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Prediction | Dragon of China and Mongol | Code of Hammurabi by Takashi   46 h
Mabon/Winter Finding... do your celestial chi gong today! by Ren   61 h
Making Contact with The Life of Nature by Chef JeM   61 h
Positive by Karlin   4 d
Wed Chat and 13.1 Trainer by ren   4 d
The Ancient Ones in Lourdes, France by Ren   4 d
In Memory of Andrew Lorand and Dr. Basil Williams by Chef JeM   4 d
My Starseed Family spoke!!! by Ren   5 d
Learning and Teaching Styles by Chef JeM   5 d
Ormus and My Moon Period TMI TMI TMI... by Ren   5 d
Supercharge Your Health with This Powerful Garden in a Jar by luckman   5 d
The posting by Kevin and DavidK by Takashi   6 d
Life is?? #137 Render to God the things belonging to God by kerminator   6 d
"... Protecting Farmers and Consumers?" by chef jem   6 d
Life is?? # 136 Common core is a takeover? by kerminator   6 d
Ormus: Next Level Consciousness BAD BOSS GIRL EDITION!!! by Ren   6 d
Carnac stones, Alignements de Carnac (France) by Takashi   7 d
Life is?? # 135 You cannot save yourselves by kerminator   7 d
Vicious spiritual bodies by Takashi   7 d
Free Inhabitant! by Chef JeM   7 d
Writings inspired by my Step mothers passing by YourEnchantedGardener   7 d
Diet recommendations by YourEnchantedGardener   8 d
Life is?? # 134 Having a disciplined mind! - 1 by kerminator   8 d
Greek architecture, aligned atoms by Takashi   9 d
Plant Teachers for mental illness??? by Ren   9 d
Galactivate Ormus by Ren   9 d
Today's Workout by ren   9 d
The posting by DavidK in The Megalithic Portal by Takashi   9 d
Life is?? #133 The Real Robert E Lee by kerminator   10 d
Six-dimensional? | Hiratobashi-bridge (Toyota city, Aichi P by Takashi   10 d
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