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Vaccination Debate   74m
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Heart   76m
Liver Flush   115m
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Ask Trapper   207m
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Itch   4h
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Water   14h
Diet & Climate   14h
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Women’s   15h
Borax, Boron   15h
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Vaginal Yeast   15h
Gynecological   15h
Sara’s Soup Kitch.   16h
MLM Debate   17h
Webmaster Debate   17h
Hearing Loss   18h
MLM   18h
Market Place   19h
Diet   19h
Raw Vegetarian   19h
Barefooters' Library   19h
Just for fun   20h
Acid Reflux   21h
Food Poisoning   21h
Cause of Disease   21h
Digestion   21h
Cosmetic Surgery   22h
Surgery   22h
Constipation   23h
Paleo Diet   23h
Food and Mood   23h
Falsely Accused   23h
Bowel Cleanse Debate   23h
Home Remedies   23h
Enema & Colonics   23h
Bowel Cleanse   23h
F.Y.I.   23h
Master Cleanse   23h
Chiropractic   24h
Anxiety   24h
Minerals   24h
Iodine   24h
Helminthic Therapy   25h
Coffee Enema   25h
Back & Neck   25h
Coconut Oil   25h
Animals & Pets   25h
Oily Skin   25h
Ask CureZone   26h
Politics   26h
Abortion Debate   26h
Polycystic Ovaries   26h
Dr. Schulze   27h
Articles   27h
Leaky Gut   28h
Probiotics   28h
Juicing   28h
Fasting General   28h
Cleansing & Detox   28h
Stomach Ulcer   30h
Abuse Support   30h
Kundalini Yoga   30h
MMS   30h
Anorexia, Bulimia   30h
Breast Cancer   31h
Brain Cancer   31h
Duodenal Cancer   31h
Colon Cancer   31h
Skin Cancer   31h
AIDS   32h
Hepatitis C   33h
Warts   33h
Hepatitis B   33h
Herpes Simplex 2   33h
Herpes Simplex 1   33h
Drug Legalization   33h
Conspiracy   33h
Parasites: Skin   33h
Vaccination: Anti   33h
Vaccination: Pro   33h
News   33h
Brain Injury   34h
Sex   35h
Weight Loss   35h
Obesity   36h
Fecal Transplant   36h
Psychiatry   36h
Fasting: Weight   38h
Fasting: Juice   39h
Fasting: Ketosis   40h
Hypothyroid   40h
Hemorrhoids   43h
Brain Fog   44h
Erectile Dysfunction   46h
Addison’s Disease   46h
Pictures   48h
Environmental   48h
Anger Management   48h
Sinus Problems   49h
Nasal Rinse   49h
Neurology   49h
Jock Itch   51h
Chronic Pain   53h
Muscle   53h
BodyBuilding   53h
Oil Pulling   55h
Post Nasal Drip   56h
Allergies   56h
IBS   57h
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Water Fasting   27h
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H2O2 = Hydrogen Peroxid   19d
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Oil Swishing or Oil Pul   43d
Iodine and Orthoiodosup   69d
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Peeling Skin   78d
Peeling Lips, Exfoliati   78d
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