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The Candida Diet   101m
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Fasting: Water   136m
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Hulda Clark Debate   5h
Hypertension   5h
Heart   5h
Pulmonary Diseases   5h
Ask Tony   6h
Morgellons   7h
Aromatherapy   7h
Fasting: Weight   8h
Fasting General   8h
Fasting Intermittent   10h
Market Place   11h
Colloidal Silver   12h
Just for fun   12h
Cars Forum   14h
Asthma   14h
Autoimmune   14h
Nasal Rinse   14h
Aspergillosis   14h
Toxic Mold   14h
Fasting: Ketosis   15h
Rheumatoid Arthritis   15h
Stretch Marks   15h
Hearing Loss   15h
Dental   17h
Lactose Intolerance   17h
Iodine   19h
Conspiracy   23h
Nutritional Balancing   23h
Fasting: Dry   24h
Cancer   24h
Hemorrhoids   25h
Cleansing & Detox   26h
Fruitarians   26h
Water   26h
Fibromyalgia   26h
Stress   26h
Anxiety   26h
Chronic Pain   26h
Urinary Frequency   27h
Liver Cirrhosis   27h
Chelation: Cutler   27h
Liver Cancer   27h
Liver Hemangioma   27h
Vaccination: Anti   30h
Neurology   31h
Apple Cider   34h
Aspartame   35h
Eyes Problems   36h
Beauty Tips   36h
Castor Oil   36h
Hair Loss   36h
AIDS   37h
Hepatitis C   37h
Herpes Simplex 1   37h
Warts   37h
Hepatitis B   37h
Herpes Simplex 2   37h
Constipation   38h
Medical Marijuana   39h
Zapper Debate   47h
Sjogren’s Disease   48h
Borax, Boron   48h
Bad Breath   50h
Teeth Whitening   50h
Oil Pulling   50h
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News   51h
Multiple Sclerosis   52h
Alzheimer’s Disease   52h
Adoption   52h
Natural Healing   53h
Kefir Grain   55h
Leaky Gut   55h
IBS   58h
Flatulence   58h
Leaky Gas   58h
Probiotics   61h
Acne   61h
Osteoarthritis   61h
Addiction: Internet   62h
Addiction: Coffee   62h
Addiction: Games   62h
Abused Husband   62h
Vaccination Debate   65h
Bartholin’s Gland   66h
Bowel Cleanse   66h
Dental Health   66h
Animals & Pets   68h
Lyme Disease   69h
Zapper Support   69h
Rife   71h
Diabetes Type II   71h
Cholesterol   71h
Barefooters' Library   74h
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Video Sharing   75h
Addiction: Tobacco   75h
Endocrine   75h
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Oil Swishing or Oil Pul   13d
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