubt I would have caved in, but I can’t let the CZ down! J Oh, but these headaches! What’s the deal with these things? I didn’t get them the first two times around, which is why ...   read more

MC- Day Six-a-Roony!   12 y  
It's Friday - Gateway to the Weekend
And the weekend is here! Whew! I did it! It’s really been a crazy week at work, my school is short two teachers and so everybody has to work extra hours until we can hire somebody. That’s all well and good, except that I am also in the process of moving into a new apartment and all the logistics that that requires, so needless to say I’m happy to have a couple of days off to relax (and continue moving:). Being on the MC wasn’t a problem during this hectic week, I just drank my lemonade and didn’t really think about it until I got home (yes, yes, except when I walked by the falafel s ...   read more

MC3, Day 5 - Just Woke Up   12 y  
And so it begins..
Woke up today extra early for some unknown reason, somewhat troubling since I went to bed late last night and have very a full day ahead of me. I am an English teacher and yesterday I had trouble concentrating at times on what my students were saying- I would just drift off into la-la lan... Yeah, just like that. I’m going to up my lemonade dosage to an even higher level, in hopes that it will alleviate the spontaneous daydreaming, which really tend to disrupt class :) I think my students busted me on more than one occasion yesterday, funny to have the usual roles reversed. Ah well, suc ...   read more

MC3, Day 4   12 y  
I have broken through the hunger barrier...
Master Cleanse Update: I type these words with a smile on my face as I am proud to report that I have broken through the hunger barrier and come out on the other side! Hooray! Yesterday has its moments, but for the most part wasn’t too bad and then I woke up today, bright and early, with that calm, quiet, peaceful mind that you get on the MC when the stomach has turned out the lights. Should be smooth sailing from here on out.. Now, I’m sure that I’ll have my moments today and in the next couple of weeks, when I wish I could have a bite to eat, but that’s all they will be, moments ...   read more

MC3, Day 2   12 y  
I should drink more lemonade.
And I’ve made it to day 2 of MC3! Nothing is easy at this early stage of the fast, but it is certainly easier than yesterday was. Last night was absolutely brutal! Happily, a long bath and early bed helped to combat the intense hunger that was on, in, up, down, and all over my mind. Today I am feeling weak, tired, and cranky, but my resolve is strong. Note to self: Drink more lemonade and you won’t feel so weak, tired, or cranky. -MONK   read more

Parents and Protein   12 y  
“You don’t eat meat, you don’t eat dairy, where are you getting your protein from?!”
My mom used to be a dietitian of the old guard, and as a result is in a constant state of panic over the lack of protein in my vegan diet. “You don’t eat meat, you don’t eat dairy, where are you getting your protein from?!” “Well, I get a lot from spinach-“ “And don’t tell me spinach!” She doesn’t want to hear it. My mom swears all vegetarians look ‘pale and frail’, and vegans are walking corpses in her eyes (only a slight exaggeration here). These days much of our conversations are spent with me frantically trying to reassure her that I’m not going to break a bone climbing t ...   read more

Thoughts on living strangely...   12 y  
pretty drastic seems pretty okay to me
..whatever ’strangely’ is, lately, my friends think I’m it. While I’d like to argue, if you listen to mainstream society, you’d have to agree with them. Why? Well, because over the last 8 months I’ve become conscious of my health and so have made several lifestyle changes that reflect that. These days I eat primarily raw food, have begun meditating, and recently have added uropathy to the routine. Last year at this time I was smoking nearly two packs of cigarettes a day, smoking marijuana everyday, and eating an unlimited amount of whatever tasted good. No limits, I did not care. No ...   read more

Master Cleanser III, Day One, Take Two   12 y  
I lied to you.
Sorry folks, but I lied to you in my initial post when I said that there was no messing around at Camp Love, as I had a delicious dinner last night. HUH?! What happened, Monkey!? We thought you were fasting, Monkey?!? I know, I know… Sigh.. And I was doing so well! I’m trying again today and I’m optimistic, but after yesterday I can’t promise anything. Like I said, it’s that first day that’s the toughest. -MONK   read more

A new MC..   12 y  
The easiest day to break a fast is the first one, since there is so little at stake.
The easiest day to break a fast is the first one, since there is so little at stake. Today is day one of my third Master Cleanse and it’s not fun. I’ve already postponed the start of this bad boy by having a mango and cottage cheese for breakfast. Nice beginning to a fast!! Ha! While the previous 2 MCs had both been for 10 days in duration, this time I plan on doing 21. I have no doubt I will be successful as long as I can get to day 4, although right now I should be focused on day 1 and not getting ahead of myself. I am going to go for a walk about and maybe read a book in the ...   read more

Welcome to Camp Love   12 y  
At Camp Love we don't mess around.
This blog is going to be a log of my travels through the wilderness that is the alternative health universe. Health has never been a concern for me until very recently and now, like most other things I get interested in, it has become an obsession. A little background: I am a 33 year old male, junk food connoisseur. Until this past January, I had smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for the past 10 years. Quitting smoking greatly improved my self-esteem and more than anything else led me here to CureZone. I’ve been lurking here for a while, learning A LOT about all sorts of aspects of ...   read more


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