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#51 Qui m'a touché? by kerminator   16 h
Life is?? #50 Words paint pictures in your mind! by kerminator   39 h
(Postscript)Salt | The pain of Stone god   by Takashi   42 h
Teach Your Children by YourEnchantedGardener   47 h
EarthDay 2017 April 22--On the Road to Damascus Revisited by YourEnchanted.   49 h
Rethinking BRCA Mutation by Chef JeM   63 h
Azure Window in Gozo collapsed  by Takashi   63 h
Life is??/ # 49 Author and finisher .... by kerminator   74 h
The salt in the regions like Death Valley  by Takashi   4 d
Days 4&5 by upnrunning   4 d
Life Is ?? # 47 The 12-Week Rule: by kerminator   5 d
From Stone god | Omogo Valley | twelve-layered ceremonial ki by Takashi   6 d
Days 2&3 went well by upnrunning   6 d
Thanks to JR Organics for ongoing support by YourEnchantedGardener   6 d
Life is?? #46 Wreck Your Immune System by kerminator   6 d
The third Crop Circle  by Takashi   7 d
Life is?? # 45 Stress Management by kerminator   7 d
Water fast day 1 down by upnrunning   7 d
Crop Circle? by Takashi   8 d
Life is??? # 44 He is waiting for us. .. by kerminator   8 d
How is this information conveyed by the atoms from the sky by Takashi   9 d
Applying The Organic Laws of These united States of America by Chef JeM   9 d
Hexagonal column by Takashi   10 d
Passover Village entries by YourEnchantedGardener   10 d
Life is # 43 The Right paths by kerminator   10 d
The Life of An Ethical Individualist Is Based On Inner Truth by Chef JeM   10 d
life is ?? # 42 - To know Joy by kerminator   11 d
From Queen Himiko | The beginning of the character by Takashi   11 d
Strive for Greatness by YourEnchantedGardener   11 d
Flinders Ranges=It popped out of the earth and became the mo by Takashi   12 d
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