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Waterfall climbing by the carp | Sperm whale by Takashi   5 h
Life is?? #96 Trust before it is too late by kerminator   15 h
The Divine Feminine speaks through men too by YourEnchantedGardener   17 h
Life is??? # 95 DO you know the Lord God? by kerminator   54 h
Life is?? # 94 A steward of God? by kerminator   4 d
Olmec, The Crop Circle of last year by Takashi   4 d
Life is?? #93 What is a Nazirite? by kerminator   5 d
FD&Cosmetic Act does not give the FDA “access to people ..." by chef jem   5 d
Life is??? # 92 The Permanence of Salvation by kerminator   5 d
Life is?? # 91 what really happened when? by kerminator   6 d
Unless you apply love - you will waste your life by kerminator   6 d
Life is?? #90 Let God's love flow through you today by kerminator   6 d
The Anointing by Chef JeM   6 d
You are My Pride and Joy by YourEnchantedGardener   6 d
From Yunoia by Takashi   7 d
Life is?? #89 Understanding Salvation by kerminator   7 d
A Guild For Cheeta! by Chef JeM   7 d
Vatican, The stone pagoda of Emperor Kan by Takashi   7 d
Trigeminal Neuralgia - "the WORST pain in the world" by Karlin   8 d
Life is?? #88 When is Right wrong? Never! by kerminator   8 d
Life is??? # 86 Have you noticed a trend? by kerminator   10 d
Former Prime Minister Sharon in Israel. The notice by the si by Takashi   11 d
Life is?? # 85 Fuzzy Math = Big Debt by kerminator   12 d
honeybees by Takashi   12 d
Why Shamanic Healing Is Relevant Today by luckman   13 d
Life is?? #84 - they would not believe? by kerminator   13 d
The key-shaped Crop Circle reported by the foreign poster NO by Takashi   15 d
Life is??? # 83 Chemo can cause cancer by kerminator   15 d
Moringa CBD Combination by YourEnchantedGardener   15 d
Life is??? # 82 The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood by kerminator   16 d
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