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3 years ago today - this is what I said.   4 y  
flashback to what it was like
do i want the piano Date: 2/27/2010 7:18:31 PM ( 3 y ) ... viewed 644 times Day 13 of positive affirmations. Can’t hurt. This morning I was truly out of my own body. I cannot afford to let myself plow through. I am middle-aged, I’m not 23 anymore. I am working on my 7th day straight at work and the emotions are running. They have a life of their own if I let them. Ex #2 emails me today. Wants to know if I want the piano. No, what I’d really like is to have an adult conversation about how the kids have been these past two years, how my elderly ex-mother-in-law is doing, ...   read more

Resuming the resuming process.   4 y  
never never never give up
I read my last blog from 7 months ago. I am so happy to say that I am still running. My weight has not changed and I believe that is due to muscle mass. My glutes are very, very happy and that seems to make a couple of others happy each day. It feels good to be almost 49 and ’hotter than 40 acres of burning stumps’ as a retired Vietnam vet fighter pilot has told me on more than one occasion. I’ve been praying for God to please make me a woman worthy of the man I would like to be with and for a man who actually sees me for who I am - not just a pair of glutes. He has brought that vet ...   read more

resuming life   5 y  
Okay, resuming my life from the blip of a physical and emotional breakdown of sorts. It came from being 450. short on my bills every month and it is still that way. What am I going to do? I don’t know. I don’t want to be depleted again. I will lose it all if I do. So, I have to work 6 days a week no matter what at my job. I have to take two classes each semester. This coming semester that means 4 nights a week. Two of those nights I will get home by 7:30, thankfully. It is already looking like no change when I promised my bosses change. Do I drop school? Is that what I do? A ...   read more

good vacation   5 y  
I’ve been on vacation now for 8 official days. Phew. I feel human again. I am not angry all the time, I have hope for my future. My bosses are asking for accountability and I am grateful. This feels like the final big door to walk through in sobriety and *hopefully* maintenance after that. I’d like to think I may be able to pass for normal soon. I bought The Four Agreements. I will be reading that after Monday. Taking magnesium and hitting the rack.   visit the page

Edited   5 y  
A portion of what I wrote yesterday: ”So, a day of rest and my head is almost back on my shoulders. What will I commit to tonight? It’s 5pm Eastern, 9pm bedtime. So - clean the kitchen, make the bed, take out the garbage, pick up the bathroom. Go for a 4 mile run dirt road run w/waterfalls, covered bridge, farm fields, and maple canopy over the road. Read just one chapter of Human Growth & Development. Then lights out. I am going to run the mountain peak tomorrow morning. It’s 4 miles and there will be no cars to run me over.” The word ’commit’ has my attention. I said I would ’c ...   read more

39½ miles run...   5 y  
39½ miles run...since my last entry. I remember just 3 years ago running 1 mile was something I could’nt wrap my head around. For 32 years I’ve tried to run on and off. It would hurt emotionally deeply when I tried. My mind, distractions, and illusions would own me. That’s how little control I’ve had over my mind. It owned me. My son’s death has kicked my ass (or my mind) right through some of that. I had to learn to really live because it was and is truly all gone. No where to hide, so run miles. I ran 8 miles last night. I left work early because I was clashing with my cow ...   read more

Broken Head, Body's Fine   5 y  
Ran 5½ miles today. By mistake. Awesome. Ran Remembrance Run course this morning. Failed to take a turn and added 2 miles to my run. I ended up doing more than I thought I could and it felt really good. Slept this afternoon. Have to do finances, dishes, practice piano and read a couple chapters of phlebotomy. Not bad. I really do have a good life I am creating. I am grateful to have the ability to seek and do new things.   visit the page

3 miles today   5 y  
Ran 3 miles this evening and pretty happy about it. I feel my torso growing longer and stronger. My posture is improving. Why is it that I feel like I am forcing myself to live my life even when I do good things for myself? I feel like shit inside. I feel like shit. Even after 3 miles. It’s not the running I feel shitty about. It’s my existance. I feel doomed in the big picture. And, I feel happy about the changes in my body in this moment. Hmmmmm. Ignore the former, embrace the latter.   visit the page

two hour power walk/run, two frogs   5 y  
So cool. Determined I was going to be out for two hours, I was out for two full hours on the trail. I ran the last mile or two. Saw beautiful purple flox lining the trail for a bit. The smell was purple. Gorgeous. Sweet. Light. Wispy. Heard critter jumping in the water. LOTS of mosquitoes. (Run, Forrest! Run!) Beautiful creeks, grass, hills, mountains, fields - oh, yeah - and staties running the roads looking for DUIs on the state highway that runs parallel to the rail trail at times. On the way home I saw on two separate parts of the trail: two frogs! One was as big as my ...   read more

Doing the deal.   5 y  
I am doing the deal. Not as I imagined. Not as others may have imagined. Yet, somehow I am doing the deal. I have been sober 3 years, 4 months, and 7 days. I have completed a trade training and am gainfully employed with my state’s top hospital. I have held this position for 1 year, 5 months. I have successfully completed my first semester in school toward achieving my RN degree with a 3.4 average. I will begin my second semester tomorrow night. I have been exercising regularly for 3 weeks and ran a new 4 mile course twice. (No small feat for a 3rd generation maniac.) ...   read more

"On, on!!!" laughed the cars. (Thomas the Tank Engine.)   5 y  
Yesterday after work I went for a 2 mile run, washed my kitchen floor on my hands and knees, took the junk I need to dispose of and put it in my truck, ate dinner, plucked my eyebrows and took old nail polish off of my nails. When I got home from work I felt like I was dying inside. My entire being felt like a 50lb. bag of sand. I just wanted to lie there or take some kind of pill and sleep until this morning. Didn’t do that. I ran instead. I was coming home from my run on Main St. and I stopped to chat with my neighbor. I got to hear how he’s doing in his life with his struggle ...   read more

All but 3 from yesterday's list.   5 y  
So, yesterday I was - yet again - sooo depressed. My brain just does not make happy chemicals. I have to earn every moment’s peace. I accept that. I really do. I did everything yesterday - including 9, yes nine, loads of laundry. I had my friend’s washer going for almost 10 hours. Today I dry it all at the laundermat. I am so grateful he allowed me to do laundry while he was out. I did not start the AA inventory and I did not do the paperwork for the semester. That will be done tonight. I really have to get to bed so that I can be horizontal for at least 9 hours. I am sick o ...   read more

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