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Leaky Gut 6h

Cancer 6h

Adrenal Fatigue 7h

Ulcerative Colitis 7h

Crohn’s Disease 7h

J Pouch 7h

Autoimmune 7h

Chelation: Cutler 7h

Oxygen 7h

Bad Doctors 7h

Anxiety 7h

Neurotoxins 7h

Parasites: Skin 7h

Morgellons 7h

Ask Barefoot Herbalist 7h

Psychiatry 7h

USP Parasites 7h

Demodex Mites 7h

Mercury 8h

Body Odor 8h

Flatulence 8h


The Candida Diet 8h

Atrial Fibrillation 9h

Enema & Colonics 9h

Prostate Problems 9h

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Truth in Medicine 17h

Fat Flush Plan 17h

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Asperger's 18h

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Heart 26h

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Hyperthyroid 31h

Chiropractic 31h

Drugs Free 31h

Addiction: Tobacco 31h

Addiction: Drug 31h

Addiction: Gamblling 31h

Addiction: Games 31h

Wishful Thinking 31h

Rheumatoid Arthritis 32h

Chronic Pain 32h

Herbal Formulas 33h

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Eczema 34h

Yoga 34h

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Scabies 34h

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Alien Abduction 37h

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Hulda Clark 38h

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Baby Nutrition 40h

Probiotics 40h

MMR Vaccination 40h

Vaccination: Anti 40h

Vaccination: Pro 40h

Essiac Tea 40h

EM Radiation 41h

Earthing 41h

Consciousness 41h

Root Canal 42h

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Cyst 44h

Cytomegalovirus 44h

Herpes Simplex 1 44h

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Vegetarian Debate 66h

Vaccination Debate 4d

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Abortion Debate 4d

Candida Debate 6d

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Nettle Research--I pick 5h

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#ScrippsNatSup Heads Up 14h

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It's All In The Cards! 18h

Early Morning Laughter 19h

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In The Belly of The Bea 20h

The best herbal support 23h

Photos: Winter Bee Acti 23h

Cryptosporidiosis in a  29h

Chef Jem writes about C 32h

End of Day 24 33h

Awesome Dream and Satur 41h

Coconut Oil 43h

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